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March 06, 2018 at 11:19 PM EST

Man, rose lovers, it has been a week — and we’re barely halfway through. After last night’s emotional bloodbath, we’re back again in the Tealight Candle Thunderdome, but before we recap tonight’s events, please indulge me while I get something off my chest:

Yes, it was terrible of Arie to break up with Becca on camera, and to keep going back into the house even though she literally asked him to leave at least seven times. And yes, Arie likely did both of those things at the strong urging of the producers — but barring the use of a cattle prod and/or firearms, The Bachelor producers cannot “make” anyone do anything. Arie is a grown-ass man with a free (albeit weak) will. He may have been contractually obligated to allow cameras to film his conversation with Becca, but nothing would have stopped him from calling her before this visit and at the very least telling her the bad news over the phone first. (Hey, it would have been better than nothing, right?) Nor did he have to walk back into the house after Becca asked him to leave. Arie could have easily told the producers, “No, she really doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. I’ll talk to you guys outside if you want, but I am not going to bother her again.”

Remember when producers tried to get Dean to call Lee a racist on camera during Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette? And remember how Dean refused to do so, answering the producer’s “What do you mean?” query with a simple, “You know exactly what I mean.” If Dean, a man who is not exactly a paragon of moral rectitude, can stand up to producers, Arie could have as well. So yes, Team Bachelor abused Becca’s trust — but that’s to be expected. Arie’s betrayal, IMHO, is far worse.

End of rant. Back to the emotional bloodbath!

“I choose you today, but I choose you every day from here on out.” Man, Arie really didn’t make things easy on himself with that proposal, did he rose lovers? In part two of The Bachelor’s happy-turned-emotional bloodbath finale, we’re reminded of that doomed declaration, before joining a tearful Becca in the confessional — apparently soon after getting dumped, as she’s in the same blue off-the-shoulder top. “He didn’t even give it a chance,” she says, sniffling. “How did I not see this at all?” Team Bachelor even follows the poor woman to the airport, filming her as she waits, forlorn and crouched on the floor, to fly back home.

Meanwhile, Arie feels terrible about the “monster” move he just pulled on Becca, and he’s desperate for someone to talk to about it. If only there were someone on this earth who had endured/engineered this exact televised scenario and lived to tell the tale! Oh, look who’s here:


This is the first “former Bachelor advises current Bachelor” segment I’ve ever been excited to see. Who better to offer Arie advice about the downside of pulling a Mesnick than the man whose very name became synonymous with “wildly reckless indecision”? Welcome, Old Man River! Please, share your wisdom with Arie. “People yelled at me in the street,” Jason says. “They yelled, ‘You’re an a–hole!’ It hurt.” The bottom line, Mesnick adds, is that if you pull a major dick move like proposing to a woman on TV and then rescinding said proposal (also on TV), you should be prepared for strangers to bring the hate to your doorstep. “They’re going to say things that aren’t really nice,” he warns Arie. “Don’t do this unless you’re 100 percent certain.” (Next: Arie is 100 percent certain)

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