Reunions, reunions, reunions! Everyone is finally meeting up on Earth—but they're not all happy reunions.
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S2 E5

With an episode title like “Human Trials,” you just knew things were going to get dark tonight. Forget about even trying to mourn Anya in this episode—instead, there’s fear-conditioning torture and village massacring to keep up with.

This episode could have borrowed from last week by titling itself “Many Happy Reunions.” There were five of them—unless you count the reunion of Murphy and his soul, which is firmly back in place now—and all were understated yet perfectly written. Just when you think this show can’t get any better, it flips its requisite CW love triangle on its head by making one of the love interests a mass murderer. (Yes, I know about TVD, but this is not a bloodthirsty vampire we’re talking about.)

Let’s get into it…

Camp Jaha

When we last saw her, a very bloody-muddy Clarke was being hauled to Camp Jaha by her own people, who thought she was a Grounder. Guards drag her into camp. She can barely hold her head up, but Major Byrne is still pounding her with questions: “How many of you are there?” However, it doesn’t take Abby long to recognize her own daughter, and she shuts down the interrogation: “She’s not a prisoner—she’s my daughter.” It’s a great credit to Paige Turco and Eliza Taylor’s performances that they can simply say “Clarke,” “Mom” and give all of us goose bumps.

Even knowing Clarke is own of their own, Major Buzzkill is still all about the questions. (I would say something about Byrne getting the long end of a Grounder spear, but I said the same thing last season with Murphy and look where we are now…) It’s frustrating that Byrne won’t let them have their mother-daughter moment, because this is truly epic. Clarke has been thinking since episode 9 of last season that her mother exploded on her way to Earth. Now, not only is Clarke grasping that her mother is alive—she’s also found out Bellamy and Finn are okay, too.

To celebrate, Clarke takes a 10-hour nap—likely the most she’s slept since her cell in the Sky Box. But of course she wakes up and berates herself for sleeping so long. She wants to get out and do what she does best: Save her people. But as she’s displaying Clarke 2.0 to her mother, Byrne Notice comes in to tell Abby about movement in the woods. It’s not Grounders… it’s BELLAMY. And here’s the moment everyone has been waiting for.

That hug, tho. Oh boy. Clarke runs at him, and it takes Bellamy a second to register what’s happening: that Clarke is alive and she’s already at Camp Jaha. Octavia gets the follow-up hug. (And let’s not forget the Raven/Clarke reunion. If you’re counting reunions, we’re up to three.)

Season 1 showed these kids making some epically stupid decisions in the beginning. But they learned, grew, and matured quickly. The “kids” that the Ark dropped down to Earth are now the experts on the ground. But for the past four episodes, the adults have denied and ignored this. As chancellor, Abby should know better, because that wisdom and maturity is so apparent in her now-grown-up daughter. Yet here she is, having a council meeting with Sinclair, Byrne, and other random adult survivors to decide everyone’s future. Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, and Octavia—you know, the people actually providing them the information they need—are not included. The decision is made to send a team after Kane, but not Finn and Murphy. #Adults: They never understand.

But just like life, Clarke finds a way. Raven gets Wick (sadly not seen) to shut down the fence, and Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia are able to escape to find their friends. (And I must have Jurassic Park on the brain, because I was half-expecting this to happen.)

When Abby finds out, she is rightly furious. She just got her daughter back, and Clarke’s already gone again. Abby knows that Raven was involved, and she takes out her frustration via a SLAP TO THE FACE. Raven and Abby have developed their own surrogate mother/daughter relationship, so that slap cut deep—for both of them. Abby just can’t stand to lose Clarke again, and she hasn’t yet come to terms with the fact her daughter isn’t who she knew on the Ark.

Abby: “She thinks that because of what she’s been through, she’s changed, but she’s still just a kid.”

Raven: “You’re wrong, Abby. She stopped being a kid the day you sent her down here to die.”

And this has been Truth Talks with Raven.

NEXT: Reunion #4 and an ill-timed Reunion #5Mount Weather

President Wallace summons Jasper, who has been going to medical three to four times a day in an effort to see Clarke. Wallace tells him the truth-ish: Clarke ran away. Jasper and Monty are fighting over whether they should go look for her when Maya comes to join them in the dorms. But just as quick as you can say, “Jasper, you are brave,” Maya starts to turn red. And before you can say, “This is a trap,” that redness turns into blisters. Turns out there was a containment breach that only affected the dorms.

A now-mostly-burned Maya lays in a hospital bed while Dr. Tsing, Jasper, and Monty watch over her. Dr. Evil says there’s one crazy thing they could try: using Jasper’s blood. No, no, no, no, no everyone is saying at home along with Monty, but Jasper has to prove his courage by saving the girl he just met loves. But it works! Maya wakes up burn-free, and Jasper pukes everywhere.

Mount Weather Adjacent

Lincoln is not having a great day. Apparently, being in the Cerberus Program means being strapped to a table, injected in the neck with a highly addictive drug, then being torture-trained to hate the sound of the tone we heard back during the Clark and Anya escape, then being forced to fight another Cerberus enrollee for said drug. This program is being executed by Dr. Evil #2, a.k.a. Cage Wallace, a.k.a. the president’s son, who is head of security. (By the way, I happened upon this Tumblr while searching for info about Cage, and it is highly entertaining and somewhat informative.)

We’ve heard the Undergrounders call the Grounders “savages,” but clearly they think of them as nothing more than animals to be tested, trained, and killed if necessary. Dr. Evil #2 even says “this was a thoroughbred” about Lincoln. (Remember how I talked about things getting dark? Yeah, this is one of those things.) It seems that the Undergrounders care about their own people above all else—no other form of human life matters to them, including The 47.

Drs. Evil #1 and #2 meet in a secret hideout with President Wallace to discuss Tsing’s improvisation of using Jasper without pre-approval. She apologizes, but her assessment is they should “move ahead with The 47.”

The Woods of Virginia/DC/Who Knows

Kane carried the little bonsai tree from the Ark to the ground, and now he’s planting it in its new and final home. Although it’s funny to joke about Kane having feels with the tree, we have to remember that the tree was sacred to his mother. In that moment, he’s most definitely thinking how she should be the one doing these honors.

But he can’t grieve for too long—he has a Grounder prisoner to take care of. When they get to where the Grounder (Rivo, according to IMDb) is leading them, Kane and his men see signs that say “no weapons.” So Kane lays down his weapons and sends his men away; he’s all about brokering peace, but in case it doesn’t go well, he doesn’t want to risk anyone else’s life.

And peace might be on his mind, but it’s definitely not on Rivo’s. He puts a boot to Kane’s face and then dumps him in an underground subway station. In the corner lurks something… a Grounder? A Reaper? It’s Jaha! I literally scream “Shut up!” at my television. The writers of this show are wasting no time, and we already have reunion #4.

Out on the lam, Bellamy tries to explain to Clarke that Finn isn’t the way she remembered. (And by remembered, he means from, like, a week ago? In addition to the flowchart and map I requested last week, I would like to add a timeline to the list.) Of course she doesn’t want to believe it: Finn was the peacemaker, remember?

You might have a hard time recalling that—because in short succession this episode, Finn has staked out a village filled basically with just women, children, and old people; decided to infiltrate it anyway; set fire to the food of said village; taken the village hostage by trapping them all in a pen and holding them at gunpoint; knocked a woman to the ground and put his heel to her neck; and oh, yeah, massacred most of the village.

To make matters worse, MURPHY is the one trying to pull Finn back from the brink. But Finn is a man on a mission—he’s blinded by his love for a woman he thinks is in harm’s way, and he’s set himself on a path that could alienate him from her forever.

Cue Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia running up to the now-mostly-dead village and Finn, with the smoking gun still in hand. (Reunion #5!) Clarke is staggering around the path of bodies while Finn rushes up to get his hug. She just shakes her head no.

Questions and Statements

Poor Anya. She died twice in one week: last Wednesday on The 100, then last night on Agents of SHIELD.

Which was your favorite reunion?

Raven sat outside Clarke’s tent all night while she slept. These two have become so much more than romantic rivals, and it’s only for the better.

Will there be side effects for Maya having Jasper’s blood in her?

“Not so fast, Pocahontas.” —Raven to Octavia

We now know the Undergrounders are most definitely creating the Reapers (which I always want to call Reavers), but can they return them to beautiful Lincoln form? Please say yes.

Did Dr. Tsing cause the containment breach that nearly killed Maya? Is Maya in on all this?

A question from Bellamy Blake: “How long until chocolate cake turns into being hung upside down and drained for their blood?”

Who should be more worried: Flarke shippers or Linctavia shippers?

Can someone tell me the name of the actor who plays Cage Wallace? It’s driving me crazy that I can’t place him. I’ll give any commenter an up-vote for the correct answer.

Okay, your turn: What are your theories and thoughts? We can talk here or over on Twitter.

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