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A lot can change in three months: Clarke's gone rogue, Lincoln's living with the Arkers, and Jaha's ... well, he's still Jaha

The 100

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January 22, 2016 at 09:42 PM EST

Welcome back, The 100 fans new and old! Based on the number of tweets I saw over the holidays, I’m assuming there’s a lot of recent converts. But all are welcome here … unlike the corner of Earth that the Arkers are inhabiting.

The show jumped three months from the finale, when we saw everyone in Mount Weather die, the Arkers return to Camp Jaha, and Clarke depart on her lone wilderness journey. And while that time has allowed the Skaikru to settle a little bit — they have a Jeep! and fighting classes with the World’s Most Attractive Grounder! and a mapping room! — things are as hostile as ever.

As Bellamy says in the intro, “Our leaders believe that to survive we need to make peace with the Grounders. But peace is a foreign concept here.”

We’re first introduced to this conflict when Bellamy joins Kane in said mapping room. They’ve drawn out the locations of the 12 clans and are staying far away from Azgeda, a.k.a. Ice Nation. The Ice Nation isn’t really playing ball, but everyone else is under a ceasefire.

Bellamy, Raven, Jasper, Monty, and Miller leave Arkadia (RIP Camp Jaha) in a Jeep to explore Sector 7 while Octavia follows them on horseback. That girl has no interest in technology, which is too bad because she misses out on a killer karaoke session. (Arkadia probably doesn’t have flushing toilets, but Raven had time to outfit this Jeep with a sound system and auxiliary jack.)

But the party is stopped when a beacon from the Ark goes off. Remember how they didn’t have time to go look for the rest of the Ark with all that war going on last season? Well now they have clear proof where part of the ship is. The problem is it’s in Sector 8, also known as Azgeda. The beacon is from Farm Station — where Monty’s parents and Miller’s boyfriend live — so there’s no question what Bellamy and crew will do. They’re going.

The Farm Station isn’t there, but a group from Ice Nation on horses is. You can tell they’re Ice Nation by the white war paint, or so says Grounder expert Octavia. The Azgeda tell the Skaikru that they’re looking for Wanheda. Before anyone can explain what exactly a “Wanheda” is, Jasper spots the beacon on one of the guys and goes after it.

Now Jasper isn’t in the best emotional state. His girlfriend melted in his arms less than three months ago. And if his shaved head and drinking don’t clue you in, let’s just say, he’s not doing well. So with nothing to lose, he goes for the beacon and the guy goes for Jasper’s throat. With the Grounder’s knife starting to slice across Jasper’s neck, Jasper starts LAUGHING. His friends shoot to kill, which is against protocol, to take out all the Grounders and save Jasper. Sadly it doesn’t seem like he wanted saving. Someone please get this kid a therapist.

There’s no time to process though; Kane calls over the radio that they’re needed in Sector 4. While the group takes Jasper on horseback back to Arkadia for medical attention, Bellamy and Monty take the Jeep to meet Kane … and Indra! Apparently she’s a little more willing to trust the Sky People now. She reached out to Kane to warn him about something: “This is about Clarke.”

Episode title alert! Clarke is the “Wanheda” that Ice Nation is looking for — but it’s not just Ice Nation. According to Indra, Grounders believe that when you kill someone, you get their power. What Clarke did at Mount Weather not only weakened Lexa’s command (and made the Ice Nation emboldened to rise up for war), but it also made Clarke incredibly strong. So strong that they’re calling her Wanheda, which is Trigedasleng for “Commander of Death.”

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