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Everyone is preparing—in very odd pairings—for battle with Mount Weather.

The 100

S2 E10
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March 13, 2015 at 06:13 PM EDT

Fun fact: The working title for this episode was “The Odd Couples.” (I have no idea if this is true.)

Last week the Grounders and Sky People decided to team up and go after Mount Weather; this episode was all about preparing to do that. And in that preparation we got so many unusual pairings. In ascending order of weirdness, we had the dynamic duos of: Lexa and Clarke, Lincoln and Bellamy, Kane and Octavia (then Indra and Octavia, then back to Kane and Octavia), and Jaha and Murphy. Let’s start with our fearless leaders and work our way to the more unusual.

Lexa and Clarke

Remember when Clarke went on a lady adventure with Anya? We all were so excited to see them finally work together—and then Anya was shot and killed. Rude Sky People. Well, we are kind of getting the friendship we wanted to see. As it turns out, in Grounder lore, they believe that when the Commander dies, he/she is reincarnated. (I think Anya was actually Lexa’s mentor, not her former Commander, but just go with me.)

So these new gal pals start off their day like any normal teens would: planning a war. Down in the multipurpose prison/banquet hall/war room, the two meet with the leaders of their peoples—except not Abby because there were too many actors to pay this episode, and not Kane because he’s back at camp, so basically it’s just Major Byrne and some guy named Quint, who we’ve never heard of until this episode. The Grounders think they should just open the hatch, so to speak, and let the Undergrounders die. But Clarke points out that they have a complex system in place for breaches.

Other ideas are tossed around, but Clarke shoots them all down. Quint is tired of it, and he gets up in her face—but really he’s just angry that she burned his brother alive back in season 1. (Come on, Quint, that is SO … two weeks ago? I’m a little fuzzy on the timeline at this point.) Clarke keeps insisting that they just need to wait for Bellamy when Lexa tells her that isn’t a “plan,” it’s a “prayer.”

The girl just killed one of her love interests; realizing that she sent her other one to certain death is hard on her. So she goes for a walk in the woods. But Quint suddenly gets very agressive and starts hunting her like prey. As she runs from him, Byrne—who had followed her out—comes over a hill without an arm. If you read these recaps, you’ll know she’s not my favorite person, but I didn’t want her to go out like that! And WHAT ripped off her arm?

Clarke thinks it’s Quint, who now has the upper hand on her—until Lexa throws a knife into that hand. She tells Clarke “the kill is yours” before they hear … a dinosaur? The way the trees rumble I would say it’s more likely a polar bear or a smoke monster. Taking no chances on either three, Lexa injures Quint and leaves him for bait while she, Clarke, and another nameless Grounder run. Clarke leads them to the things feeding ground. Except it’s not a thing—it’s King Kong. LOL.

As much as I love this show, I really had to suspend belief here. Clearly these are the remains of a zoo—so I guess the gorilla is the ancestor of the original zoo gorillas from 100 years ago and they were mutated from radiation to give us this monster. Okay, sure.

Anyway, nameless Grounder dies. Lexa hurts her arm, and asks Clarke to leave her behind. Clarke refuses; instead she saves her and locks them into an animal cage (and fanfic explodes across the internet). Lexa jumps back into her speech about weakness: She says Clarke is weak because she saved her and wouldn’t kill Quint. But Clarke is truthful: She needs Lexa. “You may be heartless Lexa, but at least you’re smart.” And those two smart girls trick the giant gorilla into the cage and escape to live another day.

Lincoln and Bellamy

These two are former enemies, but they do have a lot in common: They would do anything for Octavia. The two set off to infiltrate Mount Weather with a great plan: Lincoln will use his reaper past to Trojan Horse Bellamy into Mount Weather. Oh, and what happens once they’re in the door, you might ask? “I kill everyone,” says Lincoln. Naturally. This is a brilliant plan… with one problem. Lincoln is an addict.

When they get to the mines, Lincoln hesitates and decides it’s a bad plan. Bellamy pushes—literally punching him—to enact the plan. As Bellamy is stripped (woo!) and lined up for Dr. Tsing’s sorting, Lincoln is supposed to knock out the other Reapers while Bellamy gets inside. Instead, he kneels down, tilts his head, and gives in to the Red drug.

It’s heartbreaking, but also ties back to the story Lincoln told Bellamy: When he was just a young grounder, Lincoln saw a ship fall from the sky (“suicide by Earth” Bellamy called it). He fed the man and cared for him, but when his father found out, he made his son kill the man. “The world has been trying to turn me into a monster for as long as I can remember.”

It seems the world is winning as Lincoln slips back into his Reaper ways and Bellamy gets sent to the Harvest Chamber.

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