Gerard tells the story of the first Argent while Scott discovers the identity of The Beast
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And there you have it: In what might be one of the most efficient hours of Teen Wolf, we not only discovered the identity of The Beast, but we also discovered how to kill it. Plus, we got to see Crystal Reed and her freakishly beautiful hair again, so I’d say it was a good day!

This episode was essentially made up of two stories: Gerard telling Lydia all about the Maid of Gévaudan and Scott attempting to fight off The Beast at Beacon Hills High School. So let’s slice the recap right down the middle, cool?

The Maid of Gévaudan

We start things in 1760 North America — specifically, the French territory. There, a couple of wounded soldiers named Sebastien and Marcel are trying to staying alive. And when they seek shelter at a nearby cabin, the owner warns them about the “demon wolf” lurking outside. (Yes, it’s worse than the red coats.)

After The Beast makes an appearance and kills just about everyone, Sebastien’s letter finds its way to his sister, Marie-Jeanne Valet (played by Crystal Reed). Turns out, Marie-Jeanne is the most skilled hunter in all the land, and much like her [insert proper number of “greats” here]-granddaughter, she has a thing for arrows.

At this point in the story, Parrish gets fed up, and in what might be his sassiest moment yet, he tells Gerard, “Maybe someone should resurrect her!” Do we think Parrish doesn’t want the responsibility or does he not believe in himself? I’m feeling the latter, but the point is that he storms off and Gerard and Argent encourage Lydia to stick around. Because, as they see it, Parrish isn’t their only hope for stopping The Beast. Their other hope? Lydia.

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Getting back to the story, Gerard explains that Marie-Jeanne was a lot like Lydia in the beginning: Not only was she skeptical of her own abilities but she was also skeptical of the supernatural as a whole.

Back in the 1700s, we find Marie-Jeanne reading her brother’s letter at a tavern while others tell tales of The Beast. The townsfolk decide they need to organize a hunting party, and it just so happens that Marie-Jeanne is the best hunter in Gévaudan. Or at least that’s what her brother, Sebastien, says as he walks into the tavern somehow still alive. And alongside him is his friend Marcel, who also seems to have survived the attack.

But Marie-Jeanne isn’t a fan of hunting “rumors,” not until a dead 11-year-old boy is brought into the tavern. His last words? La Bête. Just like that, the hunting party leaves at dawn (without Marcel, who seems to be hiding something in a cellar?).

Needless to say, the first hunting expedition does not go well. Marie-Jeanne is the only survivor, and she’s only alive thanks to some guy named Henri, who shows up just in time to surround them both in Mountain Ash.

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Taking Marie-Jeanne back to his house — which is surrounded by a circle of Mountain Ash trees — Henri educates her on all of the wonderful drugs of the supernatural world. So he’s the Deaton of the 1700s. And when Marie-Jeanne expresses that she needs to know her enemy in order to kill it, they concoct a plan that involves forcing everyone in town to drink something that I assume has wolfsbane mixed into it.

At the tavern, everyone takes a sip. Well, everyone but Marcel, who shatters his cup and has to head outside with Marie-Jeanne to rinse his hand off at the well.

Outside, Marcel hands Marie-Jeanne the key to the cellar and tells her she’ll find what she’s looking for there. Apparently what she’s looking for is a large collection of dead bodies. Instantly, she thinks Marcel is The Beast…until she realizes that he’s covering for someone. SEBASTIEN.

Just as Marie-Jeanne stepped outside to care for Marcel, Sebastien took a sip of the drink, and instantly his eyes lit up. (But no one noticed?)

Confronting her brother, Marie-Jeanne gets the whole story: Apparently when Sebastien fell in the mud at the beginning of the episode, he drank water from the puddle of a wolf/The Beast…and if that happens, you become the demon wolf. Sure, why not?

Marie-Jeanne cannot believe that her brother is a murderer, but I have news for her: If he’s The Beast, doesn’t that mean he was a serial killer before this? Or am I confused?

Sebastien then exits the tavern with a classic, “You won’t catch me, and you won’t kill me” line, and Marie-Jeanne heads back to Henri to figure out a way to kill The Beast. Henri claims that they have to use the weight of The Beast against it — but does it weigh anything if it’s made up of shadows? — so they fasten a bayonet onto a spear, which is apparently the weapon that can get the job done.

Now, Marie-Jeanne just has to find her brother. And three years later, in 1767 — apparently we skipped a few years? —she corners him. After a really cool sequence in which we get to watch Sebastien become The Beast, Marie-Jeanne pulls an even more impressive slide move that results in her spearing The Beast.

Sebastien doesn’t think the blade will kill him until Marie-Jeanne reveals what it’s made out of: wolfsbane and Mountain Ash, forged with their family’s blood under the light of a full moon. (Yes, we have all of those things in present day!) So not only is this blade going to kill him, but Marie-Jeanne promises damnatio memoriae. They will erase every detail of Sebastien from history.

And that’s exactly what they did. The bad news, however, is that if The Beast remembers who it is now, the teenager inside will be lost forever. Lydia tries to convince Gerard and Argent that they need Parrish because even Marie-Jeanne didn’t work alone, but Gerard and Argent seem confident she can do this on her own. As to why they’re so involved, it’s because their family’s name will be remembered for killing The Beast.

Let me back up: After killing The Beast, Marie-Jeanne returned to Henri, and the two were eventually married, which is when she took on his name: Argent. Marie-Jeanne was the first hunter.

And in a moment that I did not see coming and (and that made me cry instantly), Lydia tells them, “I’m not an Argent. And I’m not Allison.” Seriously, can I get a tissue (or five)?

NEXT: The (current) Beast is…

Who is The Beast?

Back in present day, we finally get the answer to what happened when Liam went up against The Beast. Good news: He’s not dead! Bad news: He’s pretty badly injured. More bad news: He’s currently in Stiles’ hands, and as Stiles informs Hayden, what he typically does in these situations is pass out.

Acting on instinct, Hayden kisses Liam and manages to take some of his pain away. As Stiles puts it, “Okay, next time I’ll kiss him.”

Elsewhere, Malia calls Braeden for help while Scott does everything he can to save his fellow teens, including — but not limited to — using his body to block The Beast from entering a classroom. Because of that he gets ripped away into The Beast’s grasp.

But he gets away! Temporarily, at least. Running to the library, Scott realizes that he’s accidentally led The Beast to a populated area. Telling his classmates to get upstairs, Scott holds off The Beast for as long as he can until Liam, Malia, and Braeden finally show up.

Fun fact: Bullets somehow seem to work on the shadowy creature? After Braeden shoots it a million times, The Beast jumps out the window. It might seem like Scott lost the fight, but now he has The Beast’s scent.

Wasting no time — who needs to heal? — Scott heads outside to the parking lot to trace the scent, and it quickly leads him to a car. Inside the trunk, Scott and Liam find size 10 shoes with blood on the sole. And guess whom the car belongs to: MASON!!!


  • I knew it! Mason’s The Beast!
  • But did Liam not recognize his best friend’s car?
  • Why didn’t Mason wash off those shoes? Or throw them away?
  • Is Corey hiding Mason to protect him from Scott, or is he doing what his alpha tells him and taking him to Theo so that Theo can steal his power?
  • I’m really hoping for two things: 1) A father-daughter-esque moment between Argent and Lydia as he convinces her that, though she’s not Allison, he does care about her and believe in her; and 2) Lydia defeats The Beast by screaming so loudly that it explodes.

​What did you think of the episode? What did you think of the French accents? Hit the comments below with your thoughts on the hour, or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.

Also, to see what Crystal Reed had to say about her return — and whether she’d be open to a spin-off — read my chat with her here!

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