Everyone just go in the bunker and get along.
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S4 E9

Anyone else starting to get the feeling we’re not going to make it out of season 4 without a ton of casualties? Because without a miracle, a death wave is coming and a few too many characters for my tastes are choosing not to take shelter from it. But even the people who want to escape the storm may not be able to because nothing is easy on the ground.

Just when we thought everything could resolve — the bunker was found! — “DNR” blows it all up again. (I mean, it was only episode 8. Deep down we all knew nothing was resolved yet.) As Clark and the island crew make it back to Polis, Abby fills her daughter in on one little hiccup: Indra has allied once again with Skaikru. They’ll share the bunker under the condition that no Ice Nation do. Clarke isn’t pleased with this since she considers Roan a friend, but Abby tells her that Indra has agreed to let him in as long as he goes peacefully.

Peacefully is not a word Roan knows. When he tries to enter Polis, Trikru warriors block him. Just as Clarke tries to warn him, his own warriors jump out of the bushes and capture everyone in sight. “Welcome back to Polis, my King,” Echo says.

Echo explains the situation to Roan back in the commander’s chambers, but he wants her to bring Wanheda up to him. When she enters, thankfully they don’t do that familiar dance where he thinks she was lying to him — he believes she didn’t know about this latest development and he thanks her for trying to warn him. His natural instinct is to go to war, but as Clarke reminds him: There are only six days left to live.

Clarke encourages him to have a Come to Jesus talk with Indra instead of going to war, and he agrees with a catch — she must go with him. “If anyone can convince mortal enemies to move in together,” Roan tells Clarke, “it’s you.”

Speaking of mortal enemies… Octavia and Ilian are farming together and spending sexy time in bed together. (Get it, girl.) He’s teaching her how to till the land so that the people who come after praimfaya will be able to live. I’m pretty sure seeds a couple inches below the ground will not survive a radiation fire storm, but nice thought, Ilian. They both have abandoned their warrior ways until a woman named Ankara comes to recruit him for the war at Polis. He says there’s “not much point in fighting at the end of the world,” but Octavia has a gleam in her eye.

When Ankara returns with two other warriors, Ilian isn’t around. Octavia tries to hide her face, but they soon recognize her as the Skairipa, who killed their friends. Octavia tries to ignore them, but they push her into a fight. She’s able to hold her ground against all three of them — and then she hulks out and kills all three. Covered in their blood, she walks by Ilian and tells him, “This is who I am.”

A fellow 100 kid, Jasper is also secure in his end-of-the-world decisions… but in a much less murder-y way. When Jaha tells Arkadia to pack up for the bunker, he, Harper, Riley, and other kids we’ve never seen decide they’re going to defy Jaha and party until the end of the world instead. #teens

When Monty goes to find Harper later, he sees she hasn’t packed — and she tells him she’s not going to. He tries to reason with her, to show her how she has survival instinct, but she’s not hearing it. She joins up with the Party Kids and they lock themselves in the bar area. Jaha tells them participation isn’t optional and brings backup to show he’s not kidding around.

Jaha and his guards put explosives on the door to blow it open, and Jasper calmly walks over and holds his hand up to the glass à la Charlie. It reads “DNR.” Jaha knows full well the acronym to “do not resuscitate” because he was a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, but he doesn’t want to leave them to die.

“You sent them down here to die,” points out Bellamy, saying at least now they have a choice. They’ve all come a long way from season 1 — Jaha listens to the man who tried to shoot him and agrees. He leaves the “children” to their choices. Monty points out that they’re just drunk and dumb, and he pleads with Bellamy. He says Bell would care if Octavia was in there. “If Octavia was in there, at least I’d get to say goodbye.”

When all 400-plus Skaikru are ready to march to the bunker, Bellamy says goodbye to Jasper and Harper. Harper thinks Monty has left without saying goodbye, but she finds him back at the bar. I was hoping he was going the whole “I’ll stay behind so you won’t want me to die and decide to go with me” route, but Harper just kisses him and says she’s glad he’s staying. And Jasper gives him a drink. So, uhhh, maybe Monty can quickly find a way to fix up the Ark again? There’s got to be some way they survive.

And the path of 100 kids choosing death doesn’t stop there. Back on the island, Murphy, Emori, and Raven were left behind to scavenge tech… or at least Raven says she is. But really visions of Becca are showing her how she could escape the earth in the rocket. It’s still true that she doesn’t have enough fuel to get back to earth, but Becca says she’s dying anyway. Why not do it after one final space walk?

When Jackson and Miller return to pick them up, Murphy tries to get Raven to go with them. She tells him that she knows she’s past the point of her brain being healed and she’s tired of living in pain every day. In a show of just how far this character has come, Murphy apologizes for his part in that. She says it’s not his fault and forgives him.

“Tell them I floated myself,” she says with a laugh when he asks what he should tell people. They hug, I cry, and she says, “Go, survive.” By my count, we could be losing Raven, Monty, Harper, and Jasper when the death wave comes?

But that list could grow because things aren’t going so well in Polis. Clarke and Roan go to meet Indra in the bunker, where she’s brought all the other tribe’s war chiefs. “All my enemies in one place,” Roan notes. As Indra and Roan start to bicker, Clarke points out that in a week alliances won’t matter — that Lexa would have understood that. Indra agrees, but says that Lexa was a commander — and without a commander to rule them, alliances can’t stand.

A light goes off above Clarke’s head and she runs to Gaia. She cuts open her hand and shows the flame scout that she’s a nightblood worthy of the flame. “Make me the commander,” she says.

Without consulting anyone, Gaia sounds the ascension bell and begins the ceremony. You can guess how the next part goes: Clarke walks in and shocks everyone. But before Gaia can place the flame in Clarke’s neck, Roan puts an end to it. He brings out Abby, who he makes tell everyone that Clarke only became a nightblood through science.

Clarke is angry with her friend for outing her science secret, especially since he knows she’s doing this in an attempt to save everyone. But Roan says she is right about one thing: Fighting a war is a bad way to decide who gets the bunker. So he proposes one final conclave. One champion per clan, and whoever wins gets the bunker.

As Clarke and Bellamy discuss how bad the rules of this are for Skaikru (no guns are allowed), in rides Octavia on her horse. “I’m here for the war,” she says. And suddenly Skaikru has its champion.

The most likely outcome is that Octavia wins and Skaikru allows all clans to use the bunker, but predictable or not, I’m eager to watch the final five episodes of season 4.

100 (or just 5) extras:

  • Am I reading too much into Miller’s shoulder tap, or did he just cheat on Bryan with Jackson?
  • I appreciate how Niylah’s basically just Skaikru now.
  • Did I giggle at how ridiculous it was that Octavia rode in on that horse at just the right moment, uttering, “I’m here for the war”? Yes. Did I love it? Also yes.
  • Even though Clarke becoming commander didn’t happen, when she walked into that ascension ceremony, I got choked up. What a roller coaster of an episode!
  • “May we meet again.” / “We won’t.”

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