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Acid rain brings... sexy scenes?

The 100

S4 E7
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March 22, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT

How far would you go to save the world? Would you be willing to become the people you’ve fought so hard against?

It’s a precarious situation Abby finds herself in in 407. It’s a situation without a right answer, really, but time for debating ethics is a luxury they don’t have. So they make a decision to do what they need to do — kill one to save many. Rebecca’s lab is now Mount Weather 2.0 essentially. Man, does this show love a full circle (which is why I predict everyone is going to end up back in space at some point before the series ends, but that is a discussion for another time).

Put on your rain slickers because we’re about to run out into “Gimme Shelter”…

Immediately following the events of episode 6, we see Octavia riding on her horse, Helios. (Of course he was just waiting outside Arkadia for her.) She realizes that Ilian followed her out of the gates, and she’s not too happy about it. Even though he wants to help her since she’s out on her own, when lightning and thunder roll in and black rain starts to fall, it’s Octavia who helps him. She gives a hand to Ilian, who rides behind her on Helios to safety. Take that, stereotypical gender roles.

O and Ilian are able to make it to a cave, where there’s fresh water to rinse off their bare bodies. In case you needed a reminder this show is on The CW, everyone is stripping down at Arkadia as well. (For people whose clothes are more than a hundred years old, they sure have nice intimates.) They’re splashing themselves with water to stop the burning — except for one kid who was trampled during the rush. He had reached out to Harper during the rush into the doors, but she didn’t turn back. Heroes Kane and Bellamy rush back out to save him when they see him stranded in the mud. Once inside again, Bellamy is worried about Octavia, but Kane points out that she’s smart enough to find shelter, and they seal up the station.

Just as things begin to calm, they get a call on the radio from someone named Mark, who was out at Factory Station with his son. They’re stuck under an overhang and need help getting out of the black rain. Bellamy begins suiting up in a duct-taped Mount Weather suit. Kane tells him this is a bad idea, but Bell — who clearly is feeling the pressure to save someone since he couldn’t save his sister says that Mark’s son, Peter, was one of the 100, so he has a duty to him. I’m sorry, THERE ARE STILL 100 KIDS WE DON’T KNOW!? I really thought there were approximately seven of them left.

Anyway, Bellamy runs out into the black rain, and as Kane thought, the suit doesn’t hold up and the rain soaks through his arm. Rather than turn back, Bellamy just rushes to the rover and jumps in. Kane pleads with him over the walkie to abandon this mission, but he says “no more lectures” and heads out.

Bellamy is trying to get to Factory Station quickly, but the rain and mud causes the rover to slide off the path and get stuck. He wants to get out and use the tow strap, but Kane pleads with him to listen to reason. “If you go into that storm, three people die instead of two,” the chancellor says. So Bellamy tells Mark the truth: He can’t get to them. Mark isn’t happy and lets Bellamy hear it, but before long the radio goes silent.

And those aren’t the only casualties of the day. Alpha Station is full of makeshift beds for people sick from the exposure. But none are as bad as the kid Harper abandoned, who eventually dies from his wounds. And with that, the first and only redhead on The 100… possibly the last redhead on Earth, is gone. Not cool, show. Not cool.

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After a nuclear apocalypse, a group of people who have been living in space return to Earth—and quickly learn they’re not alone.
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