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Clarke and Anya's wild adventure does not have a happy ending.

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S2 E4
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November 13, 2014 at 03:02 AM EST

After last week’s “Reapercussions,” many of us predicted a Clarke and Anya friendship in the works. It made sense: They are both strong women, leaders of their respective groups, and they have a common enemy in the Undergrounders. Clanya seemed like a very real possibility. And then “Many Happy Returns” happened. Unless Abby knows how to heal a GSW to the chest, I think this friendship is over before it even really began. We should feel cheated, but The 100 writers know how to write a death with just the right amount of emotion. And Anya was just another casualty in this ever-expanding war on Earth—Clarke should know that better than anyone.

But let’s take a step back…

Clarke & Anya

At the start of the episode, we see these two crazy kids walking—apparently for hours—together. Clarke is the prisoner, but they both are being hunted. The Mountain Men (it doesn’t feel right calling them Undergrounders when they’re above ground) are hot on their trail. Singing the same tune as last week, Clarke insists they should work together, but Anya sees Clarke as weak and instead just keeps dragging her along.

They take a break to cover themselves in mud because Anya says that they “reek” and the Mountain Men can track them that way. (Which draws the question: Why can the Mountain Men smell them? Does their Grounder blood dialysis situation give them canine senses?) Anyway, when that cloaking method doesn’t work, Anya decides that it’s Clarke’s footsteps that are keeping the Men on their trail. So she grabs an even bigger rock to finish off the gash she started last week. Luckily, Clarke has a stroke of genius: One of them must have a tracking device embedded in them.

Anya finds a bump in her arm, and before Clarke can say “I just need something sharp and sterile,” Anya takes a page from Mama Pope’s book and rips it out WITH HER TEETH. (And I hope that’s the last time we see that on our TV screens.)

Just when you think they might be on their way to being besties, Clarke takes the sleeper dart she’s been hiding—sneaky, sneaky—and jabs it in Anya’s neck. It’s the ol’ prisoner switcheroo. Somehow while Anya is passed out, Clarke has the time to make a gurney, which she uses to drag Anya to the drop ship. Clarke can see the beginnings of her mother’s message, but the rest is wiped clean.

If there’s anything Clarke has learned on her short time on Earth, it’s that she can never take a moment to herself. The one time she did (well she wasn’t by herself, but she was taking a “moment” if you know what I mean), Raven landed on  Earth and Bellamy destroyed her radio. And here, when she starts to cry and realize she’s all alone, her new would-be BFF attacks her. It’s a pretty intense fight—straight out of a Buffy episode but with more blood and mud. When Clarke finally gets the upper hand, she loses herself; she’s about to stab Anya and end it—luckily a weather balloon saves her. And that’s the moment she knows for sure that President Wallace lied and her people are alive.

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