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S4 E6
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March 15, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT

There can’t be just one problem on The 100.

Saving the world isn’t enough. Instead, Clarke and Co. have to get combustible hydrazine across rocky, hostile terrain; save Raven’s brain; find a way to get to space; find a way to replicate nightblood while in space; find a way to distribute it and survive on Earth; save Ilian from an angry mob; and keep the goodness of humanity intact through all of this.

This week’s episode revolved around the biggest problems: Clarke and Bellamy’s journey to the island and Arkadia’s journey to pandemonium. Let’s start from the top…

Fresh off of blowing up Alpha station, Ilian is being held in the brig. As soon as the crowd of Arkadia finds out about this, they break into his cell and collectively start beating him up. Kane comes in and is able to stop them by firing a gun into the air.

But that just gets Ilian sent to the med bay, where he’s under the watchful gaze of Octavia. (His guards deserted him right quick.) He tells O that he’s glad she’s still alive. “You won’t be soon,” she warns. He pleads that he didn’t kill anyone, that he didn’t realize he was dooming everyone to die in two months, but she won’t hear it.

The crowd is whipping into a frenzy outside. Niylah warns Monty that Ilian’s guards left him alone in med bay. He pleads with Jaha to calm the people, and when he refuses, Monty invokes the name of Wells (still miss you, bud). “With all due respect, your son would be ashamed of you.”

Monty goes to Kane next and they rush to the med bay to lock down the room. But when the mob pushes in from the outside, Octavia goes over and opens the door herself. “It’s the end of the world, Kane,” she says. “Darkness is all we have left.” Kane lifts up his gun to stop the crowd, but Miller’s dad shock-batons him and lets the people take Ilian away.

The crowd drags their prisoner outside. Niylah, observing from afar, says, “We’re not so different after all.” Octavia has a gun drawn on Ilian when Monty pleads with her to stop. Finally coming to his senses, Jaha comes out with a radio and sounds the siren. Kane yells that it’s black rain so the angry mob will rush inside. When they do, Kane tries to talk down Octavia. He tells her this is exactly what Pike did to Lincoln. “If you do this,” he says, “you do this and you’re no better than he was.” She drops the gun as she sobs — and she runs away.

Jaha lets Ilian go as well, and he runs after Octavia. (Is it weird I still kind of ship these two?) “From the ashes, we will rise,” Jaha says to no one.

Meanwhile, Clarke and Bellamy are busy making sure they have the possibility to rise. With Abby and Raven’s space-nightblood plan being the only viable option, the Arkadia crew need to get the remaining barrels of hydrazine to the island so they can fuel the spaceship. Only problem? Well, I’ll let Monty tell you…

“I do, however, feel the need to reiterate you’re about to drive the last 10 barrels of hydrazine known to man — cargo which Raven needs every last drop of — through bumpy roads and hostile territory. And if it blows up, all hope of mankind’s survival is dead.”

“What could possibly go wrong?” Roan says in the best Roan line ever. He’s on Team Save the World now, regardless of tribe alliances. He goes along with Clarke and Bellamy; the two Skaikru drive the rover and a nameless Skaikru drives the cargo truck with Roan, his three guards, and the barrels of hydrazine.

Their first obstacle comes when they get stopped by a group of Trikru across their path. Clarke gets out to attend to the wounded (because of course she does). They said Azgeda burned down their village (because of course they did). All these people want is a trip to Polis — Clarke denies them, and things probably would have been fine, but a kid wanders behind the cargo truck and sees the Ice Nation king. Trikru arrows start flying as Clarke and Co. make a break for it.

They’re able to get away, but they soon hit a stream that Murphy hadn’t mentioned was there just a few days ago. Roan says it’s ice melt (#globalwarming) and he and Bellamy take the rover to find a place to cross. Roan’s guards want to go with him as well, but he says nothing is as important as the barrels in the cargo truck.

NEXT: Things go from bad to worse (you know, like every episode of The 100)

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After a nuclear apocalypse, a group of people who have been living in space return to Earth—and quickly learn they’re not alone.
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