Malia faces off against the Desert Wolf as Lydia finally finds her voice
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Guys, we’ve made it. Remember all those months ago when season 5 premiered with a number of ominous flashforwards that left you stunned and confused? Well, we’ve finally worked our way back to that point in this season’s timeline. Lydia’s officially awake — and a badass — at Eichen, Malia has found her mother, and Scott’s pack is slowly rebuilding itself. But before we get to all that, let’s take one last trip into the past.

We start the episode with a buddy cop movie that I would 100 percent watch: Argent and Gerard searching the tunnels of Beacon Hills for the Doctors/The Beast. According to Gerard, there are a number of physical descriptions of The Beast, but his grandfather always told him it was oil-black and shapeless, “like a shadow pretending to be real.” In other words, Gerard’s grandfather was highly perceptive and freakishly knew exactly what The Beast was just by looking at it.

As legends tells it, The Beast was originally defeated by a simple spear in the hands of the Maid de Gévaudan, whom we know to be Crystal Reed. So what does that mean for killing it now?

We’re not really sure. But what we are sure of is that Gerard is just as ballsy as he’s ever been. Despite being a human walking around in a supernatural world, he just thinks he’s the coolest thing. And you know what? He might be. Because he just came face-to-face with the Dread Doctors and didn’t even flinch before using what looked like a classic Argent emitter to freeze them? All I know is they stopped moving, and he claims it’s because he’s tapped into their frequency. Sure, why not?

With the Doctors frozen, Gerard buys Argent enough time to make a disgusting discovery: 23 dead bodies covered by bugs. So either the Doctors are covering for The Beast…or saving them for The Beast? I’m totally making stuff up here, in case you were wondering.

At the hospital, Parrish sees the 23 bodies and immediately decides his twisted dream is coming true. After Scott, Kira, and Stiles update Stilinski on The Beast, he informs them that the bodies were killed elsewhere before being dumped in the tunnels, so it’s looking more like The Beast killed them and the Doctors are just its dignified janitors?

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Speaking of hospitals, Lydia’s time at Eichen is now filled with training thanks to Meredith’s class: How to Get Away With Screaming. Attempting to teach Lydia how to use her hands to direct her voice, Meredith puts Lydia behind bullet-proof glass and tells her to break it. How? “Make your voice a bullet.” Um, but if it’s bullet-resistant glass, that won’t work, right? Yeah, good luck, Lydia.

With Scott and company returning to a heavily armed school, Theo follows through on his promise to help Malia find her mother. The twist, of course, is that it involves a lot of pain…for Malia. After wearing some sort of goggles that poke into her head, Malia figures out that her mother is already in Beacon Hills. And she’s going after her tonight, despite the fact that Braeden doesn’t think they’re prepared.

But Braeden isn’t the only one feeling unprepared. Because of the danger of the fox spirit, Kira’s father decides it’s in her best interest to destroy her sword. He tells his daughter that she can fight without it. Her spirit is strong enough to “outfox the fox.” Or at least, let’s hope it is.

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After Malia tells Liam that Scott was right about the tunnels, the curious teenager heads underground to try to do some investigating himself. Sadly, adorable Liam just ends up getting lost, but Scott is able to offer some guidance when he steps out of the shadows. (Yeah, he followed him.)

Liam delivers Malia’s message to Scott before sort of talking his way around saying I’m sorry. Even after Scott calls him out for not apologizing about the whole trying-to-kill-Scott thing, Liam decides that nothing he can say would make up for his mistake. Instead, he thinks he needs to save Scott’s life to really make things right. As Scott puts it, “pretty sure you’ll get the chance.” Hey, what do you guys want to bet Liam risks his life to save Scott later this season?

Getting back to the Desert Wolf action, Malia, Braeden, and Theo arrive at Fort Jewett, and Braeden is more sketched out than ever. With no guards (or lights), she’s certain it’s a trap of some sort. Apparently, the Desert Wolf is a bit lacking in the strength and speed categories and, as a result of it, carries some pretty heavy firepower at all times. Oh, and obviously she’s a perfect shot.

But Malia didn’t come this far to turn back now. Consequences be damned, she marches in as Braedan and Theo follow reluctantly behind.

At this point, Lydia gets a premonition that shows Malia being cornered by the Desert Wolf, but she still can’t break the glass. And after Meredith’s story of how her voice caused a dangerous explosion in the middle of chemistry class, it might be better that Lydia spend more time figuring out just how to use her voice.

As Stiles sits by her bedside, he begs Lydia to wake up. “No way we’re getting through this without you,” he tells her, in what’s oddly one of my favorite scenes between them despite the fact that she’s all catatonic. Regardless, it takes about 30 seconds for her mom to enter and kick him out. Of course, Stiles notices the shaved patch of hair on Lydia’s head and immediately jumps to the hole-in-the-head conclusion — this town, amirite? — but Natalie swears it’s for electroconvulsive therapy.

Knowing very well that it’s not, Stiles makes sure to steal an orderly’s badge on his way out of Eichen. It’s time to do something about this situation.

Back in the tunnels, Scott and Liam discover a snake sculpture on a wall that, when turned, leads them to an open door. And on the other side of that door is Argent…and Gerard. As Liam puts it, “Who’s the old guy?” Oh, kid, you don’t even want to know.

Argent explains that Gerard has knowledge when it comes to The Beast. He then takes Scott and Liam to the epic Hellhound vs. Beast painting. Kicking away the rest of the wall at the bottom of the painting, Argent reveals that said epic battle will kill…everyone. (To be exact, I’d say that painting depicted like 50 bodies, but it’s more symbolic than anything.)

From there, Argent and Gerard have a nice little chat with Parrish, who reveals that when he served in Afghanistan, he literally blew up. Hey, it’s not something most people/anyone else can say. And with one final test — a flame to the eye — Gerard gets his proof: Parrish is their Hellhound. Ever better, is what comes next:

Parrish: What if you were wrong? Would you have burned my eye out?

Gerard: Yep.

Parrish (to Argent): This guy’s your father?

Argent: Wasn’t my choice.

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Okay, okay. After the long wait, let’s finally get back to Malia and her situation inside Fort Jewett. Fun fact: Theo is still the worst. Turning on his team, he grabs Braeden’s gun and shoots Malia, all in exchange for those glowing talons that nearly killed Parrish earlier in the season.

Once Theo leaves, the Desert Wolf kicks her daughter around a bit, complaining about how Malia stole her power, strength, speed, and healing power. (So does having kids steal your supernatural abilities?) But just as she goes to kill her daughter, Deaton stops her by telling her that, in order to get her power back, she has to kill Malia on a full moon.

Back at Eichen, just as that creepy nurse from 501 is about to inject Lydia with something, Lydia realizes that her premonition is coming true, and in order to save Malia, she screams! And not only does she break the glass, but she wakes herself up, begins her Eichen escape, and even shatters the light above Deaton’s head.

That distraction allows Malia to fight back…at least until The Beast shows up. Presented with a choice, Malia can either kill her mother or save Deaton. Thankfully, she saves Deaton — who must be so excited to be back in Beacon Hills — and then she, Braeden, and Deaton get out of there.

As for Lydia, however, she’s caught by guards and returned to Eichen. Apparently, they don’t care that all her friends are going to die.

After leaving Malia, Theo heads to meet up with his pack, which is looking rough. Turns out, capturing Deucalion was not without its dangers. But Theo’s not too concerned about their wounds because the fact is they’ve got Deucalion. Theo’s plan? Give Deucalion whatever he wants in exchange for a little lesson in how to steal another wolf’s power. (In this case, Theo wants to steal The Beast’s power.) And all the recently re-blinded Deucalion wants is…Scott’s eyes on the tips of his claws. Sounds like a fair deal, no?

Speaking of Scott, he’s finally reunited with both Deacon and Malia. As the song that’s playing says, “I know who I am now,” which is obviously referencing Malia’s big choice. And with that, Scott’s pack is almost complete. As he, Liam, Kira, Stiles, and Malia stand around a table full of Eichen House intel, Scott declare, “Now we get Lydia.” YEAH, YOU DO!


  • Is Lydia the new Maid of Gévaudan, a.k.a. the one woman that can take down The Beast?
  • What does Theo want with those glowing talons?
  • Does Deucalion want Scott’s eyes just as revenge or as some sort of transplant situation?
  • How long do we have until The Beast remembers itself?
  • Is The Beast getting slower or did it secretly not want to hurt Deaton?
  • Can Theo steal The Beast’s power if it’s a chimera and not a “real” wolf?
  • How did Parrish explain away the fact that he exploded to the Army?

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