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The Americans

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“I’ll scream… And then everyone will know you’re KGB!”

That’s where we left things last week, dangling off a cliff, and episode 7 of this season of The Americans has the KGB and the FBI trying to track down poor Martha, who was last seen hollering that line at Gabriel.

The KGB plan, orchestrated by Oleg and Tatiana, is kind of a five-point turn to get her out of the grasp of the United States government: Martha gets on a plane, small enough to literally fly below the radar. She lands in Key West, gets on a boat to Cuba, and from there the Soviet Union brings her to Prague and then on to Moscow.

At the safe house, Elizabeth and Philip return after securing the toxic rat from William. “We have a problem,” Gabriel says. “Martha is gone. She ran off. I went after her, tried talking to her. She stood on the street threatening to scream KGB.”

It has only been 40 minutes, so they start to brainstorm where she might be. “Let’s think, if you were her husband,” Gabriel says. At that, Elizabeth gives Philip a look.

Philip isn’t sure where Martha may be. He names a few places she liked to walk, her church, the zoo. “She could be anywhere,” Philip says.

“She’s seen your face,” Elizabeth reminds him.

“If you find her, bring her back,” Gabriel says. “If it’s in public and she starts screaming again… Well, you may have no choice.”

At the FBI offices, Stan Beeman and his sidekick Aderholt tell their boss Agent Gaad that they know for sure Martha’s boyfriend has a fake identity. They found the grave of a little boy who had the name Clark Westerfeld and the birthdays match. The noose tightens. Gaad can feel it around his own neck, as well as Martha’s.

Philip and Elizabeth head out to dragnet D.C. in search of Martha. “Gabriel’s right,” Elizabeth tells him.

“I know,” Philip says.

Right about…? I’m guessing it’s the need to end Martha if she starts talking too loudly about the KGB.

Back at Martha’s place, a forensic team is going through all of her things. ALL OF THEM. They’re melting her ice cubes. They’re picking apart her unopened tampons. Meanwhile, Agent Gaad stares forlornly through a window.

Philip decides to head to his KGB operator’s station so he will be able to pick up the phone himself if Martha calls.

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