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Bellamy and Pike continue to make terrible decisions while Jaha reveals a big Sky secret

The 100

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February 26, 2016 at 05:49 PM EST

Last week’s recap started with a discussion of history, and this week’s will too because, well, history is a funny thing. Sometimes people are doomed to repeat the mistakes of others in history. Other times people take so much pride in the history of their people, they refuse to change the future. And then there are times when people are so embarrassed by their history, they bury it. All of the above is happening on The 100 in “Bitter Harvest.”

Pike continues to travel down the path of refusing to acknowledge the atrocities of Earth’s past by making the same mistakes. His story makes me the most angry, so let’s start there. Monty’s mom, Hannah, and other Farmers are taking soil and water samples outside Arkadia when a Grounder kid from the Sector 4 village wanders by. She says, “Hello there,” with a smile — and she’s Monty’s mom; she couldn’t possibly want to harm this kid, right? WRONG. When the Mean Farmer Whose Name I Refuse to Learn whispers that they can’t let him go, she gives a nod. I officially hate Hannah.

Luckily, Octavia is watching them nearby (while reporting back to Kane). SO when the Farmers go after the kid, she intercepts them. She keeps him quiet while they hide against a tree under some brush. It looks like they’re in the clear until Monty’s mom gets nearby and sap starts to drip onto O’s forehead. Turns out sap in 2150 burns on contact. Octavia is a warrior, though, and she’s able to fight through the pain and stay quiet so Hannah doesn’t discover them.

Kane has eyes on the ground thanks to Octavia, but he needs ears, too. Miller helps with that: He sneaks into the Chancellor’s quarters to plant a bug while Kane distracts Pike and Bellamy. It’s not hard to distract Pike — all you have to do is bring up one of his many terrible decisions. Kane chooses the imprisoned Grounders. “Interned,” Pike emphasizes as my blood boils. (I hate Pike so much, but Michael Beach is playing this character so well that I never know how to feel while watching these scenes.)

With the bug in place, Kane can overhear the next briefing. Pike says, thanks to the soil and water samples, they’ve found the best place to start planting: Sector 4. And instead of going to the village there and saying, “Hey, do you mind if we grow some food here? We’ll share,” Pike’s plan is to wipe them out. Bellamy has a shred of doubt, but Pike reminds him of their crusade: “Will you do what needs to be done for your people to survive or not?” Unfortunately, everyone in that room will.

So Miller meets Octavia in a cave and leaves her a horse so she can get to the village and warn them. Miller reminds her that if those villagers ignore her or choose not to flee, their own people will be walking into an ambush. But Octavia puts it another way: “What do you think happens when Lexa finds out Skaikru massacred another Grounder village?” Good point.

As Bellamy is packing up artillery for their village-clearing mission, Kane tries to stop him. But Bellamy is too hardened to listen now — and when he has mentors like Pike and Hannah encouraging him, it becomes an even more dire situation. Kane goes to discuss his problems with Abby. Kane feels the weight of all of this: He was the one who demanded an election, which caused Pike to have enough influence to carry out these atrocities. All Abby can offer him is a kiss on the cheek as hope that it will get better.

Before Team Bad Guys pack up the Jeep and leave, Miller comes to say goodbye to his boyfriend, Bryan. First, I’m glad Miller is on Team Good Guys. I wish I could say the same of Monty and Monroe. Second, does Bryan know Miller is on Team Good Guys? Third, why does Bryan have such a boring name!?

Octavia gets to the village before the Bad Farmers. Although she’s trying to warn them, the Grounders take it as a threat — until the boy from the creek steps out and says she was the one who saved him. Octavia waits while they pack up their stuff…or so she thinks. She realizes too late that they’re setting a trap using the poison sap that she was introduced to that morning. She tries to stop them, but they knock her out.

When Octavia wakes up, it’s evening and she’s tied up. The Jeep is pulling up at the same time. She’s up on a ridge with the villagers who stayed behind to deploy the trap. The Ark crew is walking into the village while she gets free to go warn them. When the villagers shoot flaming arrows at the sap-covered pyre, Octavia yells at them that the smoke is poison (smart girl). Bellamy tells them to fall back to the rover, but Monroe is too deep into the smoke. Monty goes after her, and Hannah stops her, but Bryan tells her not to go…so she doesn’t. I hated Hannah before for trying to kill a kid, but then she doesn’t even try to save HER OWN KID? Girl, bye. You need to die.

Anyway, sadly, this isn’t Hannah’s time to die: It’s Monroe’s. Monty is able to pull her out of the smoke, but it’s too late. To make matters worse, Hannah is blaming Octavia for all of this — and Octavia is still kidnapped by the Grounders.

When they get back to camp, Pike tells Bellamy that they need to find proof of Kane giving info to Octavia. Bellamy, falling farther down the rabbit hole, agrees to do it. I have visions of him pretending to flip back to Team Good Guy just to get info from Kane, and I’m not loving those visions.

NEXT: What everyone else is up to at Arkadia

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