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By Dalene Rovenstine
May 13, 2016 at 04:38 AM EDT
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You know those days where everything just goes wrong? And just when you think things are starting to go your way, everything turns horrible yet again? That’s exactly where we find our 100 kids this week. After the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day they had in “Red Sky at Morning” things only get worse in “Perverse Instantiation – Part One.”

The first half of the finale picks up where we left Jasper, Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia last week. They’re waiting for the rover to charge up before heading out — although they’re arguing about where exactly it is they’re heading. Clarke wants to scour every village to find a nightblood, but Octavia and Bellamy say they need to head back to Arkadia and regroup. Clarke goes to the woods to gather herself when A.L.I.E. appears with one of her followers, who creeps up to kidnap Wanheda. But he’s taken out swiftly by Roan — the king is back!

He’s been tracking Clarke to get the flame from her. Luckily Bellamy is nearby and is able to stop him; Clarke says they need to work together to put the flame in Ontari. Bellamy worries that Roan is chipped, so he shoots him in the arm just to be sure (safety first!).

With Roan in tow, the gang arrives back at Arkadia. Raven is more than a little upset to hear Luna is a no-go, but Clarke is sure that Ontari is their way in now. All they have to do is remove the chip from the nightblood — like they did with Raven — and then activate the flame in her. Then Raven can do some techie thing to shut down A.L.I.E.

Roan isn’t so sure about this plan; he, like Luna, doesn’t believe this is his people’s fight, but Clarke tries to make him see it’s everybody’s fight. And he finally sees the truth in that when she tells him that Ontari is chipped. She explains the plan to infiltrate Polis, where there are hundreds of people who see and hear everything as one. “So when do we leave?” Roan asks. He’s ready.

With knockout gas and masks courtesy of Mount Weather, the crew loads up to go to Polis. Raven explains how she made another armband from the parts Jaha broke, and she can launch the kill code once Clarke radios in with it. “You worry about the nightblood; I’ll worry about A.L.I.E.,” Raven tells Clarke.

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The plan is for Roan to enter the city as bait and then for the 100 crew to gas the city and take Ontari. At the last minute, Roan decides to take the flame with him — Clarke says she’s not leaving the flame, so she goes as his prisoner to the center of Polis. Bellamy is watching her from afar, so nothing can go wrong, right!?

NEXT: Oh, don’t worry. Everything will go wrong.

Jasper, Monty, Harper, and A.L.I.E. stay behind at Arkadia. YES, A.L.I.E. Somehow she’s there, and she reports the plan back to Ontari and Jaha, which means that Clarke and Co. are entering a trap. And it takes everyone way too long to figure that out. As Jasper and Monty are looking for a motherboard so Raven can build some type of portal to shut down A.L.I.E. (the technology behind Pied Piper on Silicon Valley is less confusing than the tech on this show). Jasper is surprisingly in a good mood and not angry at Monty — which is a HUGE RED FLAG, but Monty just thinks his friend is back. He realizes what we suspected (Jasper is the chipped person allowing A.L.I.E. into Arkadia) too late, and Jasper stabs him with a screwdriver. Luckily Monty is able to push him away and run with the motherboard.

He gets into Raven’s computer room with just enough time to lock Jasper out. Raven realizes A.L.I.E. knows their whole plan, and she tries to radio Clarke to tell her, but the radio lines have been cut. Which means that Clarke and Co. are walking into a giant trap.

Cue trap: Roan and a tied-up Clarke enter the bloody streets of Polis, where people are kneeling in their City of Light drugged-out meditative state. When Roan reveals the second chip, everyone wakes up and walks toward him. He asks to see Ontari, but instead Jaha comes out and says he’s the only option. Oh, and he also says “Your friends in the tunnel can’t help you.” Roan realizes the jig is up and starts to run, but Kane shoots him (dead?) and says “put the king on the cross.” These evil versions of our favorite characters are not cool.

Things are about as bad at Arkadia: Harper is outside the computer room and has no idea that Jasper is Evil Jasper. Raven says they just have to keep him talking outside the door and Harper will be safe, so Monty plays along. He asks why Jasper took the pill, and his friend gives an interesting answer: It wasn’t because of the torture. It was because he didn’t want to see the peaceful Oil Rig Nation (Luna Nation? What do we call that place?) destroyed like Mount Weather. Jasper still thinks everything they touch is doomed.

And maybe he’s right because things aren’t going better at Polis for Clarke. She’s taken to the top of the tower, where her mother comes out and hugs her…then demands that she give them the passphrase. As she’s strapped onto a pole for torture, Clarke begs her mother to make them stop. “I’m not letting them do this,” Abby says. “I’m doing it.” *shivers*

Abby uses her surgery kit to then torture her own daughter. As she slices her chest, she asks Clarke what the passphrase is. With a single tear running down her face, Clarke pleads with her mother to fight A.L.I.E. as Raven did. But Abby simply says that her daughter is too stubborn for torture. Instead, she tells A.L.I.E. they need to go after her friends…starting with Bellamy.

Luckily for Bellamy, the odd trio of Murphy, Indra, and Pike find the group in the tunnel and help break them out. Octavia is shocked that Pike is there at all — let alone with Indra. O tries to tell her how he killed Lincoln, but Indra and Bellamy tell her they need the help. After all, they have to get themselves into the tower, and then they’ll have no way to fight their way out. “After this, doing the right thing can kiss my ass,” Murphy says as way of saying he’s in.

After taking out the elevator operators, Bellamy and Murphy jump in the elevator to go up. And while Pike, Bryan, and Miller stay below to crank the elevator at a glacial pace, the two guys take the time to talk. Murphy says he’s just trying to survive — the usual — but Bellamy sees through it and gives him a smirk. “You’re not the only one here trying to save someone you care about,” Murphy says. Aww, you guys. Murphy is like the Grinch…his heart has grown three sizes since season 1.

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Indra and Octavia also stayed down below. Indra sees O shooting daggers at Pike and tells her she needs to stop thinking those thoughts right now. Octavia can’t understand how Indra could work with Pike. “Because the dead can’t help us,” the wise Grounder says. Octavia looks at her and basically whispers, “He was my home,” of course meaning Lincoln. In Trigedasleng, Indra says, “Your home is in here,” as she points at O’s heart. Excuse me while I sob into my keyboard.

But the sappy sentiments will have to wait because Kane is there with a gun. He shoots both Bryan and Pike before Indra and O can stop him. But like all of A.L.I.E.’s drones, he feels no pain and is hard to stop. Finally Indra kicks him in the face to knock him out. Bellamy asked everyone to not use deadly force (something Pike immediately disobeyed) since no one is really in control, but they’re all having a hard time following that rule.

With the chaos down below, the elevator has stalled on a floor below the top, and Grounders force the doors open to get Bellamy and Murphy. Bellamy fights them off, and Murphy shock lashes their asses (™ Harper). Bryan sets off a detonator to seal the corridor leading to the elevator wheel so they can keep the drones out. They’re able to get the elevator going again, but one of the Grounders got into the elevator with Bellamy and Murphy. He tries to choke Murphy out, and Bellamy has to shoot him in the head to get him to stop.

What was that Jasper was saying about how they destroy everything? Back at Arkadia, he’s rattling off a list of everyone who has died at the hands of the 100 and how. Raven is able to get the portal up and going — yay — but then they hear Harper outside the door — nooo. Before Monty can tell her what’s going on, Evil Jasper comes up from behind and knocks Harper out. He holds a gun up to the window of the door and tells Raven and Monty to destroy the portal or Harper will die.

A.L.I.E. is really going in for the kill. Since Clarke won’t give up the passphrase with torture and her friends are too resourceful to be caught, Jaha hangs up a noose. “Don’t be afraid,” Abby says to Clarke. “It’s not for you.” And then she stands on the bucket underneath it and puts her head in it. Clarke begins crying again — she begs her mother not to do this. A.L.I.E. is convinced this will break Clarke, so she tells Abby to go for it.

Once Abby steps off the bucket, Clarke just says how sorry she is over and over. But her friends have come through after all: A.L.I.E. knows they’re on the floor and says they can’t let them get to Ontari. Jaha knocks Ontari across the head just as Murphy and Bellamy come in. While Bellamy attends to Ontari, Murphy cuts Abby down and tells Clarke she’s still breathing.

Meanwhile, now that the elevator has reached the top, the crew down below prepares to blow up the elevator wheel and climb up to the top. Kane is still knocked out, outside the blast radius. But seconds before the bomb goes off, he wakes up and starts to walk toward it. Indra, showing how much she truly values her friendship with Kane, jumps back down from the ladder and pushes him out of the way.

Back upstairs, Clarke is trying to do the procedure to get the chip out of Ontari so they can complete her ascension. But as she checks her pupils, Clarke realizes Ontari is brain dead.

So this means that Raven and Monty have a tool that could kill A.L.I.E. but can’t use it or they could kill Harper; Indra is stuck in a small space with a chipped robot who used to be her friend; Pike, Bryan, Miller, Octavia are climbing a never-ending ladder; and Murphy, Bellamy, and Clarke are stuck at the top of a tower with no way to contact anyone.

How in the world is this going to all wrap by next week? Is A.L.I.E. truly an unstoppable force and we’re going to get more of a cliffhanger finale? Leave your thoughts below, or find me on Twitter @realdalener.

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