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“I got a bad feeling about this.”

Diyoza couldn’t have said it better. “The Old Man and the Anomaly” is full of people making bad decisions: Madi is getting murderous, Murphy helps the wrong side, Abby also helps the wrong side, and Diyoza and Octavia are going full “we have to go back” and they’re barreling ahead into the anomaly with Xavier. It would be nice if everyone could just take a minute and think through their decisions—but with Clarke’s brain melting and O’s arm, well, also melting, time isn’t on their side.

As Diyoza and Octavia get closer, they make a pit stop at Gabriel’s camp. He has a framed picture of Gen 1 Josie and Xavier doesn’t take kindly to Diyoza picking it up. So when she notices the scar at the nape of his neck, she puts two and two together: Xavier is Gabriel.

It turns out that he had a Mind Drive in his head, but no one in his Sanctum refuge army knew how to remove it. So he created an apprentice named Eduardo, who became like a son to him. When Xavier was born into their camp with Nightblood, Eduardo took it as a sign that Gabriel should be reborn again. When Gabriel died, Eduardo resurrected him in the young man’s body. When Gabriel/Xavier woke up, he realized what Eduardo had done and killed him in a fit of rage. Luckily, no one was around so none of his people know his secret.

Octavia thinks that Gabriel is too weak to lead his people, but he says he realized he left Sanctum—where he was a false god—only to do the same on the outside. He’s clearly hoping something at the anomaly will solve all his problems. And so, too, do Diyoza and Octavia. They give up their weapons (apparently the anomaly has a Red Sun effect on people, so having weapons on you isn’t advisable) and head to the center.

As they get closer, they all hallucinate: Gabriel sees Josie, Octavia sees Bellamy, and Diyoza sees her daughter, Hope, as a young girl. When Hope runs straight into the anomaly, Diyoza tries to follow. Gabriel says that everyone who has ever gone in has never come out. “I don’t know what it means,” Diyoza says. “I just know I have to.” And she walks in. And then Octavia goes in behind her.

Seconds later, she runs out and straight into Gabriel. Her arm is healed, completely back to normal, and then she passes out.

It’s an eventful day in the Blake family. Bellamy is telling his friends that Clarke is still alive. They hatch a plan to capture Josie so they can get her out of Sanctum and to the Eligius, where Abby can get Josie’s Mind Drive out of Clarke’s head. Jordan wants to help Delilah, too, but they all shoot him down. Madi has a different plan: She wants to kill all the Primes and take over Sanctum. Bold move for a tween! Bottom line—everyone’s on board with keeping the deets from Murphy and Emori.

The gang worries that Emori will be on Murphy’s side of this… and rightfully so. In an incredibly sweet gesture (if you don’t think about the murder of it all), Murphy gets down on one knee and asks her to spend eternity together. Instead of a ring, he has two Mind Drives. He explains that they’ll become Nightbloods and then Primes and never die. “Now that’s a survivor’s move,” Emori says. She’s in.

Josie interrupts their moment in the mechanic shop to ask where Ryker is. She’s just found out she has about 36 hours until Clarke’s brain melts and she needs help creating the EMP. All they’ll have to do is remove her Mind Drive, EMP Clarke, and then put her Mind Drive back in. Russell saw this as an opportunity to give Clarke her life back, but Josie says if they bring Clarke back, she’ll kill everyone. (And, let’s be honest, she’s feeling her new body.)

Ryker hasn’t met Clarke before, so when he sees that she wants to talk to him, he says, “It’s Clarke, right?” She says it’s not a straight-up no, so now Murphy and Emori know that Clarke isn’t dead. And Ryker knows Josephine is back. She has dirt on him (the fact that he was the one who let Gabriel go), so he helps Emori create the EMP. They need something to make contact with the central nervous system, so Emori goes to ask Bellamy for the shock collar. Her conscience gets the best of her and she says they’re planning to wipe Clarke today and wants to know what their plan is. And that’s when they realize Madi is gone.

“For the glory and grace of the Primes,” Madi says as she kills Miranda Prime. Okay, this isn’t going as planned…

Emori heads back to the machine shop and steals the EMP. When Josie realizes, she and Murphy take off after her with motorcycles. They catch up to her and say they haven’t told the guards what she’s done and it can stay a secret if she gives back the EMP. Bellamy steps out of the shadows and says that’s what they were counting on. They have Jackson on the way to remove Josie—and they can use one of the 14 research outposts. Always on alert, Josie holds a scalpel to Murphy’s neck and tells them to make a choice: Clarke or Murphy.

Meanwhile, Miller and Jackson are looking for Madi when someone yells that Miranda Prime is dead. The people think the Children of Gabriel are inside Sanctum, but these two know better: Madi is enacting her plan. She tries to attack Priya out in the open, but Jordan jumps in front and Madi accidentally stabs him.

Russell enacts Prime Protection Protocol. He says that five Primes have died in five days and it’s all his fault for letting in Clarke and his people. But Ryker points out that they have a pretty good motive. He knows about Josie being alive, and Priya isn’t pleased with their fearless leader’s reckless behavior to bring back his daughter. But Russell doesn’t care. He says to distribute all the guns brought down from Eligius to the guards and to do whatever it takes to bring back Josie.

Back at the fence, they all hear the alarms sounding. With a knife at his throat, Murphy says they don’t need to wait for Jackson—they just need to find Gabriel. Guards on motorcycles approach and Emori yells instructions to Echo on how to set the EMP to allow them to get across the radiation barrier. Angry things aren’t going her way, Josie slits Murphy’s leg, but Bellamy grabs her before she can flee. He pulls her across the barrier just in the nick of time.

Completely unaware of what’s going on down on the planet, Abby watches as a (beautiful) man named Gavin gives himself as a sacrifice to become a Prime. Raven tries to talk Abby out of doing this, but Simone does the job for her and knocks out Hot Gavin. Abby needs Raven to do a spacewalk to get Becca’s serum to work. Raven asks if this is what Kane would want. “No, probably not,” Abby says. He may even hate her for it, but she can’t lose him.

Raven is ready to let Abby do the spacewalk herself, which as an untrained person, is incredibly dangerous. In the end, Raven decides to help. Abby does the surgery, and Kane wakes up in Hot Gavin’s body. He’s so happy to see Abby—until he sees his body on the gurney next to him. “What have you done?” he yells at Abby. “I saved you,” she says.

Abby, seriously, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? Not only has she forced Kane into a body he doesn’t want (even if it is hot!), but she’s given the Nightblood serum to Simone. Sanctum has everything it needs to bring back all their murderous friends. Except for Josie. Bellamy, you are our only hope. Don’t fail us.

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