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October 30, 2014 at 02:03 AM EDT

It’s a sad truth in television that shows often have only one strong female character. The 100 might have started out that way with just Clarke, but boy has that changed. While she’s ripping open her stitches (excuse me while I simultaneously vomit and faint), Raven is undergoing spinal surgery AWAKE, Octavia is bringing a grown man to his knees—literally—and Abby is starting a revolution.

Who runs this post-apocalyptic Earth? Women.

Let’s see what they—and their male friends—were up to this week, shall we?

“Inclement Weather” opens in a very Lost-like setting. Extras we’ll likely never see again wander around the wreckage of their airplane spaceship. Heck, Desmond is even there! But the 70s-music-loving, Scottish, button-pushing Henry Ian Cusick is not in this show—in his place we get angry, power-hungry Kane. He interrogates the beautiful Bellamy for fun and yells at a Katee Sackhoff lookalike for giving weapons to non-guards. “Any use of firearms will be punishable as a felony under the Exodus Charter,” he bellows to Camp Jaha. And that’s the moment when his redemption arc from season 1 went out the window, and I remembered how much I hated him. The rules have changed; they can’t govern and live as they did in space, and he needs to learn that lesson quickly. The kids could tell him all about it if he would actually listen.

ASIDE: How about that new intro? This is what the show needs: A title sequence that fits with the quality of the show and feels decidedly grown-up sci-fi.

On the other side of camp, Abby is having real talk with Raven: The bullet is pressing on her spine—if they leave it in, she won’t walk; if they do surgery, she might not live. Oh, and they don’t have anesthetic. But Raven is a badass (and knows she wouldn’t survive against the Grounders long in a jerry-rigged wheelchair), so she tells Abby to do the surgery. Lindsey Morgan deserves an Emmy nomination after that tear-jerking scene—never has so much been said with wide eyes, lips trembling with fear, and a few shed tears. And those screams. (Shudder.)

And then someone else starts screaming. Kane, Starbuck 2.0, and the other men from the guard run into the forest to see who’s out there. They find three of their men crucified, one barely alive, who is most likely asking why they came down to Earth at all.

But you know who is happy to be on Earth? The 47 (-1 for Clarke). They’re just chilling in their underground bunker, having pillow fights, listening to cool music (see last page), and flirting about breakfast dates. And Miller is back!

Life is never quiet for these kids, though, and an alarm sounds. Maya informs Clarke—and the audience—that it means surface patrol is back and needs medical attention. Naturally Clarke takes off running into places she isn’t supposed to be and sees a dead man with a bullet wound and another man very badly burned.

She later confronts Wallace about this. She’s insistent that the bullet wound must mean her people are alive considering the Grounders don’t use guns. But the Undergrounder President and Doctor Lady show her the wounds—and it does look like an arrow wound (I guess? I’m not a medical examiner, but Clarke seems convinced). She wants to interrogate talk to the man who was burned, but she’s told only patients are allowed in medical.

Back at Camp Jaha, Abby finishes Raven’s surgery and goes to talk to Kane. He has a moment of truth when he says, “That’s one thing these kids have, it’s courage.” And then when Abby realizes he never sent a search party and refuses to do so until their camp is “safe,” he becomes terrible again: “I’ve made my decision.”

Sidenote: Didn’t The Council have multiple members, so the Chancellor wasn’t allowed to make decisions alone? They need to get some new council members ASAP.

In more bad news, Raven’s surgery didn’t go so well. Her left leg has significant damage, no feeling below the knee. But in a truly selfless act, she sends Finn out to find their friends. (Finally he gets to do something!) He takes Sterling and Monroe in to break out Bellamy, who then brings along Murphy, who knows the Grounder camp the best… as he was tortured there for three days. They make it to the woods, where they are caught—by Abby and Miller’s father. She loads them up with weapons and says, “Bring them home.” (I might or might not have gotten chills in that moment.) And just like that, “Chancellor” Kane has a rebellion on his hands.

NEXT: Oh, baby, baby, how was I supposed to know (you weren’t real)?

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After a nuclear apocalypse, a group of people who have been living in space return to Earth—and quickly learn they’re not alone.
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