Scott and his pack get their chance to take down the Beast...once and for all
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This season has been full of questions, scary masks, and unfortunate close-ups of that hole in Lydia’s head. But here we are, at the finale, ready to get some answers. And by the end of this hour, only one question will remain: Are we ready for season 6 to involve a Nazi werewolf? Only time will tell…

(Also, I’m obviously kidding about the “only one question” thing. I have lots!)

We start the hour with Parrish hot on the Beast’s trail, with Argent and Gerard following closely behind. It turns out that Marie-Jeanne’s pike is now in the form of a Dread Doctor’s cane, which is currently in Gerard’s greedy hands.

But the Beast has found a car all on his own, and thanks to some fancy trick where he channels Mason’s memories, Sebastien figures out how to drive the 21st-century vehicle.

Elsewhere, pretty much everyone is injured. First, there’s the aforementioned Dread Doctor, whom Liam and Scott bring to Deaton for help. Well, that’s Scott’s plan. Liam personally thinks that they should try to torture some information out of the slowly dying individual. As Stiles sarcastically puts it, “Personally, I don’t think we utilize torture nearly enough.”

And it looks like they won’t get the chance this time, either, because by the time they even mention it, Sebastien shows up outside and calls to the Doctor. Sitting up, the Doctor manages to not only make it outside but to trap Scott, Stiles, Liam, and Deaton inside by electrifying the door behind him. Once outside, Sebastien removes the mask of the Doctor — specifically, the Surgeon — to reveal his old friend: Marcel.

When I say he reveals Marcel, what I mean is that he reveals a terrifying face that only sort of appears to be human, which Sebastien then identifies as Marcel. Sebastien, speaking for all of us, tells Marcel, “If this is what immortality looks like, I think you might have been mislead.” With his dying breath, Marcel informs his friend that the Argents have the pike. And in that moment, Scott realizes it’s the cane.

Also injured is Theo, who turns to Tracy for a bit of distraction. Really, guys? Theo is bleeding out, and you choose now to make out?! I know you’re horny teens, but really, now is not the time.

Spoiler: Theo doesn’t think it is, either. He only kisses Tracy long enough to kill her and steal her power. The best part of this scene? The always helpful Deucalion chiming in with the simple: “And then there were none.” Way to add value, Deuc. We love you.

Still trapped inside the animal clinic, Scott, Deaton, Stiles, and Liam are trying to figure out if there’s a way to save Mason. As Deaton puts it, Mason’s DNA could still be inside of Sebastien, much in the same way that Mason’s twin’s DNA is still inside him. “Life is energy. Energy doesn’t just disappear,” Deaton explains. And that means that Mason can’t just be gone. He still has to exist in some form.

Remembering Mason’s final words — “That’s not my name” — Deaton recalls the myth of what happens when a werewolf is called by its given name: It turns human again. So someone needs to call the Beast “Mason”? Not exactly. Lydia needs to scream it.

NEXT: Lydia meets Sebastien — it does not go well

Speaking of Lydia, she’s currently hanging out at the police station. And guess who else is there: Sebastien! Somehow, Sebastien knew to head to the police station for help finding someone? This guy adapts quickly!

After Sebastien asks where he can find an Argent, Stilinski immediately pulls him into his offce. And 1 million texts from Stiles later, Stilinski realizes his mistake. Listening to Stilinski’s heart, Sebastien realizes that he’s figured it out, and as a result, he gives him a choice: Sebastien can walk out of the station slowly, or Stilinski can fire the gun he has pointed at him and things can get real bloody real quick.

Stilinski chooses the former, but when Clarke senses something’s off, she panics, shooting Sebastien repeatedly until Sebastien attacks, eventually cutting Lydia’s throat and then leaving with Hayden.

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Don’t worry: Lydia’s not dead, but Stilinski does rush her to the hospital. As for Hayden, she takes Sebastien to the Doctors’ old lair, where he sees the painting that depicts his big showdown with a Hellhound, whom he realizes is Parrish. After Hayden tries to stab him — as Sebastien puts it, “When did the young people become so confident?” — he sinks his claws into her stomach before he’s distracted by one of the Argent’s frequency emitters.

Speaking of those emitters, Argent is currently laying them out with Parrish at his side. But when Parrish gets a text about Lydia and considers leaving, Argent gives him the sort of pep talk only Argent is capable of. Putting down his gun, Argent informs Parrish that he is their strategy. Parrish in the one in that fresco, not a guy with a gun. So take off that Nike hoodie, and let’s get to it! (Okay, I added that last part, but he’s going to burn the hoodie off anyway, right?)

As Hayden makes her way to Deaton for help with her wound, Scott catches up with Liam at the hospital. Realizing that Mason might be gone for good, the poor teens are all but defeated when Scott listens to Kira’s voicemail and gets an idea.

The bad news for Lydia is that the idea involves her getting a cortisone shot directly into her fresh neck wound. Right now, Lydia can’t scream, but when the cortisone brings the inflammation down, she’ll be able to save the day. The question is whether Stiles can hold her hand without passing out. The verdict? He can! Liam, however, faints.

As Scott and everyone get ready for their big showdown with the Beast, Stiles heads out to reconnect with Malia and deliver a package from Scott. Fun fact: Malia has spent this entire episode trying to figure out how to defeat her oh-so-bitter mother. But it’s Stiles’ arrival that forces Malia into action. Sadly, Stiles still ends up with a shard of glass in his chest, but at least he’s conscious enough to throw Malia the talons that the Desert Wolf had originally given Theo.

And once she has those, Malia is able to fight through the FOUR bullet wounds she has thanks to her mother. The Desert Wolf might want her power back, but Malia wants her family back, and thanks to the talons, Malia comes out the victor with Braeden there to make sure the Desert Wolf is knocked out. Now if only someone could help Stiles with the shard of glass in his chest.

For those of you wondering how Scott got those talons to give to Malia, well, let’s get into it…

NEXT: Can Mason be saved?

On the hunt for the Beast, Scott, Liam, and Lydia are underground when Liam realizes that they’re standing in a pool of water. Liam throws Lydia out of the way as he and Scott are both electrocuted. Enter Theo, who tries to throw Lydia down a hole when Scott catches her. But when Theo uses his new kanima venom to paralyze Scott, Lydia drops. Her scream then distracts Parrish — who’d been fighting the Beast — just long enough for Sebastien to walk away.

But when Sebastien rounds the corner, he runs into yet another arrogant youth, and this time he’s facing Theo, who seems to think he can take the Beast’s power with his adorable yellow eyes. Yeah, it doesn’t work. And when Theo is thrown to the side, Deucalion is there to inform him that he’s been lying to Theo. It seems you need the talons to take the Beast’s power. So why did Deuc lie? BECAUSE DEUCALION HAS BEEN WORKING WITH SCOTT THIS ENTIRE TIME! Also, he’s not blind!!! And to prove it, he just snapped Theo’s neck.

According to Deucalion, there’s still time to save Mason…until Gerard shoots Deuc in the back. Enter a pissed-off Gerard who wants to know how long Scott was working with Deucalion. Spoiler: About as long as Scott’s been working with Argent!!! Just like that, Argent tosses Scott the pike as he pulls a gun on Gerard. Argent is no idiot, guys. He knew that when he brought Gerard back, it wouldn’t be about saving lives, it would be about immortalizing his own. (Can you imagine Gerard as a Dread Doctor?!)

While Scott and Liam run off to save Mason, Argent and Gerard face off, each one pointing a gun at the other. Then we hear a gunshot… UMMMM THAT BETTER BE ARGENT PULLING THE TRIGGER!

Okay, so here’s the plan: Scott and Liam try to hold off the Beast while Kira shows up just in time to rescue Lydia. (Did they anticipate her falling through that hole?) But when things start to go south, it’s someone else who saves the day: Allison.

As Sebastien puts his claws in the back of Scott’s neck, he sees memories of Allison. And while I sob at the fact that those memories are still at the forefront of Scott’s mind, Sebastien is distracted, thinking he’s seeing his sister, Marie-Jeanne.

That confusion gives Lydia enough time to show up and yell Mason’s name, which allows Mason to step out of the shadows of the Beast. As for the Beast itself, Parrish holds it still while Scott throws the pike through its chest. Misson: Accomplished.

Just like that, the Beast is gone, and the only person still in harm’s way is Theo. According to Kira, who plants her sword in the concrete below them, the skinwalkers have a message for Theo: “Your sister wants to see you.” And then Theo’s sister COMES UP FROM THE GROUND AND DRAGS HIM UNDER. If you’ve never seen The Ring, well, you kind of just watched it.

In the episode’s final montage, we see Argent bandaging up Gerard — so he shot him in the arm? — while Hayden asks Scott to bite her, finally giving Liam the werewolf girlfriend he deserves. Then there’s Stiles, who ponders a career in law enforcement before meeting up with Lydia at school. Also at school are Malia and Scott, but only after he says goodbye to Kira in the desert. It seems she’s going to be with the skinwalkers for “as long as it takes” for her to learn how to control her fox spirit.

In the library, Scott heads up to look at Allison’s initials as Stiles informs Lydia that it was Allison who gave Scott a chance to break free by distracting Sebastien. “She saved him. Allison saved his life.” Yep, if you need me I’ll be drowning in a puddle of tears.

But that’s not all! In the finale’s final minute, we see an empty tube. Specifically, it’s the tube that used to house the Nazi werewolf that the Dread Doctors used to keep them alive all these years. And now, the tube is surrounded by wet human footprints. WHO’S READY FOR A NAZI WEREWOLF?!


  • Was Corey standing by and watching the entire battle with the Beast??? Way to help, buddy.
  • Have we seen the last of Theo?
  • Is Mason actually okay?
  • Did Kira agree to become a skinwalker?
  • How much money has Parrish wasted on clothes? That Nike hoodie was nice!
  • How Aryan do you think this Nazi werewolf is going to be?

Hit the comments with your thoughts, or find me on Twitter @samhighfill. And for answers to a few of those questions, check out my chat with showrunner Jeff Davis! (Yes, we talk Allison.)

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