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The Amazing Race

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Both Yale and Big Brother transition to their second Detour at almost the exact same time, and perfectly timed to ask the last team still at each Detour for some tips. The Indy Boys tell Big Brother exactly where the mechanic shop they looked so long for is, and the Twins kindly point out a few of the businesses Yale will need to deliver their packages to. And those guys are so nice, I bet they don’t even regret doing that. Who could have known…

The ROAD BLOCK: GET DOWN THE ZIMBAB-WAY would be a TAR nightmare. Except, not really, most of the teams seemed to have fun despite their constant failures to stay on rhythm, and all their teachers seemed so nice and supportive. Both members of each team had to learn a popular language in the native language of Shona and perform it in front of an audience to be graded on pronunciation and showmanship — and rhythm, and pace, which seemed to be the toughest things to nail. It would be impossible to choose who was worst at this challenge, but I would be happy to rewatch it 20 times to try.

I’d definitely point out Jen, Jessica, and Brittany as being some of the most rhythmic, though I doubt any of them took home any show choir trophies. Alex was nearly crippled by fear, but Conor’s apparent love of adrenaline-based performing pulled him through. Henry and Evan sounded truly terrible but were able to get through quicker than most because they’re skilled in learning other languages. As one of the final two teams, Cody really seemed like he was going to let his inability to stay on rhythm get the best of him, but then I saw something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before on TAR. Cody was going into full defeatist mode about his multiple failed attempts, and instead of getting angry with him, Jessica just kind of started…kissing him a bunch. All over his face; on his mouth; with tongue, probably, but hard to say.

What I can definitely say is there’s not a doubt in my mind that Cody’s Love Language is “physical touch,” because that man got up on the stage, shuffled and squawked his way through a serviceable performance, and got the hell out of there…just before the Twins. (Okay, if pushed, I could probably choose the two worst singers in the bunch — although I might not be able to tell them apart.)

1: THE LIFESAVERS: They won a second honeymoon to St. Lucia, and ice cream!

2: XTREME: “Now you know our dark little secret: We are not so strong at song and dance.”

3: INDY BOYS: I loved how proud Conor was of Alex, and I loved that Alex said making it through that singing challenge was one of the top achievments of his life, just behind his Formula 1 debut and winning the Indy500.

4: TEAM YALE made it onto the mat just after the team that U-Turned them. That’s almost as badass as the edgy sunglasses Henry is suddenly wearing, and Evan’s…scuba top? I swear, these two are getting a very tiny makeover montage in between each leg.

5: BIG BROTHER: The power of love!

ELIMINATED: THE TWINS never once complained, they never once gave up, they made it about six legs further than I originally assumed they would, and they went out doing what they love best: Daniel making puns and Eric telling him to stop. “We didn’t have rhythm…so now we got the blues.” Nailed it.

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