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S2 E12
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March 13, 2015 at 06:11 PM EDT

Season 2 of The 100 has been all about war—but just talks about war. Sure, there have been deaths, but that’s just been about people protecting their borders and lands… and in one case a guy being crazy love struck. But even with all the death, it’s still just been talk—a lot of talk. Until tonight. With one push of a button from Cage Wallace, we finally have our first real act of war.

But, of course, The 100 isn’t about the catastrophes, it’s about the characters. So just as the character of Cage grows darker for pushing the button, so too does Clarke as she runs away from it. With only four episodes left this season, it seems like everyone is spiraling deeper and deeper into the darkness (aside from Murphy who is off inexplicably finding redemption), and it’s almost hard to watch. “Rubicon” wasn’t necessarily a fun episode in the bonkers way we like from this show, but it also wasn’t a sad episode such as “Spacewalker.” Instead, tonight’s episode just gave us a lot to think about…

It begins with Emerson running—being tracked by very awesome point-of-view shots, by the way—as his oxygen gauge drops low, mostly thanks to Clarke. He gets to a hill (that looks an awful lot like the hill where Dr. Tsing and Cage left Keenan Mykulak to die); he’s gasping for breath as a bare hand reaches down to help. It’s our favorite suit-and-combat-boot-bedecked president! Cage is now fully Ground ready thanks to bone marrow treatment. “The Ground is ours,” he says while surveying what he believes is his kingdom. (And oddly this reminded me of what it must have been like for the first European settlers in America, but that’s a whole other recap…)

It’s a one-and-done treatment for the Undergrounders to develop the radiation tolerance needed to go surface level. Unfortunately, it’s also a one-and-done treatment for The 47, who are being killed off for their marrow. We see them huddled in the dormitory as they discuss how Jasper saw Bellamy. But they don’t have time to chat about it because Dr. Tsing and her goons are coming back for more “donors.”

The kids pitifully try to say no; Jasper even mentions how President Wallace had said they could go. “That President Wallace is no longer in command,” Tsing counters, before adding: “I’m sorry it has to be like this. I hope you know, you’re incredibly special to us.” And a blond boy is ripped from the crowd—which immediately caused me to wonder what I’m supposed to call The 47 now?

The next time the goon squad comes, The 46 (?) link arms because apparently they think this is a game of Red Rover. Of course the guards rip them apart instantly. One has Jasper pinned against the wall, except—surprise!—it’s Bellamy. He’s so beautiful that he can wander the halls of Mount Weather and no one questions it apparently. He arms Jasper with a gun and tells him to fight back harder next time. This round a blond girl is lost to the Undergrounders.

The third time Tsing and her men come for The 45, the kids have armed themselves with bunk bed rods and a single gun. Jasper aims straight for the Kevlar vest, so it becomes useless. He is taken, and just when all hope seems lost the guards and Dr. Tsing start developing rapid radiation burns. There’s a containment breach on the floor, so while all the kids run to take control of the level, the guards and Tsing burn alive.

The good doctor tries to get to the elevator, but Jasper blocks the doors from closing. And as Jasper and his crew watch her scream and die, he says, “I hope you know that you’re incredibly special to us.” These kids are ice cold.

NEXT: Just say no, Clarke.

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