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Tuesday’s episode was titled “The Children of Gabriel,” but it may as well have been titled “Season 2, Revisited.” The parallels between Mount Weather and Sanctum just kept coming over and over. Grounder-like people surround the transport ship similar to how actual Grounders surrounded the Dropship when Clarke was trying to save Finn (remember him??). The ruler of this group asks Clarke to dinner in a similar fashion to when President Wallace invited her into the dining hall. Jordan falling for a girl from the other side is just what his namesake did. History is repeating itself in a way that feels fresh and fun, and I’m all about it. Let’s get into it…

Picking up right where last week left off, Clarke is trying to converse with the children of Sanctum, but that’s when we see the adults that were following them. I’m not going to lie: I was kind of looking forward to a planet full of creepy kids. But considering the adults are led by JR Bourne, I’ll get over it. His name is Russell Lightbourne, and he’s basically the king. He sees Murphy is covered in black veins and pronounces him dead —“fortunately for him, death is not the end,” he adds. King Russell has one of his men pull out a giant red snake to suck the venom out of Murphy (which he got when he came into contact with algae during a red sun). It brings Murphy back to life, but that’s all the help the king is willing to give and he locks them all up …

… in a tavern. I can’t tell if it’s a good or bad sign that they don’t have a prison in this colorful commune. Anyway, the king comes in and explains a little about the dynamics here. The primes are the royal blood that rules them all. Russell is the seventh in his line, and his wife Simone is also a prime. He doesn’t trust Clarke and her people, but he doesn’t want the transport ship with the dead prime bodies in it outside the shield. He tells her to send her most “disposable” people to get it. Clarke tries to go when she learns Madi is on the ship, but King Russell won’t allow it. So Bellamy, Raven, Echo, and Octavia go with a group of his guards.

Shortly after they leave, Murphy wakes up for the first time since reanimating. He instantly knows something is wrong: “I died—didn’t I?” Murphy says he’s going to hell, that he saw something when he was dead. Abby tries to calm him, but something deeper is clearly going on.

On the tavern roof, Jordan is learning to flirt with a real-life girl. He discovers that Delilah is going to be part of a “naming ceremony” the next day. He’s so thrilled to talk with someone besides his parents—and a cute girl to boot—that he ends up telling her all the stories of Clarke and his parents’ adventures.

On the transport ship, Gaia is trying to teach Madi how to master the flame. Apparently, there was a “dark commander” who is trying to push through the noise in her head, but Gaia says she must ignore her and listen to the good commander voices instead. Diyoza—who’s lounging and eavesdropping —gets a good laugh out of this and then tells Gaia to lighten up. But none of them are able to relax because people in masks flank the dropship and shoot tranquilizing blow darts at them. Once the three are neutralized, the masked people take the bodies from the dropship and chop their heads off while saying, “Death to primes.”

Bellamy’s group hears their chants as they near the transport ship, and Kaylee—the woman who survived the hijacking of Eligius IV—realizes they’re too late. She and the guards turn back to Sanctum as their only interest was their dead friends’ bodies. Seriously, what is it with people and death on this planet??

Octavia goes full Octavia and rather than listening to Bellamy or Echo, she charges the four masked people outside the ship and kills them. But even Diyoza thinks this is a bit much: “They were withdrawing,” she says. They all board the transport ship, but Bellamy tells Octavia she’s staying behind because she can’t even understand why it was bad to kill those people. O says it’s okay, that she should have just died in the gorge anyway. To which Bellamy says, “My sister died a long time ago.” Ouch.

Back at the compound, Clarke gets dressed up to join Russell and Simone for dinner at the palace. The dining room table is filled with delicious bites for just the three of them—and Russell’s adorable dog. Clarke is hoping she can be diplomatic and convince them that her people deserve a place on this planet. Simone says she heard all about how Wanheda destroyed the last planet she was on, and here Clarke realizes Jordan must have been talking. They know everything, including how she bombed Mount Weather, a compound of “innocent” people much like this one. Clarke puts her pride aside and simply pleads for a second chance.

While feeding treats from the table to his docile dog, Russell says that his father had a dog that bit his face when he was a child. Everyone told him to put the dog down, but Russell’s father loved the dog too much. He gave it a second chance. And then the dog attacked and killed Russell’s baby sister. “Violence is a contagion,” he tells Clarke. He isn’t willing to let her wipe out the last outpost of humanity. He tells her to get her people and return to their ship in the sky because there’s no way they can survive this planet without the radiation barrier to protect them.

Unaware he’s destroyed their chance on this planet, Jordan is getting busy with Delilah on the roof. Or at least trying to until a man with a blow dart kidnaps her and says “death to primes” before fleeing. Luckily, Clarke is just making it back to the tavern and sees the aftermath. It’s the Children of Gabriel, the same group of people from outside the barrier who flanked the transport ship. They’re trying to take the girls who will be named. Clarke takes off with a guard to stop the one who took Delilah. She finds the kidnapper and fights him; although he ends up getting away, he leaves behind Delilah. But the other Children of Gabriel are able to take off with Rose, the other naming girl.

Russell catches up around then and sees how Clarke was hurt helping to save his people—and how she’s bleeding black. He’s suddenly intrigued by her. Back at the tavern, Clarke tells everyone they have to keep the fact that Madi is a nightblood a secret. It obviously means something to these people, and we’ve seen how that turned out before.

With the transport ship safely inside the barrier, the entire Skaikru is back together (well, minus Kane and the 400 other people still frozen). But who cares about those people on the ship! Russell sure doesn’t! He comes in and says that after seeing Clarke save Delilah, they’re willing to let them stay here, but no one else. Simone is even pleased to see that Diyoza is pregnant—that is until she learns her name is Charmaine Diyoza. Apparently, she is in their history books right next to Hitler and bin Laden. They throw her outside the barrier with no care that she’s pregnant.

Hopefully, she can join up forces with Octavia, who may be linking up with the Children of Gabriel if history repeats itself here, too. O tries to fight them, but they just poison her with plants. They’re going to take her and the severed heads to see “the old man.”

I have so many questions coming out of this episode! Can people come back to life on this planet? What’s going on with this dark commander in Madi’s head? Why are the Children of Gabriel separated from the Sanctum people? Who is the old man? How are some people on this planet red-blooded if everyone on Eligius III was a nightblood? What is this naming ceremony all about? And will Jordan ever get some? I can’t wait to find out.

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