Ice Nation is ready for war, but the real problem could be an outside force

By Dalene Rovenstine
March 01, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST
Diyah Pera/The CW

New characters cannot be trusted on The 100. This is a mantra we should have repeated over and over. We never should have let our guard down.

But we did. Ilian made us feel sorry for him. He made us like him when he saved Octavia. And then he went and torched our hearts. We should have known. New characters cannot be trusted on The 100. May we never forget it again.

But the fact is Ilian did hurt us — and our heroes. It’s a fact no one on the ground will be forgetting anytime soon, so let’s start the recap there…

Octavia’s horse Helios (thank you eagle-eyed viewers for catching that name for me!) is leading her through the woods, but she’s not in good shape. She falls off the horse and passes out on the ground, which is where Ilian finds her. (Do not let this endear you to him — he will break your heart!)

He takes Octavia to Arkadia, where Clarke has to give her CPR. Luckily, it does the trick. Octavia coughs awake and whispers out, “Azgeda is coming …. war is here.” Clarke tells Monty to try to get Kane on the radio. They all panic to make a plan and end up leaving Ilian totally alone in a ship full of technology. Oh nooo.

They have other things to worry about at the moment: Monty’s calls to Kane go unanswered and Jaha finds Bellamy’s hunting rover left alone in the woods. Miller’s dad goes into battle mode: He wants to send gunners out to the perimeter and blow up their leftover hydrazine. Monty and Clarke don’t exactly want to create a bomb right next to the ship they’re trying to restore.

Never one to pick a fight, Clarke wants to speak to Roan first and figure out why he suddenly changed course. She wants to ride out and meet him. Everyone in the war room thinks that’s crazy, except for Monty. He says they have the element of surprise on their side. “Pike showed us how valuable that would be,” Monty says. I guess that guy was good for one thing.

So they go with Monty’s plan: Clarke blocks the Ice Nation’s way as they march through a ravine. She asks Roan to talk, but he says it’s too late and all his warriors draw their arrows on her. Clarke doesn’t even flinch. Instead, she looks up, and that’s when Echo sees lasers on her king. Skaikru has lined the cliffs above with snipers.

Not to be deterred, Roan orders that his hostages Kane and Bellamy be brought to the front. Clarke doesn’t want to start war — she just wants 10 minutes of Roan’s time. Naturally, Echo’s worried it’s a trap, but as Roan notes, “If it is a trap, we’re already in it.”

Miller Senior tells them to let the king pass through, but Monty sees that Riley is still targeting Roan with his sniper. Riley doesn’t want to negotiate with his former captors; he just wants to take him out. This is obviously a very terrible idea, and Monty is able to convince him of that… for now.

Clarke and Roan go and have a tête-à-tête in a cave, as one does. She wants to know why he broke the deal, and he reveals he knows about the ship, which he’s come to take. She tells him only 100 people will fit in the ship, which they’re pursuing as a backup plan, but the real plan is nightblood. Roan thinks she’s planning to make another commander, but she reminds him the chip is gone. (Does Clarke know about Octavia’s deception or is she as in the dark as Roan? It seems like this could come back to bite her if it’s the former.) Then Roan says something Clarke has needed to hear all season: Lexa knew how to put loyalty above clan, and Clarke needs to do the same.

Clearly, she takes to the words to heart. Because the next thing Clarke proposes is that they split the 100 spots on the Ark: 50 Skaikru, 50 Azgeda. They seal it with a blood oath, but they aren’t out of the clear just yet.

Back at the ridge, Riley has gone missing. Monty leaves his post and goes down to explain the situation to Echo. He tells her that Riley is trying to kill her king, and he wants to stop the potential massacre. Bellamy suggests going with Echo to find Clarke and Roan and to stop Riley. She reluctantly agrees, and they set off.

NEXT: Come on, Riley. We were all rooting for you.

Riley is adjusting his scope on the outside of the cave when Bellamy and Echo find him. Echo wants to take him out with her arrow, but Bellamy stands in front of her so he can reason with the kid first. He tells Riley that he was saved for a reason and he shouldn’t do this with that gift. “War made me a murderer,” Bellamy begs. “Don’t let it happen to you.”

Riley releases the trigger, and I let out a sigh of relief. I was pretty mad that our precious Riley was behaving so stupidly, but I think there’s hope for him yet. After all, he made Ilian look good in new-character comparison.

Speaking of Ilian… when Octavia wakes up, she’s being taken care of by Niylah. (I would like Niylah to stick around more. She has such great chemistry with so many of our favorites.) O doesn’t remember how she got to the ship and when Niylah tells her Ilian brought her, she gets a panicked look on her face. She’s thinking what I thought at the top of the hour: The ship is full of tech.

Niylah and O search the ship and find him in the server room, where he’s about to torch the place. Octavia tells him that it won’t bring his family back — she also warns him that they’re right above the engine room. But Ilian knows that. His plan is to blow up the whole ship, which he succeeds in doing.

Clarke, Bellamy, Roan, et al rush back to see the ship going up in flames. A tinder box, indeed.

With the Ark no longer an option, all hope of humanity surviving is hinged on nightblood now. Jackson and Abby are working round the clock to figure out how to bind the … [something scientific] … in order to mass-produce nightblood.

While they’re doing that, Raven starts FLYING. Just as I’m thinking that Becca’s lab must have supernatural properties, Abby and Jackson see Raven on the floor seizing. When they wake her up, Abby tells her she had a seizure, but Raven has a different idea: Part of Alie is still in her head because of the way they used an EMP to get her chip out and her brain was working too fast for her conscious mind to handle. Totally normal.

The reason her mind was working so fast? She was figuring out how to bind that scientific stuff — they have to do it in a zero G environment. You know what that means: We’re going back to space!

Becca just happens to have a spaceship in her lab, and Raven knows about it because she’s part Alie/Becca now. She’s ready to jump aboard and head to space with Abby, but Jackson tells them not so fast. He says all of Raven’s actions are a sign of a stroke, and a CT scan reveals a black spot on her brain. Abby tells Raven that pushing could make it worse, but Raven says she’s not going to survive just to watch everyone die. “I can’t do that, Abby — even if it costs me my life.”

Jackson points out that Abby should be having a similar reaction since she had her chip removed via EMP as well. She says she’ll warn him when she starts having headaches. And when he leaves the room, she skips the headaches and goes straight to hallucinations. She sees Clarke in the lab, and when she turns around Clarke is covered in blisters.

“We’re running out of time, mom.”

Thanks to Ilian’s potentially world-ending mistake, Abby and Raven have to succeed or else nothing can save them from what’s coming.

  • 100 (or just six) extras:
    Niylah is getting moonshine for the next two months in return for her dried meats that the Arkers can eat for the next five years. This does not seem like a fair trade.
  • By the way, more Niylah! More Niylah! More Niylah!
  • “I was willing to sacrifice my own mother to stop Alie.” “I was willing to sacrifice mine to help you.” I never realized how similar Roan and Clarke are until just this moment.
  • I’m glad Bellamy quickly found out Octavia is still alive. I wasn’t looking forward to seeing the Bad Bellamy Pt. 2 story line.
  • Apparently, Luna, Miller, Emori, and Murphy are just napping during this whole episode? Lol.
  • The spaceship in Becca’s lab is called “Vesta IV.” Vesta is the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family in Roman religion. She only allowed priestesses into her temple. Discuss.