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October 11, 2015 at 11:59 PM EDT

We begin with an unusual “Part 3,” which is from Alison’s point-of-view. It’s the third installment because it quickly becomes clear that episodes one and two are four perspectives of the very same day, which is sort of fun.

We’re in that magical beautiful house on the Hudson. Alison wakes up to find Noah bringing her coffee in bed. She expresses feeling a bit weird that she’s staying with him — he being a writerly guest of the people in the big house and who do they think she is? This appears to be a slightly odd take on the whole so-what-are-we talk, but Noah solves it by telling her she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him. They noisy kiss for a bit, which is sort of gross, and say they love each other. He suddenly remembers he broke the toilet and asks her to help take care of it.

She apparently doesn’t want to pee in the toilet, so she goes to do her business down by the water. Interesting choices. (This also goes for her nightshirt which displays an incredible amount of sideboob.) She sees a man — from the big house? — head down the dock with a fishing pole, and she gazes contemplatively. (Like Alison could gaze in any other way.)

Wearing a teal green dress that I swear I remember from last season, she prowls around the house. Noah’s manuscript is on the desk and she sees that it’s dedicated to her (ugh, poor Helen). She thinks about continuing to read it, but gives up and leaves before being further tempted.

She starts walking down a country lane — you know the deal, beautiful greenery and cows — and she gets a blister from her sandal. This is, by the way, a detail that makes me feel like there are a lot of women who understand women in The Affair’s writers room. A truck comes by, and it’s Robert from the big house; he offers to drive her into town.

They talk about how pretty it is (and oh, it is) and how Yvonne, his wife, wants them to sell and go back to the city because she is a city girl, but he can tell Alison is from a small town and sometimes this show just makes random chitchat feel so meaningful and I can’t pretend I always know why.  

NEXT: Alison gets a job — Noah doesn’t approve

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Two marriages collide when a tragedy brings an affair to light; the Showtime original series stars Joshua Jackson and Maura Tierney.
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