February 07, 2018 at 11:00 PM EST

The Amazing Race

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Brittany and Alex keep very good track of the order in which they found their items, so it’s fairly easy for them to apply that to the trail on the map. Jessica and Kristi sort of know which order they found their items in but have a hard time applying that to the direction of the trail and have failed about five times by the time Evan and Daniel show up. Kristi immediately tells them that the map is really hard, and asks if they want to work together. Given that Evan is very detail oriented and hasn’t even looked at it yet, she says they’re going to take a look first, which is completely reasonable, especially because Evan and Daniel get it on their first try. For some reason though, it particularly bothers Jessica, who I’ve gotten the impression always remembers that this is a competition first. Much like Jessica did last week, Evan didn’t try to harm the other team; she just didn’t help them beat her.

And it’s a good thing, because things weren’t going great for her OG partner Henry over at Bush Whack, where teams had to take a manual jeep off-roading through a bunch of muddy bogs in order to replenish a ranger supply station. Cody and Jen, of course, beast it without getting their jeep stuck once. Lucas and Conor get stuck trying to make it out of a bog, and it takes some winching to get them out of it. Henry and Eric get stuck in the middle of a bog, and it takes quite a bit of winching to get them out of it. But still…

This is a Pit Stop where you can’t move on to the continuing leg of the race until your OG partner is there, so:

Moving on First: Brittany and Alex finish second, while Lucas and Conor finish third, so The Indy Boys and The Lifesavers get a nice head start.

Moving on Second: Evan and Daniel come in third, and Eric and Henry follow up in fourth, putting Team Yale and The Twins in the middle of the pack.

Moving on Third: And even though Cody and Jen were the first to arrive at the mat, their partners are the last, so Big Brother and Team Xtreme are out last, heading to…

The capital city of Harare for their next leg. The last four teams end up neck and neck as they take taxis into the city, so when the frontrunner teams arrive at a Double-U-Turn board, they wisely decide to to keep their lead, with the Lifesavers U-Turning Big Brother and the Indy Boys U-Turning Yale…although I can’t imagine why no one would U-Turn the very strong Team Xtreme. Actually of course I can: Everyone onscreen seems just as in love with Jen and Kristi as everyone offscreen.

I appreciate that neither U-Turn team takes it too personally; they just put their heads down, do the work, and rejoice in the fact that at least another team has been U-Turned so they stand a chance (boy, do they!). And this is not the easiest DETOUR: HANDLE WITH CARE vs. JUST GET IT THERE. Big Brother heads to Handle with Care first where they have to retrieve seven large packages and deliver them all over an insanely designed mall — literally, it was modeled after a termite mound (they’re excellently ventilated, apparently!). Team Yale starts with Just Get It There, where they have to deliver two tires by rolling them for a half mile through an insanely crowded market and onto a delivery truck. It’s pretty straightforward for everyone except Indy Car, who roll those tires all over that damn market. Maybe they just…missed being around tires? (Recap continues on page 3)

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