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Pike responds to the blockade exactly as imagined — and Kane fights back

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S3 E8
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March 11, 2016 at 01:20 AM EST

Our long national nightmare that is Bad Bellamy may finally be over. And it’s about damn time. After the loss we suffered last week, we need something to go right.

Much of this episode was incredibly infuriating — and not in the “oh, what a fun bad character to watch” way, but in the “oh, this character is so bad it’s not fun to watch” way. Pike himself has come to represent everything that’s wrong with the Bellamy story. When Bellamy first joined Team Pike, we had a sliver of understanding as to why: He was upset about losing Gina, and Pike gave him a way to respond. But five episodes later, without any of the backstory, Bellamy’s decision makes less and less sense. In the closing moments of “Terms and Conditions,” it seems he’s finally making decisions we can understand and support again.

So let’s take it from the top and figure out how he finally, finally arrived there.

We knew this would be an hour without Clarke, but it’s also an hour without Indra, Octavia, or Abby. Indra and Octavia are presumably at the blockade line or still on their way back. Abby is…working in the hospital? It’s unclear. News of Lexa’s death hasn’t spread yet, but the Arkers do get a special message from two Grounder riders. They explain the commander’s order for the blockade and then ask for one thing: Give us Pike, or else. They’ve already taken out a few of Pike’s soldiers as proof that they’re serious. Bellamy tells the two men they won’t back down, and when they tell him to think of the side that’s best for his people, he says, “I do that every day,” and then shoots them both dead. Even Pike looks a little surprised at that, but what does he expect? He’s been preaching “all Grounders must die” since he first got Bellamy in his clutches.

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Hannah wants to engage the Grounders because she’s an idiot — and Pike agrees, but they need to get their own people in line first. They know Kane is getting info somehow, so they put Monty in charge of spying on their own people. Monty doesn’t think that’s necessary, but as Pike says, “The walls have ears.”

Those ears are Miller, Harper, and Kane. Again, not sure why Abby isn’t there, but it’s okay because these three are kind of amazing together. Pike says they need to change their meeting patterns, so they’re not caught. And then Harper says, “Or we could just shock-lash Pike’s fascist ass and hand him to the Grounders.” HARPER IS MY NEW FAVORITE. I fully support that plan, but Kane says that’s murder and treason and that’s not who they are.

“Maybe that’s who we need to be,” Miller says.

“Not yet,” Kane replies.

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