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“It can’t be over.” Those were the words that both Clarke and I uttered at the end of “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One.” Although we all knew that the finale would be split over two weeks, I can’t be the only one reeling from those punch-in-the-gut twists. I honestly cannot predict what will happen next week now. But all we can do is wait and see… so let’s talk about this week’s episode while we catch our breath.

The action picks up immediately where we left it in “Bodyguard of Lies”: The Grounders/Sky People army is waiting outside Mount Weather and Bellamy is crawling around the vents inside. (Aside: I have no idea why, but the opening scene reminded me of Eugene Victor Tooms on The X-Files.) Bellamy finds his way to the Harvest Chamber, where he frees Echo and tells her the plan—which is… the army is going for the main door and everyone inside will gather in the Harvest Chamber. He tells her to free the rest of the prisoners while he goes to bring back The 44.

Cage adds a bit of a wrinkle to that plan when he goes wide with an announcement that The 44 are criminals and killing the Undergrounders’ dreams of ever seeing the ground. He conveniently leaves out the part where they are killing The 44 to get to the ground, but that’s a small detail in the Cage Plan of World Domination. The Mountain Men start going room to room to find The 44, and we witness the first apartment search, where Maya and Jasper happen to be hiding. The guards threaten to shoot the apartment owners if they don’t tell them where the “fugitives” are, so Jasper comes out of hiding—and then the guards shoot the couple anyway. And they call Grounders savages.

On the outside, Clarke and Lexa are going over the battle plan with Grounder field commanders and Sky guards. They are emphatic that it is a rescue mission—the soldiers are to kill only other soldiers and leadership if need be, but there are children and innocent bystanders down there as well. They further explain the battle plan: Raven and Wick will blow the turbines at the dam, therefore taking out the power. In the ONE MINUTE before the backup generator kicks in, Clarke will blow the door. While the army fights the Mountain Men at the door, Octavia, Indra, and Jackson’s team will usher all the prisoners to safety. They’ll be home safe before Mount Weather even notices they’re gone. Simple, right?

With the plan in place, the Grounders and Sky People together begin chanting, “Jus drein jus daun!” (blood must have blood). It was such a beautiful moment of unity that I got choked up a bit—and I should have known then it couldn’t last.

Also having a beautiful moment: Octavia and Indra. Once their team neutralizes the Reapers in the tunnels, they head for the Harvest Chamber door. When Octavia finds it, Indra calls her “Octavia… of the Tree People.” She’s definitely gone full Grounder now, and it’s so touching to see Indra show an emotion beyond anger for once.

Back in Mount Weather, Maya’s dad, Vincent, helps Miller, Fox, Maya, and Jasper escape with a little help from Bellamy in a vent (Tooms—I’m telling you.). Miller and Fox go with Vincent to the Harvest Chamber, while Jasper and Bellamy go to find the other lost Sky Kids. Maya decides at the last minute to go with them. She has a tearful last goodbye, which signaled one of them wouldn’t make it out of this alive. But this is war, and they both knew the costs when they picked their side.

Monroe (hey girl, where ya been?) drills a hole in the front door, so they can place Raven’s bomb. It’s kind of hilarious that even with adults around, the kids still are doing the heavy lifting. I’m sure someone over 21 knows how to use a drill, but at the same time, it does show how much training the kids received on the Ark—they were never really kids on the Ark and they’re definitely not kids on the Ground.

With the bomb in the door ready, they just have to wait for Raven and Wick to place the bombs in the dam. Cue problems. They had successfully taken out the guards in the dam, but a radio starts going off asking for “402” to report. Suddenly a Hazmat-besuited man appears out of nowhere and tries to go for the radio. Wick goes to stop him, kills him, and breaks the last bomb in the process.

Unaware of the problems both in Mount Weather and in the damn, Clarke and Lexa are just waiting for the all-clear while talking about their feelings while not really talking about their feelings. “What will you do when it’s over?” Lexa asks Clarke. Clarke has no idea: “I can’t think past today.” Lexa offers for Clarke to come to the capital with her; she says it would change the way she thinks about Grounders. “You already have,” Clarke says.

Also talking the state of their relationship: the two engineer geniuses who put their heads together and came up with something called “redundancy.” I am not an engineer, so I won’t try to give you the details (because I’m not sure I fully understand them). What I do know: They blow up four turbines, Mountain Men come and point guns at them, everyone is too close to where something is about to blow up, and the last one blows up.

NEXT: All hell breaks loose

Now that the power is out, Clarke can push the button to blow up the door, but nothing happens. Mount Weather is jamming the signal. Clarke wants to just go up and blow it by hand, but then Mountain Men start peppering them with bullets from the ridge above the door. Lexa says they have to flank the shooters, so she takes soldiers with her up to the ridge, while Clarke stays on door duty.

This is about the point where I had to remind myself to breathe. It was one of the most stressful moments in this show’s history—no, television. Miller Senior decides to go to the door himself, and Grounders surround him with shields, but the snipers on the ridge take all of them out. They think they are out of options, but Lincoln takes a page from Octavia’s book and uses fire: He shoots a flaming arrow at the door, and it sets off the bomb.

Back inside, Maya is canvassing Mount Weather with Bellamy and Jasper when Cage gives an announcement that in 30 minutes, only the fifth floor will have the backup power—which means Maya is SOL. Jasper promises to keep her safe, but unless they find a Hazmat suit and lots of extra oxygen or a way to transmit bone marrow super quickly, I don’t see many options here. But there isn’t too much time to think about it because they find a woman dead on the floor right then. She was holding the last group of 12, which are now certainly on Floor 5. As they are about to try to take on Floor 5, just the three of them, Monty comes out of hiding. He says he heard the guards say they knew about the Grounders, so he hid and didn’t do anything to help the others. (I’m sure this decision will haunt him, but I’m personally grateful we didn’t lose him.) So the four of them decide to take their chances at the Harvest Chamber, where everyone is, rather than the fifth floor, where only 11 people are.

On the outside, Lincoln and the Grounders pull open the door. And just as Clarke yells “attack,” Lexa yells “hold.” She’s come back—with Emerson in tow—to break all of our hearts. Turns out when Cage was getting wisdom from his father (and Dante was telling his son, “You’ve killed us”), Dante said he should go after an alliance with the Grounders because they would easily betray the Sky People. And Lexa did. She made a deal with Emerson to retreat from battle as long as her people were released. She said she did it to “save my people”—which she has always said—but with last week’s kiss, her motivations seem questionable. Was it truly to save her people? Or was it because she felt herself becoming too emotionally attached, and this was a way to prove she wasn’t?

Everything falls to pieces quickly after. Lincoln doesn’t want to leave, but the other Grounders pull him away. The retreat horn sounds, and Indra starts to leave the tunnels as well. Octavia refuses to leave her brother, so she gets nicked in the neck and disowned by Indra. Maya, Jasper, and Bellamy get to the Harvest Chamber to find Vincent dead and all the cages empty. Wick and Raven wake up and get captured. And Clarke just stares off into space.

You guys, so much just happened. After that giant recap, I still haven’t even covered it all. Here are some other things that happened:

  • Cage threw paper at Emerson, and it was hilarious.
  • Lincoln and Chief Miller shared a really nice moment—which was a strange character pairing, but really great.
  • Wick was upset about having killed someone, and Raven just said “Welcome to the Ground.”
  • Dante was staging a hunger strike and his son tried to guilt him into “helping his people” with artwork (The Starry Night, to be exact).
  • Indra got really choked up after seeing one of the Reapers. I expect this to come up again.
  • Jackson and the other Sky People left Octavia in the tunnels… not sure why?
  • “I have no home.” —Octavia

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I was thoroughly surprised by this episode. I expected a giant battle to be drawn out for two weeks, but instead, Clarke and Crew just had their legs taken out from under them. As much as I hate what happened, I kind of love that we’re back to where we started this season, pre-alliance: Just a scrappy group of kids trying to get their friends out of Mount Weather. Will they succeed? And more importantly: Will they all survive!? I need to go take a Xanax. See y’all back her next week.

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