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December 06, 2015 at 11:54 PM EST

We enter Alison’s perspective and find her and baby Joanie are asleep in the nursery. She rouses herself and puts the baby down and goes back to bed. She’s already awake, so she pulls out a textbook to do some studying.

The next day class seems both boring and hard, and I can’t even bring myself to write what they are talking about. (This is just one of the many reasons why I am recapping a medical class instead of studying in one.) Alison is having a hard time and asks the teacher during a break if there’s still time to drop the class. She has a day to figure it out. Her teacher urges her to stick with it. But it doesn’t seem like she’s going to as she peaces out of the class early.

And, lurking around her building, is one very strung-out-looking Scott Lockhart. Boy, this kitty cat is looking rough. Alison is wary of how nuts Scott seems but goes along to a bench for a chat. He lays out the whole Lobster Roll turned nightclub plan — how he has an investor, a hedge fund guy (I’m still going with Max!), and just needs her to put up the other half. Things go unsurprisingly dark and bad real fast though when she tells him she can’t get involved.

Scott goes from cajoling to threatening as he tells Alison that basically Noah is responsible for keeping him from his right to sell drugs and that Noah owes them. Alison is like, cool you’re done dealing drugs but clearly still doing them.

At this moment Alison’s nanny and Joanie arrive and Scott looks at Joanie’s sweet face and Cole-colored eyes and you can see the wheels starting to turn. Alison is jittery and not helping the case at all. The nanny is all, “She looks like her Daddy!” Scott is like, oh she sure does. So yeah, there’s that. Alison looks like she’s going to barf.

She asks the nanny to stay a bit longer and runs out to see Cole, who is chilling in a bar in Greenpoint. Cole looks great. They have an awkward yet sweet hug and good lord, is Alison going to tell Cole that Joanie is his? Or maybe his? But no, there’s catching up to be done, about how he’s been working construction and Luisa is managing a restaurant across the street and, oh yeah, that he and Luisa are getting married.

How great are Alison and Cole together? It’s really weird that with both original couples — Noah and Helen and Cole and Alison — you really feel the shared history and you come very close to wishing everyone were still with their original partner. I mean, have we ever seen Alison look this happy with Noah? When she notes how happy Cole is and he agrees that he is, you can see Alison make the decision not to tell him anything that would cause him to be less so. So she goes with, let me tell you about Scott being a whole jittery mess. Cole is all, who cares, I’ve washed my hands of this whole thing. (Though I do believe you can see Cole’s ears perk up when Alison casually mentions that Oscar is about to lose The Lobster Roll.)

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They talk about their good old days at The Lobster Roll and this is cute and sad and ugh, Alison is not going to tell Cole.

Luisa comes through the door, and in Alison’s mind Luisa wears a lot more makeup and is a much cooler customer than we’ve seen from Cole. I dig it. The ladies are polite, though it is tense, and Alison flees. Ugh, the conflicting emotions!

She comes home and interestingly this is how she’s remembering the day she missed couples therapy. Noah is being cute with the baby in the kitchen and tells her went to see Captain America instead. Interesting. He also wants to quit therapy. “We’re happy again,” being the reasoning.

They’re back to having a hot sex life again, that’s for sure. Things are going great till they’re interrupted by Joanie chirping “Da-da” — possibly for the first time. Well okay, The Affair, I get it.

In the future, lawyer Jon gets the lab results on that pacifier. “My oh my oh my.” I’ll say!

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Two marriages collide when a tragedy brings an affair to light; the Showtime original series stars Joshua Jackson and Maura Tierney.
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