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The Americans

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The world is collapsing around Philip and Elizabeth and they are too busy warring with each other to even realize it. The deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Teacup has ignited a counter-espionage wildfire in the FBI, and they’ve connected more dots than ever before about the covert Soviet operation in the United States.

Philip and Elizabeth are tearing their relationship apart just when they need each other the most.

We begin with Philip dropping a heaping helping of judgment on Elizabeth. “Stan came by. He was very upset about the couple murdered right in front of their 7-year-old kid.”

“I didn’t do it in front of their kid. He was in another room. I didn’t see him,” Elizabeth shoots back.

“He saw them. Covered in blood.”

“What do you want me to say?”

He doesn’t want her to say anything. He’s the one with more to say. “I’m not doing the thing with Kimmy.” At the end of the last episode, he not only aborted that mission, but he also warned Kimmy that she was a target who should avoid going to any Communist country during her trip to Greece.

Elizabeth is pure venom. “Of course you aren’t. You were never going to do it.” Then, a twist of the knife: “You just wanted to f— her. You weren’t getting enough action here.”

She tells Philip that she will take care of the Kimmy situation.

“I warned her not to go to any Communist countries. I’m never going to see her again. It’s over.”

Elizabeth is gobsmacked. She pulls away, isolating herself upstairs. Philip has just betrayed her, their homeland, and their entire partnership. That would be a fatal mistake for most people.

At the FBI, Adherholt asks Stan to join him for a moment in counter-intelligence. “Every time I go someone dies,” Stan says.

They are joined in the elevator ride by the traitorous mail robot. Don’t ever say The Americans writers don’t have a sense of humor.

Down in the safe room, Stan learns there has been a breakthrough. They’ve ensnared an “illegal,” a Soviet spy living as an American citizen — but this one is in Chicago. They haven’t arrested him, but they’re watching. And they’re unpacking his life from afar and gleaning information that could help them track and capture other spies.

They know the Russians are trying to get a radiation center, and they’ve connected Elizabeth’s failed heist (which resulted in three dead guards) with the suicide of the Air Force general. And it’s all because the late Mr. Teacup had a pouch of diplomatic information that mentioned the sensors.

This operation is code-named Harvest.

“They’re stealing our weapons and technology,” says Aderholt, who has also connected this to the upcoming arms summit. “They want to look peaceful, but really they’re just trying to screw us.”

He tells Stan: “It’s gonna happen fast.” They’re going to find the other spies. (And we know, there are just a few episodes of the series left, so yeah. He’s right.)

“You should be here,” Aderholt tells Stan.

It’s Thanksgiving, and Philip picks up Henry from his boarding school. Henry has been detached from the family, but that may have allowed him some perspective on it. He tries to help his dad with the failing travel business. He’s offering to get a job. He’s taking a lot of liberties that make Philip feel like a loser.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth is taking in a movie. The 1955 heist drama Rififi. She’s especially interested in a young man there named Jackson Barber, who is a cinephile at night and an intern in Sen. Sam Nunn’s office by day.

Nunn would go on to co-author the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, a deal which led to the disarmament of thousands of Russian nuclear weapons. But for now, with the summit looming, Elizabeth is following up on Paige’s lead.

She may not have wanted her daughter to sleep with an intern to gather intel, but she’s certainly willing to do it.

Back home, Henry has the first of two awkward encounters with his mother. He catches her smoking and asks when she started.

“I’ve always smoked,” she says. “You’re an adult. I don’t have to hide things anymore.”

The next day, Henry and his dad play hooky. They go to a toy car race track, and when Philip’s car spins out, he screams an expletive at the top of his lungs.

Henry’s parents are losing it. (Recap continues on next page)

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