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From the hatches we will rise.

The 100

S4 E8
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March 29, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT

“The clock is ticking, and it has been since we landed on this terrible, beautiful planet.”

Now we’re cooking with hydrazine! Season 4 hasn’t been slow by any standards, but episode 8 kicked it up another level… like Jackson controlling a radiation chamber. (Sorry, way too many pun opportunities here.) With only 10 days left until the death wave hits, the suspense is palpable. Clarke is turning Becca’s lab into Mount Weather v.2. Bellamy is succumbing to Jasper’s ne’er-do-well attitude. Jaha has a mission to save the world. And Henry Ian Cusick is opening a hatch. To say “God Complex” was a thrill ride is an understatement. Let’s get started…

On the island, “Baylis” is in the radiation chamber. He’s successfully processed Luna’s nightblood, which means they’re ready to crank up the radiation on him. No one is thrilled to do this, but as Murphy points out, they’re running out of time to find a way to save the world and need to know if bone marrow is the answer. So Abby gives the Jackson the go ahead and he begins cranking the knob.

At 2,000 REM, the level of black rain, “Baylis” is showing no visible signs of radiation sickness. The room visibly lightens as people think they’ve found their cure, but when Jackson turns the knob to 2,500, “Baylis” begins screaming and breaking out in lesions. Abby wants to remove him from the chamber, but the radiation levels are too high and could hurt them all. By the time it’s safe, he’s already bled out and died. “What have we done?” Abby questions.

Later, Raven recalculates their time-to-live timetable. Murphy asks, “How’s the weather, Reyes? Forecast still calling for death?” It is, and they’re running out of time. They need to get another subject to test a new theory, but with a storm outside, they wouldn’t be able to find a soul. Luna points out how ridiculous “hunting for people to kill” is and says even Baylis honored the dead by wearing the stones of his Rock Line ancestors. This confuses Clarke since he was supposed to be Sangedakru. Emori says he was a thief and likely stole the stones — but Roan points out that he didn’t bear the mark of Sangedakru either.

It doesn’t take long for them all to realize that Emori lied, and, panicking, she runs to destroy the radiation machine. Luckily, they’re able to stop her, and they tie her and Murphy both up to the spaceship. After closing the doors to the room housing the ship, Raven asks if they’re really considering putting Emori in the chamber. Clarke says she doesn’t know what else to do; Roan says there is nothing else to do. And doing nothing will lead to all their deaths, Abby says.

When Abby tells Jackson to prep Luna for another extraction, the Nightblood puts her foot down. She’d rather walk out into the black rain than let her blood be used to kill more innocent people. She’s injured from the bone marrow extraction, but she still tries to fight Roan to get out (while everyone awkwardly stands by and watches). He puts her in a headlock that makes her pass out, and they put her up on the table. “So you’re gonna strap her down and take her bone marrow?” Raven asks. “Welcome to Mount Weather.”

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After a nuclear apocalypse, a group of people who have been living in space return to Earth—and quickly learn they’re not alone.
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