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The return of multiple characters — Lexa! Nyko! — lead to unpredictable reunions

The 100

S3 E2
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January 29, 2016 at 03:10 AM EST

 “Clarke is being hunted … by everyone.”

Indra spoke those words in “Wanheda: Part One” and they continued to be true tonight with “Part Two” — even though she’s technically captured. But the hunters now include her own people: Indra, Kane, Bellamy, Monty, and two Arkers we just met.

That’s right — there are new Arkers! In case you forgot with all that war going on last season, there were parts of the Ark that had yet to be found. One of those pieces was Farm Station, for which the beacon had been spotted last week. The group that felled a tree to stop Bellamy’s Jeep attacked said Jeep tonight. But when one of the attackers says, “Monty?,” (it’s Monty’s mom!) it doesn’t take long for the reunion to begin in earnest.

The Farm Station landed in the snow in Ice Nation territory. Kids were playing in the snow when the group was first attacked; in trying to save those kids, Monty’s father was killed. There are 63 people in Farm Station now, even though three times that number landed. Living in Azgeda has clearly taken its toll on the Other Arkers (Othkers? Farmers? We need to come up with a good name for them.). Under the direction of Charles Pike, a teacher on the Ark, they’ve become an army of “Grounder killers, one and all.” So needless to say, their introduction to Indra isn’t a warm one.

But no matter, finding Clarke is more important than a turf war at the moment. Pike sends his clan to Arkadia while he and Monty’s mom go with Monty, Bellamy, Kane, and Indra to track Clarke.

They stumble upon the trading post where Clarke had been taken the night before. And poor Niylah … she went from having a wonderful night with Clarke to having a terrible morning with an abusive bounty hunter. Bellamy comes to the rescue and shoots the bounty hunter. She tells them that Clarke was there the night before and that she was probably taken by the bounty hunter’s partner.

Luckily, Pike was the Earth Skills teacher on the Ark — and apparently that coursework included tracking? — so he has no problem picking up their trail. Granted that trail shouldn’t be that hard to find because Roan is basically having to drag Clarke. At one point she passes out, or so Roan thinks when he leaves her and goes to fill his water pouch. Wanheda is a smart one, though, and she attacks her captor. It’s a pretty great scene, so I’ve included it here in full:

The blond Clarke and the Ice Nation bounty hunter have an interesting relationship that seems to go beyond captor and captee at times. The next we see them, they’re walking through a field that has Ice Nation scouts in it. He tells her to stay quiet, but of course this is Clarke, so she screams. He has to fend off the guards while she runs away, but Roan’s able to kill them all and get her back. That’s talent.

NEXT: Just who is this “Roan” guy anyway?

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