There's nothing quite like a missile to bring everybody together.

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S2 E13

“We do this together. We survive together.”

It’s the new “Live together, die alone.” Tonight’s episode of The 100 was all about alliances. Alliances are how you win a war. Cage knows that—which is why he tried everything in his power to separate the Sky People and Grounders’ recent union. But using a missile to break and kill them only brought them closer together. And worse yet, his actions against the Sky Teens have caused for an alliance to form within his own house. I’d say President Cage Wallace is having a rough first week of presidency. (President Dante Wallace, on the other hand, won EW‘s Presidents Day election.)

“Resurrection” picks up exactly where “Rubicon” ends: The missile has hit Tondc and everyone is surveying the wreckage. Clarke is in a haze—which Lexa has to snap her out of. One woman is, obviously, full of remorse while one says, “Victory stands on the back of sacrifice.” (You can guess which one is which.) But Clarke doesn’t want to hear about sacrifice—she wants revenge. So the two of them set off to find the sniper, who is currently busy firing at everyone left alive in Tondc.

Nyko and Abby, the healer and the doctor, are having a hard time saving people when they’re also trying to stay out of the line of sight. Indra is bleeding out, but refuses Lincoln The Reaper‘s help; however, he risks his life to get her to Nyko and he takes off after the shooter as well. Indra is about to pass out from blood loss when she tells her Second, Octavia, that she must make the Grounders listen to her. This is not an easy task. At first they sarcastically insult the “Sky Girl,” but when she has the genius to create a smoke cover, they start listening to her as a peer and leader—with those braids, who wouldn’t listen to her?

There is rubble everywhere; people are trapped beneath it. Everyone says there’s nothing they can do with the sniper still firing away, but Abby just dives right in anyway. Down below, she finds Kane trapped under a beam, which is keeping the bleeding at bay. Just when Abby is about to give away her daughter’s secret, the rubble shifts and caves in on them both.

While her mother is being possibly crushed to death, Clarke is traipsing through the woods on a lookout for the sniper. Lexa is, naturally, rambling on with her Zen warrior wisdom, but Clarke shuts her up: “Do me a favor—no more lessons.” It seems the mentor/mentee relationship has run its course. The two meet up with Lincoln on their sniper-finding mission. Upon finding him, Lincoln is about to take him down, but he’s thwarted by his weakness: the tone generator. So instead, the sniper gets his knife around Lincoln’s throat while Clarke trains her gun on the sniper. Lincoln tells her to let the Mountain Man kill him and then she can shoot him. “My people need you,” he says. “You are my people,” she says as she shoots the sniper guy THROUGH LINCOLN’S ARM. I’m going to overlook the fact that there’s no way she could be that good of a shot with the very little training she has had BECAUSE THAT WAS AWESOME.

Not quite as awesome, though: the fact that Clarke can kill someone and not even blink now. And that’s exactly what Abby is worried about. As her and Kane lay entombed waiting for Octavia and her crew of Seconds to dig them out, Abby throws out this bomb: “It is my fault—she’s my daughter.” When Kane grasps what this actually means, he tells Abby he understands why Clarke did it, “because she grew up on The Ark. She learned what to do from us.” It’s a conversation that’s as sad for us to watch as it is enlightening for them to untangle. Abby and Kane recount all their past sins and realize that they too have to answer for what Clarke has done. “After everything we’ve done, do we even deserve to survive?” Abby asks.

About here I had a panic that they might actually be killing off more major characters. But with the sniper taken out, the Grounders are able to dig them both out. Even better: Sinclair, Jackson, and other nameless Sky People have come to help with medical supplies and rock-moving reinforcement.

Clarke and Lexa return this time as well, and Lexa has a message for her warriors: “What happened here will not stand. The mountain will fall. The dead will be avenged.” But Abby has had enough of Lexa’s “blood for blood” speeches. She yells “enough!” and asks people to help with saving the people who are still buried. And miraculously, they all listen.

Indra—who is not dead as I had thought—is even in on this team action: “With our two people working together, we’re going to win this war.” (Yeah, Indra, that’s only what Clarke has been saying for about 10 episodes now.)

Abby asks Clarke to help with the medical team, but Clarke has bigger plans: She’s heading to Mount Weather. Since the sniper didn’t have a hazmat suit, they know that the bone marrow treatments must be working and it won’t be long before all the Sky Teens are dead. With Abby’s realization in the rubble, she doesn’t try to stop her daughter, but she does send her off with advice. “I need you to do something for me—don’t forget that we’re the good guys.”

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After Bellamy exposed Level 5 to outside air, The 45 have been able to take the entire level, which apparently includes the dining hall and kitchen. They’re arming themselves with knives, taking out the security cams, and using bunk beds and wooden chairs as a barricade.

It doesn’t take long for Lieutenant Emerson and his guards—many of whom have had bone marrow treatment and don’t need hazmat suits—to bust in, throw in smoke bombs, and rip down the wicker-chair barricade. The kids are all passed out on the floor… except there is no smoke. Surprise! Jasper is a genius and had strategically placed buckets of water to ensconce the smoke bombs. The kids attack—and they’re not f–king around. The beautiful art on the walls is juxtaposed against kids stabbing and killing the guards. Lest you forget, you are not watching AMC or HBO, this is THE CW.

It’s quite the scene to watch—and Emerson agrees. He tells his guards to retreat. Which is great, except for they took Fox. Jasper sees a Mountain Man dying, struggling to get away and he raises his ax and strikes him in the back. It’s completely unsettling.

Fox is taken straight to the bone marrow harvest room, where she tries to run. A guard holds a gun up to her, but then shoots the other two guards. It’s Bellamy! Fox gets to hug him in gratitude—lucky girl. Maya is also there and says they have to hide. She takes them to her own home, but her dad is there. Here we get a little bit of her back story: Her parents were part of a movement that was against using outsider blood. When Maya was 5 years old, her mom refused treatment and died. Maya urges her dad to live up to her legacy, so he agrees to let them crash there.

With Fox stashed safely, Bellamy and Maya take off for the armory. She tells him that he can get into Level 5 through the trash chute—you know, it’s like the body chute that they have, except for trash. Then Bellamy throws at her the season’s cheesiest line yet: “You’re a natural-born revolutionary.” LOL.

As he heads off for the armory, Maya gets snagged by Cage. They put her in a suit with only 20 minutes of oxygen and dump her on the fifth floor. Because Jasper loooooves Maya, they expect him to surrender to save her. But they completely underestimate these kids. Just as Maya is about out of oxygen, Bellamy shows up at the chute to get her back to oxygen-she-can-breathe air.

Jasper follows them down the chute, and Bellamy and Jasper embrace in a hug. It’s sweet—but then you remember just how long these kids have been in Mount Weather. As Bellamy tells Jasper that Clarke is on the way with Grounder troops, Jasper laughs and says, “Don’t tell me Finn finally got his peace talks.” This episode was so subtly emotional in the best ways. Whether it was Abby and Kane talking about their past transgressions, Maya sharing her mother’s story, or Indra passing on the torch to Octavia, the show’s writers found the best ways to pull on the heartstrings without spending too much time on any one moment. It definitely wasn’t a sobfest à la “Spacewalker,” but “Resurrection” had so many elements that just made you stop and think.

Anyway, now that Maya’s oxygen is up, Cage and Emerson assume they let her die and they go into the dining room to try to capture the kids again. Except there are no kids. They all followed Bellamy down the trash chute. (These kids’ cleverness this week is more than making up for their lame attempts at fighting back last week.)

The entire gang is on another level, and Bellamy is telling they need to split up. Monty gives his aforementioned “We do this together. We survive together.” speech—and it’s amazing. (Henry Ian Cusick must be beaming with Lost pride while stuck under rubble.) But here’s the catch: They can do this together with a little help. Maya’s father—revitalized by the revolution thanks to his daughter being used as bait—has gathered a team of people who don’t agree with Cage’s plans. They help hide the group of kids, and Bellamy sends them off with the imperative to “Stay alive and be ready … War is coming.”

And with any luck for us viewers, we’ll get to see it before this season’s end with just enough time to see the City of Lights as well. (Remember that?) What other things are you hoping to see in the finale three episodes? Cage’s death? An explanation for that mutated creature in this season’s premiere? Wick? Definitely Wick. Wick, or we riot.

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