A lacrosse charity game goes horribly awry when The Beast makes an appearance
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As much as I sometimes act like I want to be done with the high school side of this show, I have to admit that I loved being back at a lacrosse game with Coach Finstock. Not only was this one of the funnier episodes in the show’s recent history, but it also did a lot to move the plot forward. Parrish officially knows who he is, The Beast is on the hunt, and we have at least one solid candidate for The Beast’s identity: Mason.

Let’s get into it.

We start with a voiceover from Parrish as he asks Argent and company to watch him. According to Parrish, he leaves his house every night but has no memory of where he goes or what he does. He asks that they follow him and get him some answers. (And while they’re at it, can they also get him a bed? The fact that he’s sleeping on a futon is upsetting me.)

And so as soon as Parrish goes into Hellhound mode, Argent, Scott, Liam, and Stiles track him to the high school. Brief pause for this amazing interaction:

Liam: “Why’s the Hellhound going to the school?”

Stiles: “Because he’s got a yearning for higher education.”

Following a literal trail of dead bodies at the school, they eventually run into the Hellhound as he stands in their way, stopping them from entering a trap set by The Beast. And just as The Beast bursts out of a school bus — who knew it’d fit? — and takes off running, Parrish goes full Hellhound — voice and all — and chases after it.

But Argent has seen enough. The fact that The Beast set a trap means one thing: It’s getting smarter.

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After Melissa leaves Malia and Braeden at her house — with a mountain ash barrier to protect them from the Desert Wolf — we get the strangest transition ever as we catch up with Scott and Kira getting it on. Hope you don’t mind a little romance interrupting your regularly scheduled drama!

Basically, Kira’s a little worried that they’re going to lose the lacrosse game tomorrow, but Scott quickly gets her mind off of it.

The one thing that’s even weirder than that transition? The fact that Kira wakes up the next morning — sleepovers with boys in high school?! — and instantly picks up a sword and starts swinging it around. Of all the post-coital activities, needless to say Scott is not on board with this one.

Speaking of couples, it seems Corey’s near-death experience has him reconsidering life in Beacon Hills, at least until Mason convinces him that they need each other. And even better: Mason realizes that every time The Beast shows up, it’s near a transmission source, and considering that multiple local news stations will be at tonight’s lacrosse game, well, they have a problem.

NEXT: Lydia’s back in school!

At the library, Scott regroups with Liam, Stiles…and Lydia!!! Yep, she’s back. While talking through the issue, they realize that The Beast is always near a high-powered frequency. Translation: The Dread Doctors are using that frequency to cause The Beast to shift, and much like Peter grew faster every time he shifted, The Beast is growing both stronger and smarter with each shift.

Thanks to the Doctors’ lack of patience when it comes to waiting for the full moon, they’re using frequencies to make The Beast stronger so that it can take down Parrish, who, by the way, is currently sitting on the floor of the library heavily wounded after his last run-in with The Beast. (Did no one see him wander into the high school?!)

So far, the plan is simple: They need to find a way to cancel tonight’s game, all the while finding a teenager with a size-10 shoe that’s covered in Parrish’s blood. Easy enough, right? Not in Beacon Hills!

After Stilinski reveals that he can’t cancel the game, Scott and Stiles head to rehab to find Finstock. They need him back so that the coach can forfeit the game. (The substitute is not very susceptible to persuasion.)

But as it turns out, Finstock is loving life in rehab, where he gets to play chess and NOT get shot by arrows. In fact, he loves it so much that he’s faked seven relapses and no one’s caught on. (As Eichen has proved, Beacon Hills isn’t home to great institutions of any kind.)

Scott and Stiles ask Coach to return, which leads us to this:

Finstock: “I hate charity games; they’re meaningless.”

Stiles: “I don’t think the charities would agree.”

Finstock: “What’s it for this year?

Scott: “Cancer.”

Finstock: “For or against?”

Stiles: “Against, Coach. Deeply against.”

But it’s not until the boys explain that they simply need Coach to forfeit the game that he agrees to the plan.

While Scott gets the team in place, Lydia takes a wounded Parrish to see Argent and Gerard, who claim that he needs to meet his alter ego. How does one do that? By getting in this fancy freezer that they just so happen to have in their possession!

The machine will lower Parrish’s body temperature, slowing things down and allowing his conscious mind to access the supernatural part of himself. And as iffy as it sounds, Parrish doesn’t have a choice if he wants to evolve enough to defeat The Beast. As Argent and Gerard explain, every time the teenage chimera transforms into The Beast, it remembers a little bit more of who it used to be, and eventually, the Man of Gévaudan will replace the teenager completely.

So into the freezer Parrish goes!

NEXT: Everything goes wrong

Back at the high school, everyone knows their role for the evening: Corey and Mason are to search the Devenford Prep bus for size-10 sneakers, Malia will take out the news vans, and everyone else will search for shoes whenever possible. As for Scott, he reveals that he’s officially fully healed from his fight with Liam. It seems all Scott needed was for his pack to get back together.

But despite Scott’s vow that no one dies tonight, things quickly start to fall apart. First, Coach refuses to forfeit the game, and then Kira gets a little too foxy on the field, letting the fox spirit within her take over. And finally, the Desert Wolf shows up and stops Malia from taking out one of the news trucks. I do love this interaction, though:

Malia: “Bitch.”

Desert Wolf: “I prefer mom.”

At this point, Malia knows that the Desert Wolf has to wait for a full moon to kill her, so she really just wants her to get out of the way. She can kill her mother later because right now she has a task to complete.

As for Kira, well, Brett — guys, Brett’s back! — gets her thrown out of the game and has his sister follow Kira into the school, where we get a classic battle between the fox and the wolf.

Meanwhile, Scott and Liam are trying to prolong the game by sending it into overtime, but when Scott hears Kira fighting, he leaves Liam to handle the game. Heading inside, Scott finds Kira in full fox form, about ready to kill him when she finally snaps out of it. Yeah, maybe we should’ve left her with the Skinwalkers.

Just as Hayden realizes what’s going on, she informs Liam that she’s on his side, and that means she’s on Scott’s side because “whatever happens next, I want to be with you.” That’s sweet and all, but we really don’t have time for you all to have a romantic moment right now.

And the same thing applies to Corey and Mason, who are getting all romantic on the bus when Corey pulls back. But he won’t say what’s wrong. In other words: Mason is The Beast, right?! Although, if it were Mason, he’d have to slip away pretty quickly because by the time Malia gets rid of her mother —who now has her sights set on Stiles? — and kills the last news truck, the first one is fixed…and then The Beast arrives.

The Beast did come from the direction of the buses (so I still think it’s Mason). And that makes it all the more fitting that it’s Liam who drops his lacrosse stick and challenges The Beast in an Apollo Creed-Rocky Balboa fashion.

As for everyone else at the game, they run inside the high school for some reason, and The Beast isn’t far behind.

Getting back to Parrish, Argent and Gerard tell Lydia that she’s the only one who can talk to him. Only, she’s not talking to Parrish. She’s talking to the Hellhound of many names. When she asks what happened to Parrish, the Hellhound tells her, “Jordan Parrish died. There is no Jordan Parrish.”

Confused? Me too. The Hellhound claims that Parrish is nothing more than a body, a means to an end. But Lydia’s not buying it. She tries to convince the Hellhound that it needs Parrish. Remembering the moment that Parrish died takes us back to the bomb in Afghanistan — which apparently happened right around the time Scott, Stiles, and Allison were submerged in ice water to save their parents in season 3. And when Parrish died, the Hellhound was born.

When Lydia tells the Hellhound to remember who it is, Parrish falls out of the freezer…and this time he’s full of knowledge. Not only does he know who he is, but he knows what he has to do: “I have to leave.” Ummm WHAT?


  • Why does Parrish have to leave, and where will he go?
  • Also, so Parrish isn’t dead?
  • Mason is definitely The Beast, right?
  • Where is Argent’s lair, and how does he have so much cool stuff?
  • Will the Desert Wolf now go after Stiles?
  • Does The Beast being inside the school mean that Liam is bleeding out in the parking lot?
  • How hard did you cry when you saw Allison’s face for even half a second?

What did you all think of the episode? Hit the comments with your thoughts/questions/theories, or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.

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