Scott and his pack try to save Mason, but they could be too late
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If you thought puberty was a difficult — not to mention overly emotional — time in your life, try talking to Mason, the poor teenager who went from innocent nice guy to murderous werewolf to dead (?) in roughly a day. Yeah, we have a lot to talk about.

We start with Corey and Mason sleeping underground, where Corey claims that Scott can't track them. But Mason's less concerned with being found than with the fact that he refuses to believe that he's The Beast. And yet, even Corey thinks it's true. The real proof? The Dread Doctors showing up and dragging Mason off. It seems they've found their Beast.

Also hanging out underground is Theo and his two remaining pack members: Josh and Tracy. (And Deucalion, of course.) Theo is trying to convince Josh that he can put on the Dread Doctor mask because the properties of the mask are based in electromagnetism. As to why they want Josh to put on the mask, they think it's their only way of discovering the identity of The Beast.

Fun fact: This is where we learn that the Dread Doctors were created by The Surgeon, some creepy guy who used pseudo-science and harnessed electromagnetic fields to create the masks, infusing them with a unique and deadly power. But as cool as that all is, Josh still isn't about to put the mask on.

Also refusing his place in all of this, Parrish is on his way out of town when Stilinski and Lydia catch up to him and convince him that leaving town won't necessarily save lives. In fact, all the dead bodies in his vision could come about BECAUSE he leaves. In other words, no matter what he does, if people die, Parrish is going to be dealing with all kinds of guilt as he imagines various "what if" scenarios. But for now he's sticking around. And when Lydia takes him to the Nemeton, he not only sees a dead Lydia, but he also seems to ignite the Nemeton?

Back at his house, Scott is recuperating from his battle with the Beast while Malia catches Stiles up on the fact that her mother could very well be hunting him now, too. And yet, after Stiles pulls a Chandler Bing and drops an unloaded gun that Braeden tosses his way, they all decide he's safer unarmed, no matter who might be hunting him.

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The next morning, Scott wakes up all healed to find his pack plotting in his kitchen. Spreading out, they're all trying to find Mason when Scott catches Corey eavesdropping. And this time, Corey is the one with the answer: The Dread Doctors have Mason. And that means that Scott might need to ask for help…from Theo.

Speaking of Theo, he's currently realizing that Deucalion isn't as weak as he thought when the blind werewolf suddenly stands and removes the (freakishly long) tube from his arm to give Theo a quick lesson in what it is to steal someone's power. It's simple actually: Take someone's pain, take someone's life…take someone's power. So you want power? Become a murderer! (What a great lesson for a teen!)

Easily convinced, Theo quickly kills Josh, taking his power, which then enables Theo to put on the Dread Doctors mask. But can he take it back off?

Spoiler: Yes. Theo manages to take off the mask in enough time to meet up with Scott and Liam, who agree to team up with Theo to get Mason back. All Theo needs is the map of the telluric currents. With that, they agree to meet up in two hours.

As for Theo's plan to take The Beast's power, they will use Tracy to paralyze it with enough time for Theo to kill it. If nothing else, you gotta give one thing to Theo: The guy thinks very highly of himself.

NEXT: The return of Sebastien Valet

Elsewhere, Kira is trying to figure out a way to help her friends, and because she doesn't have time right now to "find balance" with her fox spirit, she needs her sword. Because it was forged with a unique power, she has to find help to put it back together. Leaving Scott a voicemail, she promises that she'll be back, but for now, she's headed out to reunite with the Skinwalkers, who agree to help Kira. But as they warn her, it comes with a price. (So that should be good and not at all dangerous.)

Meeting up with Theo, Scott and Liam discover that the Dread Doctors have one specific body that they take with them everywhere they go, some sort of Nazi alpha werewolf. (Because of course it's a Nazi.) They've been using him to prolong their lives, so wherever they go, he goes, too. However, keeping him alive requires a power source underground that rests on a telluric current. And that's why the map will lead them to the Doctors.

On their hike, Liam catches Mason's scent, but he refuses to bring Theo along unless Theo tells them what he saw when he put on the mask. According to him, he saw a man impaled on a pike in the snow. So he saw Sebastien, which means they're running out of time.

At the Doctors' new lair, they find Mason with some sort of thing attached to his skull. And let's just say that pulling it out doesn't seem to be an option. Just then, the Dread Doctors show up…

And they're so over Theo. But they at least claim that they learned from Theo. According to them, in order to resurrect the perfect killer, they had to start with perfect evil, and true evil only comes by corrupting something truly good. Or in this case, corrupting SOMEONE truly good. That's why Mason was their target. Because he's the best. Or at least he was.

Just then, as Scott, Liam, and Theo fight the Dread Doctors, Mason pulls the device from his own skull as he becomes The Beast (and potentially disappears forever?). After all, when called "Mason," The Beast responds, "That's not my name."

The good news? The Beast goes after the Doctors, seemingly killing them. He then runs outside, where Parrish and Argent are waiting with all of their fire power. But when The Beast transitions back to its human form, we're no longer looking at Mason. We're looking at Sebastien Valet.

Meanwhile, back at Scott's house, Braeden is in a full-on war with the Desert Wolf — while Malia just hangs out upstairs? Also, we finally get our answer as to how Mason is a genetic chimera: It seems he ate his twin in the womb. And yeah, that'll do it.


  • Is Mason gone forever?
  • What do we think the pike is? Argent and Gerard mentioned it can be in any form, so what are your theories? Kira's sword? I'm going with it.
  • Are the Dread Doctors actually dead?
  • What role, if any, is the Nemeton going to play in all of this?
  • What happened to that poor hit-and-run victim at the hospital?

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