Pike responds to the blockade exactly as imagined — and Kane fights back

By Dalene Rovenstine
March 11, 2016 at 01:20 AM EST
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Our long national nightmare that is Bad Bellamy may finally be over. And it’s about damn time. After the loss we suffered last week, we need something to go right.

Much of this episode was incredibly infuriating — and not in the “oh, what a fun bad character to watch” way, but in the “oh, this character is so bad it’s not fun to watch” way. Pike himself has come to represent everything that’s wrong with the Bellamy story. When Bellamy first joined Team Pike, we had a sliver of understanding as to why: He was upset about losing Gina, and Pike gave him a way to respond. But five episodes later, without any of the backstory, Bellamy’s decision makes less and less sense. In the closing moments of “Terms and Conditions,” it seems he’s finally making decisions we can understand and support again.

So let’s take it from the top and figure out how he finally, finally arrived there.

We knew this would be an hour without Clarke, but it’s also an hour without Indra, Octavia, or Abby. Indra and Octavia are presumably at the blockade line or still on their way back. Abby is…working in the hospital? It’s unclear. News of Lexa’s death hasn’t spread yet, but the Arkers do get a special message from two Grounder riders. They explain the commander’s order for the blockade and then ask for one thing: Give us Pike, or else. They’ve already taken out a few of Pike’s soldiers as proof that they’re serious. Bellamy tells the two men they won’t back down, and when they tell him to think of the side that’s best for his people, he says, “I do that every day,” and then shoots them both dead. Even Pike looks a little surprised at that, but what does he expect? He’s been preaching “all Grounders must die” since he first got Bellamy in his clutches.

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Hannah wants to engage the Grounders because she’s an idiot — and Pike agrees, but they need to get their own people in line first. They know Kane is getting info somehow, so they put Monty in charge of spying on their own people. Monty doesn’t think that’s necessary, but as Pike says, “The walls have ears.”

Those ears are Miller, Harper, and Kane. Again, not sure why Abby isn’t there, but it’s okay because these three are kind of amazing together. Pike says they need to change their meeting patterns, so they’re not caught. And then Harper says, “Or we could just shock-lash Pike’s fascist ass and hand him to the Grounders.” HARPER IS MY NEW FAVORITE. I fully support that plan, but Kane says that’s murder and treason and that’s not who they are.

“Maybe that’s who we need to be,” Miller says.

“Not yet,” Kane replies.

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Kane tries to reason with Pike. He says that there won’t be enough ammo to take out the Grounders, that Pike needs to turn himself in for the good of the people of Arkadia. Pike says he refuses to be Finn 2.0, that the way out is to keep the Grounders under his foot so they stop trying to resist. “You’ve become a dictator — you do realize, don’t you?” Kane asks him. But Pike doesn’t care.

The Ark dictator shares the ammo situation with Hannah, Monty, and Bellamy: They don’t have enough bullets, but they have bombs they can detonate remotely. So the plan is to rig a field with them, get the Grounders to fall back into that field, and then blow them all up. Only problem is this is the fake plan; They’ve found the bug and are giving Miller, Kane, and Harper false info.

Of course, Kane doesn’t know that, so he says they need to stop this plan by disabling the rover. They get Sinclair to help, but when Bellamy approaches him about work orders, Sinclair flees. He’s quickly caught, charged with treason, and thrown into the brig. Once there, he tells Lincoln he has a message from Kane: “Get ready. Tonight’s a go.” This was the plan all along. So much bait-and-switch in this episode!

Bellamy approaches Kane after Sinclair is handled to tell him it was a stupid plan (ding ding ding!). But this gives Kane the opportunity to appeal to Bellamy: He tells him the threat is inside the walls and he needs to choose the right side before it’s too late. Bellamy says ditto.

In the brig, Sinclair tells Bellamy he’s ready to talk. But Lincoln doesn’t want him talking, so he starts beating him up (don’t worry guys, it’s yet another ruse!). When the guards open the doors to help, the Grounders make a break for it and start beating up every Skaikru in sight.

Pike, who has been trying to get Kane to admit to spying and treason, overhears that the brig has been breached over a walkie. “I don’t suppose you know anything about this?” Pike asks. “As a matter of fact, I do,” Kane says AS HE SHOCK-LASHES HIM. (I may have cheered at my TV.) You guys. They’re going with Harper’s plan!

Kane puts the now-knocked-out Pike into the back of the rover and heads for the gates to execute part two of Harper’s plan. But Monty has been listening in on his friends and walkies to Bellamy to tell him that the riot was just a distraction. Bellamy rushes to the Arkadia gate just as Kane pulls up. Bellamy holds up a gun to the rover; Kane looks at him the way your dad looks at you when he’s disappointed in you. He gets out of the car and is arrested.

Pike wastes no time in sentencing him: He refuses to hear Kane’s pleas that this is a new world and enacts his authority as outlined by the outdated Exodus Charter. (The Exodus Charter, mind you, was created by people who blew up an entire station full of people because they started docking to the Ark about two seconds too late.) Pike sentences Kane to death.

And finally, FINALLY, Bellamy looks as if he knows he’s on the wrong side. He starts to cry and says, “Sir, are we really killing our own people now?” Pike says this is war and Kane needs to be an example (kind of like the 13th Station?).

As Kane is led to the prison, Monty asks Bellamy what they should do about Miller and Harper’s involvement. Hannah comes up and tells them she’s proud of them (she should compare mothering tips with Nia). She wants to know if they identified who was working with Kane, and before Monty has a chance to respond, Bellamy says no. Hannah, a Pike puppet, says, “It’s not really that hard choosing what’s best for your people is it?”

And with a look in his eye that we haven’t seen for many episodes, Bellamy says, “No, I do it every day.”

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And if there wasn’t enough going on at Arkadia, we also have the A.L.I.E. problem. Raven and A.L.I.E. have run simulations on the 13th Station and predicted that it must have fallen in the ocean. Jaha says they need more minds in the City of Light to help figure out how to get A.L.I.E. 2.0 — the only problem is Pike confiscated the chip-maker when MIA Abby shut down Jaha’s pill operation. They need someone to help them break into the office, and there just so happens to be a drunk they could persuade to do that.

With the false promise of booze, Raven gets Jasper to help. They know Monty’s been put in charge of security, so all Jasper has to do is come up with five digits that Monty would select so they can break into Pike’s office. “Sounds like a terrible plan,” Jasper says. “I’m in.”

With the help of A.L.I.E. (unbeknownst to Jasper), he keeps coming up with ideas and the AI runs them in the system. They finally get the right one (a numeric code for “Earth”) and slip into Pike’s office. As they search his office for the chip-maker, Jasper says their current Grounder situation feels a bit like déjà vu…like with Finn. Raven gives him a confused look, similar to the one Jaha gave Abby when he didn’t recognize his own son’s name.

When he asks her if she remembers Finn, she says, “I entered the City of Light to relieve my pain; why would I remember that?” Jasper says he wishes he could forget the pain of Maya’s death, as well. He asks her if that’s what the City of Light can do: help you forget the bad but remember the good. She just looks even more confused.

A.L.I.E. tells her that’s not important, but Raven is able to resist the AI’s demands. And thank god — I was a little uncomfortable with a strong character like Raven becoming one of A.L.I.E.’s drones, so I’m pleased to see that of all the people who take this pill, Raven is the one who can fight it.

Anyway, Jasper tries to get her to remember Finn; he tells Raven that Finn made the necklace that’s around her neck. As she grasps it, she realizes she can’t remember her first kiss. About this time, Jasper finds the chip-maker. He tries to hand it to her as A.L.I.E. begs her to grab it, but Raven realizes what the City of Light has done to her memories. “We can’t let her have this,” she says, and they put the chip-maker back.

Later, A.L.I.E. tells Jaha she’s never had someone resist her before. “When I communicate to someone, they listen to me,” she says. “They agree with me.” But Raven isn’t just anyone — and if she can resist, maybe others can, too. This is going to make their City of Light dreams even more difficult because free will and consent are part of the AI 1.0 core programming. Jaha says maybe they can find a way to override it. Oh, Jaha. You always have the worst ideas.

There were moments of this episode that I loved — Harper’s plan, Harper’s plan actually being carried out, Miller being a key character, Kane shock-lashing Pike — but overall I’m ready to be done with Pike. And if “Terms and Conditions” gets us there, I guess I’ll take it. But I think we all can admit no episode following last week’s emotional rollercoaster would have felt right?

Okay, I’m going to turn it over to you guys now. What did you guys think of tonight’s episode? Are you worried about the brainwashing effects of the City of Light pills? Or were you just so overjoyed by Bellamy’s return to normal that you couldn’t think about the City of Light? And do you think Bellamy IS finally on the right side? Maybe I’m reading way too much into the look in his eyes at the end? Let me know below or on Twitter @realdalener.

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