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Both Queen Nia and Pike are playing for power this week

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February 12, 2016 at 03:10 AM EST

Queen Nia is ruthless — she blew up Mount Weather without a second thought because she thought it was what was best for her people. And it turns out this was just a small part of her “Lexa Takedown” plan.

Both Lexa’s camp and Pike’s Farm Station camp are wanting Nia to pay for her sins. You would think the Arkers, who generally have been more… shall we say civilized, would handle this in a rational way, but you would be wrong. Let’s look at the plans of attack individually:

It’s a party at Polis…

Lexa draws the ambassadors — now including Clarke from the 13th clan — together to bring punishment for the accused. Nia enters the room in chains while shooting daggers out of her eyes at Clarke. When asked what she has to say, Wanheda says Skaikru demands justice.

But Nia isn’t about to go down without a fight; she calls for a vote of no confidence, which is only one of two ways a commander can be removed. (The other is death.) Most of the other ambassadors stand and say “Commander no longer” in Trigedasleng as their vote — the only one not to is Clarke. It’s not unanimous, but the Ice Queen doesn’t recognize Skaikru anyway.

Lexa knows what Ice Queen really wants: “If you think me unfit to command, issue the challenge and let’s get on with it,” the Commander says. And you know Nia is up for the challenge! Titus tells them both to pick their champions. Nia picks her son, Roan. Lexa says she will fight for herself because she’s the best boss bitch around.

The next we see her, she’s training the Nightbloods — these are the kids who would rise up and succeed her if she were to die in the face-off. Lexa introduces Clarke to Aden, who she says is the most promising Nightblood; she wants to show Clarke that the Sky People have nothing to worry about even if she doesn’t win the challenge. Aden tells Clarke, “If I become Heda, I pledge my loyalty to the 13th clan,” and I might have gotten goosebumps. (Don’t lie: You did, too.)

When Aden leaves the room, Clarke tries to talk Lexa out of the fight. She doesn’t think Lexa stands a chance against Roan. Clarke says her concern, the reason she needs Lexa to win, is purely about her people, but we all know different.

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Meanwhile, Queen Nia is trying to convince Roan why it’s good he goes into the challenge: “What’s good for Azgeda is good for you.” It’s much more believable that Nia’s concern is purely about her people. She may be a badass queen, but she’s a garbage mother. (You can read about actress Brenda Strong’s thoughts on Queen Nia’s relationship with Roan here.)

When Nia walks away, Clarke is lurking in the shadows to talk with him next. She says she wants him to be king, to take out his own mother. He’s all “no way will I kill my mother …. but I’ll help you do it.”

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