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January 01, 2018 at 10:00 PM EST

Bibiana, 30. Bibiana looks at Arie and she has two thoughts: He has pretty blue eyes. Our children would have pretty blue eyes.
First impression: What would she do to those poor kids if they got her eyes?

Bri, 25. Bri delicately lobs a softball at Arie and then is “so impressed” with the fact that he can CATCH A BALL.
First impression: Wait until she sees how he can drink with one hand and eat with the other!

Jenny, 25. Jenny wears a bright pink dress. This is all I know about Jenny.
First impression:

Brittane J., 27. Brittane knows you don’t put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari, but what about an Arie?!
First impression: No.

Jacqueline, 26. I’ll let Jacqueline take this one as she tells Arie, “You just have to stand there and look pretty.”
First impression: A lifetime with Jacqueline would be a lifetime of hearing about how her life is so much harder than his.

Krystal, 29. Krystal is an online health and fitness coach, which translates to: She doesn’t get much human interaction. Proof? She tells Arie to put his hand on his heart, breathe, and reflect on feeling grateful. “Do you feel that?” she asks. Yeah, it’s called a complete lack of chemistry.
First impression: Next.

Nysha, 30. Nysha is a nurse who’s all about adrenaline and, frankly, blood. “The more blood the better for me,” she says.
First impression: RUN.

Valerie, 25. Valerie’s dress is yellow!
First impression: Fun dress color!

Bekah M., NO AGE. This “nanny” (a.k.a. babysitter) loves rock climbing and refuses to reveal her age. When she pulls up in a 1965 Mustang she tells Arie, “I may be young but I can still appreciate something classic,” and somehow his first question isn’t HOW YOUNG ARE YOU?!
First impression: Someone call her mother. She’s definitely out past curfew.

Jenna, 28. Jenna is just looking for a good man who’d like to take over the world with her and doesn’t mind being touched CONSTANTLY.
First impression: Someone get her a Valium.
(Next: Why are there four Laurens!?)

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