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This is the way the world... doesn't end?

The 100

S4 E3
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February 15, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST

Becca may have inadvertently led to the end of the world, but she might also now be the savior.

It was obvious in the season 4 premiere that the flame and the need for Nightbloods wouldn’t just disappear. It’s always been important to Grounder politics, but “The Four Horsemen” revealed just how important Luna and her nightblood could be to the entire human population.

But that’s not all episode 3 revealed: Indra has a daughter! A daughter who refuses to be a warrior! A daughter who is the new flamekeeper!

We’ve known Indra since season 2, and as much as she’s taken Octavia under her wing, she’s never seemed exactly “maternal,” so learning that she has a daughter was more than a little shocking. So shocking we should just go ahead and start the recap there…

Roan finds Octavia sharpening her sword (literally) and commissions her services. See, the flame was stolen from his chambers, so he needs someone to quietly track it down. She comes as a package deal with Indra, who knows that if word were to get out that the king had lost the sacred flame then Roan would lose his throne. He tells her to find the new female flamekeeper.

Can we just pause for a second to marvel at how women are still ruling this world? Even with a king, nevertheless, they persisted.

As Octavia sets off on her mission, Roan keeps Indra aside to applaud her for training O to be a warrior, specifically one who can quietly assassinate people in power. “One kill to prevent thousands? That’s good politics.” That doesn’t sound very Azgeda-esque.

Octavia is able to quickly track down the flamekeeper and follows her into the temple. The flamekeeper knows what O is there for and fights her for it. If only she were trained by the best, maybe she could beat Octavia. But O gets the drop on her and is about to kill the flamekeeper when Indra walks in and stops her. “She’s my daughter.” Omg — she was trained by the best.

Indra and Gaia have a very tense exchange, and here’s what we/Octavia learn: Gaia was supposed to follow in her mother’s footsteps and lead Trikru. Instead, she became a scout for the flamekeeper, which means she’s been wandering the earth searching for Nightbloods. This is definitely not a happy family reunion.

Octavia has been sent to kill the flamekeeper, something Roan will demand, but she wants to figure out another solution — this is her mentor’s daughter after all. They don’t have much time to formulate a plan, though, because Ilian and other Grounders are banging at the door of the temple. They’re on a mission to kill all tech (so nothing can ever control them again), and they get in quickly. While others hold Indra and Octavia at sword-point, Ilian grabs Gaia’s bag, pulls out the flame, and smashes it. After they leave, Octavia proves how good she is at thinking on her feet: She had switched the real flame with a fake one Gaia wore as a totem.

Gaia escapes with the true flame and Octavia tells Roan a looter destroyed the real thing. Roan’s not too worried about the lost flame, though, because he’s convinced Clarke is definitely working on a plan for everyone.

Speaking of… Preparation for the end of the world isn’t going so great at Arkadia. Nylah has taught them how to preserve food, but the hunters are coming back with less and less. Raven says at this rate they’ll have to eat one meal every other day for the next five years. And there’s still the issue of only 100 people being able to fit into Alpha Station. She urges Clarke to make a list of who those 100 will be, but Clarke isn’t ready to accept that reality.

Things are about as bad for Murphy and Emori — they aren’t able to find any food to hunt, not even bugs. After some awkward talk about Murphy’s time with Ontari at Polis, he decides to head to Arkadia to raid their food supply.

But he’s shocked at the scene he finds there. Nyko has arrived with Luna and her people… or what’s left of them at least. They have acute radiation sickness from eating the radiated fish, which Luna tells them are now dead and floating on the water as far as the eye can see. While Abby tries to treat them, Raven inputs this new information into her calculations. She reveals to Clarke and Bellamy that the end of the world is coming on faster than they thought: They now have two months of survivability left.

According to Raven, it’s high time for Clarke to make The List. “Choosing who gets to live or die is your specialty,” she says in the world’s sickest (and realest) burn. And she says all of their man hours will have to be tripled to get Alpha Station ready in time, which is why she isn’t pleased when she hears Jaha’s plan.

NEXT: Jaha goes on another quest

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