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Arkadia turns into the set of a horror movie while Ontari's secret comes out

The 100

S3 E12
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April 22, 2016 at 09:53 PM EDT

Some day Grounder children will tell the ghost story of Emerson, the last of the Mountain Men; a group of teenagers will laugh as they try to scare one another with the story that seems too terrifying to be real.

“Demons” played with the typical horror-movie tropes (creepy music, flickering lights, thunderstorms, masked men) in a way that felt organic to the story line. Yes, it felt different from other 100 episodes, but — aside from the sad moments — it was kind of fun.

The episode’s tone started with Miller telling Harper and Bryan a ghost story in the cave: A short time after Unity Day, there was a massacre on Alpha Station. People were losing their minds that they would never be on the Ground again. (I start to panic whenever I’m in a plane that has to circle the airport before landing — I would not handle being in space forever well, either.)

A Brazilian man named Captain Fidalgo was haunted by his wife and kids, who were killed by the bombs. He was so haunted by his “demons” that he took a metal hook and murdered 11 people. He gutted them with a hook and strung them up in the mess hall. But the real “hook” of the story (sorry) is that, using his own blood, Fidalgo wrote “demons” on the ground before being cut into pieces himself.

I have no idea if this story has anything to do with future plotlines or if it’s just to set the scary-movie mood, but I tell it all to you here because I would like to pose a question: There were Brazilians on the Ark!? Why is everyone we know now so American? And more importantly: Why couldn’t Eliza and Bob keep their Australian accents if there were different nationalities on the Ark!?

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Anyway, after telling his ghost story, Miller goes outside to go to the bathroom. There’s a thump. Bryan goes to check on him, and there’s another thump. Harper vacillates between being scared and yelling at the guys for playing a joke on her. And then a scary Grounder jumps out and snatches her up as she screams bloody murder. Did I mention this was all happening during a thunderstorm? **Spooky**

The Rover gang is headed back to Arkadia, where they’re hoping to meet up with Miller, Bryan, and Harper. Problem is they can’t get them on the radio, and only we know why. And when they get to Arkadia, no one is there either. It’s a spaceship ghost town. It creeps everyone out — and the pool of Lincoln’s blood isn’t helping matters — so they decide to get in, grab Lincoln’s sketchbook, and get out.

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