November 22, 2011 at 02:24 AM EST

Are you ready to hop up and down and clap your hands like an awkward Harvest Festival dancer over this week’s Terra Nova? Tonight, loyal viewers (Novans?) got some big answers to big questions: What is the riff between Taylor and his son Lucas all about? What do the drawings on the rocks mean? And how is the secret spy communicating with the Sixers?

Okay, we never wondered about that last question. With everybody everybody walking in and out of Terra Nova like it had a big revolving door, we just assumed they were strolling out every night. But it’s a big part of tonight’s episode titled “Vs.”

We open with a sweeping overhead shot. A pesky prehistoric dragonfly is buzzing around as we follow a convoy of trucks out the gate. The insect, not the convoy, has what Hollywood directors call “command of the camera” and we follow it all the way to Mira at the Sixers camp.

Mira asks the insect for information about the colony. Is this the Terra Nova spy Jim and Taylor have been trying to find? An insect, just like in Goblet of Fire? Taylor and Jim have been going nuts trying to figure out who the Sixer spy is, could they have simply lit some Citronella candles?

Cell: Taylor is grilling scallywag bartender Tom Boylan because he’s convinced he’s the Sixer spy. “You’re gonna sit here and you’re gonna rot,” Taylor growls, and then goes all Guantanamo Bay on the guy by torturing him with a loud alarm (which might not seem as bad as having your fingernails pulled, but I imagine it gets painful really quick). I’m torn on whether this means Terra Nova is showing some character darkness here, or whether we’re now at a point that “enhanced interrogation” techniques are so acceptable even a heroic leader in a family show can get away with them.

Meanwhile, the Shannon family gets ready for that Harvest Festival we heard about a couple weeks back. The holiday celebrates the day Commander Taylor first came through the portal. The name of the holiday seems odd, since he’s hardly a farmer. How about calling it the Silver Fox Fest? The colonists can wear tight black T-shirts, do bicep curls and maybe exchange gifts of Norelco beard trimmers.

NEXT: I spy a dragonfly; Who killed who? 

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