The search for Stiles continues as the Ghost Riders make their biggest move yet
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I do not know the details of Melissa and Argent’s relationship in this Stiles-less world — whether they’re just good friends, as per usual, or if there’s something more happening there — but I am into it. And that means I loved every moment of this week’s opening scene, which consists of Melissa meeting Argent in the middle of the woods late at night. It seems he’s doing his typical thing — hunting — and Melissa has reached her breaking point: She’s sick of seeing her friends wheeled past the nurse’s station, so she’s going to do something about it. She’s not sure exactly what that is, but she has a stun gun.

However, it’s unlikely she’ll need it because her incessant talking is sure to drive any supernatural creature away. But when they come across two bodies, it’s Malia they find. After Argent “clips” her with a bullet, we find out she heard screaming and went to investigate. They’re still not sure who is biting through skulls — even though we know it’s hottie Mr. Douglas — but for now, they have other things to worry about.


It’s a good plan…if everyone agrees to it, which, spoiler alert, they don’t. A handful of lacrosse players refuse to miss their first game of the season, which means Corey, Scott, and Liam are left to try to defend everyone on the field while Mason figures out a way to stop the Ghost Riders.

The good news? Mason determines the Ghost Rider left the party last week because Parrish showed up, and when Parrish goes full-on hellhound at the high school, the Ghost Rider’s bullet doesn’t work on him. The bad news? Parrish can’t be everywhere at once, which leaves a lot of people in danger.

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While all of that is going on at the school, Lydia is doing everything she can to find a relic, something Stiles left behind to prove he’s real. She starts with Stilinski, who admits he couldn’t sleep the other night and ended up piecing through files. And the moment he stubbed his toe on a baseball bat, he, without thinking, yelled, “Stiles!” We’re getting somewhere, guys!

Lydia’s next stop is the Stilinski home, but Claudia doesn’t seem too excited she’s there. And when Lydia starts peeling back some wallpaper, Claudia asks her leave. As fair as Claudia’s freak-out is — wallpaper is pretty expensive — the rather aggressive way in which she grabs Lydia’s arm can only mean one thing: It’s time to look into Claudia.

At the hospital, Melissa helps Lydia and her mom peek at Claudia’s records, which show she never had any children. And yet, it also shows she had frontotemporal dementia 10 years ago. So, how is she still alive?

Back to the Ghost Rider madness, Argent calls Malia for help protecting the bunker. He then uses their time together to try to help her control her bloodlust. As he tells her, he once watched someone her age lose control and kill someone, and maybe if he’d done something then, he could’ve saved Kate from becoming the monster she is today.

So, channeling her human side, Malia agrees to help guard the kids in the bunker…at least until Nathan escapes and ruins everything. Just as the Ghost Riders show up at the lacrosse game and successfully take everyone who saw them at the party — Gwen included — Nathan gets out of the bunker and breaks the seal. The moment he does, a Ghost Rider takes him before three more take on Malia and Argent.

In the end, the Ghost Riders take everyone who saw them and land Argent in the hospital, not to mention the fact Scott and pretty much everyone else we care about has now seen the Ghost Riders and will be next on their list. And to further pile on the bad news, Scott and Malia are just about ready to give up on the hunt for Stiles. But at least there’s the little hope Lydia isn’t ready to quit…

Scott: “He didn’t leave anything behind.”

Lydia: “Just us.”

But wait! He did leave something behind, and it’s the most Stiles-y relic you could ever imagine! After Liam — and his adorable pack of three — vow to catch a Ghost Rider, they walk across the parking lot to reveal Roscoe sitting firmly in the spot where Stiles left it. Now, it’s just a matter of time before Lydia recognizes it.

Episode grade: B+

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