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We learn a bit more about Noah's tormentor

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December 05, 2016 at 12:02 AM EST

We open with our very first Juliette perspective. This means, in my mind, that Cole got right skipped over. This does not please me.

We see her pouring over textbooks, going a little Da Vinci Code, looking for clues. She’s friendly to the librarian as she tells him she has a dinner party.

She eats her lunch on a bench, hilariously reading a copy of Descent covered in brown wrapping paper like it’s pornography which is… well fair, I think. She goes so far as to lie to a couple of students about what it is, too.

She zips around town in a little car, gets groceries and starts chopping vegetables because she’s making coq au vin because, you guys, she’s French. Her daughter Sabine, 22, calls and she tries to help cheer her up about what sounds like a bad boyfriend, but it doesn’t go well.

Next, she lazily reads Noah’s book the way I’m sure he imagined all women reading it: stretched out on a chaise lounge with her hand between her legs.

We’re back at the dinner party, but it’s a bit different than Noah told us it was: For starters, Juliette is dressed differently, as is Audrey — much more prim and Hepburn-like — and the same sort of sexual assault discussion is replayed.

This time Juliette talks sexily about b–w jobs (yes it sounds better in her accent) and how we, “all live in our version of the truth.” Thank you, show.

Of course there’s a new interesting wrinkle to discover when, in the kitchen, it becomes clear that young brash Mike has been sleeping with Juliette. Before they can start doing it on the sink, however, Audrey comes in to tell us that Noah makes her agitated and all she can do is think about sleeping with him. (She doesn’t say sleeping.)

Juliette finds Noah upstairs, where they have a little chat about how he’s not used to being around people anymore, which makes sense. She tells him a bit more about what she’s doing in the U.S., including that she has a husband back home, a big deal medieval scholar in certain circles, who was once her professor. Noah gets it.

Their talk turns flirtatious as they discuss whether the kids downstairs are having better sex than them (no) and then she kisses him and it progresses till he, like in his own recollection, bolts. Juliette returns downstairs. Audrey is still talking about bedding Noah, and Juliette manages to block that nicely with the idea that Audrey will never know what Noah really thinks of her work if she does. Heh. Juliette caps that off with what looks like not that awesome (for her) sex with young buck Mike.

After, she Skypes home, and we learn her husband is indeed much older and clearly suffering from some sort of dementia. And this is heartbreaking! She tries to speak directly to him, but it’s just no good and you see her heart continue to break. Ugh.

She sits morosely with a glass of wine and realizes that Noah forgot his jacket, which handily has his new address in the pocket. (I will spare you all my thoughts on him living in Livingston, N.J.). She gets into his place and finds him bleeding everywhere. And I mean everywhere! She gets him into an ambulance and sits dazed on the curb while covered in blood. Her daughter calls and she doesn’t say much except to agree.

NEXT: Gunther is explained, sort of…

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Two marriages collide when a tragedy brings an affair to light; the Showtime original series stars Joshua Jackson and Maura Tierney.
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