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Can you ever truly trust a Grounder?

The 100

S3 E3
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February 05, 2016 at 11:21 PM EST

Throughout the episode, we’ve seen glimpses of a very scary-looking Grounder, who we believed to be the Polis assassin. Well, he is the assassin, but he’s not at the capitol. He’s at Mount Weather. (The call is coming from inside the house!) He’s not going to the control room, though, he’s headed straight for the president’s office. He stabs Gina repeatedly and copies a code from his arm into the president’s launch pad. He’s initiated self-destruct … in one minute.

Gina is able to get to her walkie to let Raven and Sinclair know what the Grounder has done. They chase after him and catch him just outside Mount Weather. They have just enough time to give Gina the code — but she’s already dead. Raven wants to run back in, but it’s too late. Mount Weather is no more.

Just as Kane is telling Bellamy to stand down, Raven’s voice comes over the walkie. She says the Grounders attacked Mount Weather. “It’s gone. They’re all gone. Sinclair and I are the only ones left.” As her cries come through the walkie into Polis, Lexa orders all of the Ice Nation delegation to be arrested. She tells Kane and Abby to go back to their people — that they’ll avenge the attack together. Clarke stays behind as the ambassador for Skaikru.

When they are alone, Lexa swears to Clarke that she won’t betray her again, that the Sky people are now her people, their needs are her needs. Bellamy told Clarke she could never trust Lexa again, but I’m not sure that’s true. Lexa needs the Sky People, and Wanheda, in order to defeat the Ice Nation. And I think Lexa truly cares for Clarke, and therefore Clarke’s people… she just had a funny way of showing it the first time around.

In the last moments, we see Echo running to the Azgeda scouts outside Polis with a message for the queen. Queen Nia (Brenda Strong) is there, and she’s looking fierce. Echo tells the queen, “You got your war — thanks to the last Mountain Man.” And then that slimy son of a bitch Emerson walks up next to the queen.

Looks like Clarke won’t have to wait too long to figure out how the Ice Nation knew the missile launch codes. Emerson, you better watch your back.


  • Does Titus have a fancier Grounder title than “second in command”?
  • In a way, it is Abby’s fault that all those people died in Mount Weather — I guess her and Clarke now have something very terrible in common?
  • What was the point of Raven telling us the story about how she “saved Sinclair’s ass on the Ark”?
  • We saw Lexa training with a kid named Aiden, whom Titus called a “nightblood” and Lexa said was ready for his “conclave”? What are all these things??
  • Did you see how excited Indra was to see Kane at Polis? Is that the most excited Indra has been in her whole life?
  • Why exactly was there a woman singing over the summit proceedings?
  • Do you think Sinclair’s heart-to-heart with Raven will make her finally get her leg checked out?
  • Was Shawn Mendes in Mount Weather!?
  • Has Indra finally forgiven Octavia? Can Lincoln be next?
  • Hey, Jaha, what’s good?

What did you think of “Ye Who Enter Here”? Do you think we can finally trust Lexa? Should we be worried about Bellamy and Octavia’s relationship? Were you happy to see Emerson again? (Just kidding, he’s the worst.) Tell me your thoughts below, or reach out on Twitter @realdalener.

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