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Terra Nova

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Jim is concerned about Boylan’s delusional condition. “You know he did shoot a Sixer and save your life recently,” Jim reminds Taylor. Jim gets a moment alone with Boylan, who mistakes him for Taylor and threatens to reveal Taylor’s dark secret that’s buried by the “Pilgrim Tree.”

Med-Lab: Banter time. Jim and Malcolm spar as Jim tries to find where this mysterious Pilgrim Tree is located. Jim teases Malcolm about his receding hairline (it’s all right, buddy, you’re maybe a Norwood 2 at worst). Seems the tree is famously where Taylor lived when he first arrived at Terra Nova many years ago. Jim drives out to the tree and starts digging at the base, trying to get to the root of this mystery (sorry). He discovers a skeleton in Taylor’s old closet.

Now why, across a whole planet of unremarkable jungle, does Taylor conceal his deadly secret at a historic Terra Nova landmark? (Terra Nova, it’s s–t like this…)

Jim takes the body back to the lab where the mystery deepens: Elisabeth determines the man was shot about five years ago, and did not arrive on any of the previously recorded pilgrimages to the past.

“You don’t think Taylor killed him?” Elizabeth asks.

“I think Taylor would do anything if he thought it was in the best interest of the colony,” Jim replies, which sounds about right.

Outside: The Terra Nova kids rehearse a play to celebrate the Harvest Festival. The cast includes Zoe playing Commander Taylor. This scene requires Zoe to pretend like she’s a bad actor and somehow she pulls it off. The dragonfly spy then flutters around and a solider whacks it with his gun. I’m pretty sure Taylor would scream at any solider for using his rifle as a bug swatter. Then the soldier promptly apologizes for killing the local wildlife (even the military guys are hippies at Terra Nova). Maddy notices the insect has a microchip on it…

Med-Lab: Examining the wounded dragonfly, it seems the insect is not the spy (which is a relief — that would have been disappointing) but it’s a courier of messages back and forth between the colony spy and the Sixers. If only there was a way to get the dragonfly to lead them to the spy’s secret dragonfly homing signal…

NEXT: Jim and Elisabeth give Zoe’s play a bad review

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