The skinwalkers test Kira's abilities while Scott and Stiles take a road trip
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In general, the parents on Teen Wolf are pretty badass. Not only are they willing to risk their lives for their children, but a few of them have some pretty killer abilities, from Argent’s gun skills and vast supernatural knowledge to the fact that Noshiko is an actual kitsune who’s been alive for 900+ years.

But as it turns out, there are some things even a 900-year-old kistune can’t face because, right now, Noshiko is hanging her daughter out to dry in this desert air. Facing all three skinwalkers on her own, Kira ends up with a spear through her right shoulder. As the skinwalkers tell her — in their weird joint voice? — she is frightened of herself. The solution? They will test her, and if they can’t help her, she will become a skinwalker…forever. (So her future might be completely void of hair conditioner, BUT the good news is that these skinwalkers are in great shape, so her future could look worse.)

Back in Beacon Hills, Stiles is focusing his attention on the important things: Fixing Roscoe! Well, fixing Roscoe enough so that he and Scott can take Roscoe out to the desert to find Kira. As Scott tells Liam, who’s waiting to talk to him, they’re headed out to New Mexico. And no, Liam can’t come. After learning of Hayden’s resurrection, Scott simply asks Liam to do nothing until he gets back (which is like asking your average teenage guy NOT to think about sex). Yeah, it’s not easy.

As Scott tells Stiles, he knows that he’ll forgive Liam eventually, but that time isn’t now. And I’d venture to say that seeing Scott on a full moon is not the same as seeing Liam on a supermoon, but whatever. Roscoe is up and running, so let’s get this road trip going!

With Scott and Stiles on the road, Theo and Tracy are on the hunt for The Beast. Sort of. They don’t want to catch it yet — as if they’ll ever be able to “catch” it — but they are tracking the phrase “damnatio memoriae,” which the Dread Doctors continue to repeat in the hopes that The Beast will remember what it was. The real twist, though, is the reveal that The Beast probably doesn’t even know that it turns back to human during the day. So this creature could unknowingly be walking among these high schoolers all day, every day! Guesses as to its identity?

After a brief history lesson — The Beast of Gévaudan killed 500 people back in its day — Theo and Tracy come face-to-face with the Dread Doctors. Apparently Theo’s not happy with his pack, because he’s still not an alpha. With his yellow eyes, he’s not even a real boy werewolf!

But Theo’s pity party is cut short by the arrival of The Beast, decapitated head in hand. The Beast lets out one locker-rattling growl, and then he’s gone. So it seems like the Doctors do have control over it?

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Still living in a Beast-free world, Noshiko informs Kira that, even if she passes the skinwalkers’ test, she could end up spending months or even years in the desert. If she doesn’t, the fox spirit could consume her completely. Mom then gives Kira a quick lesson in not judging others so quickly. After all, the same myths that say skinwalkers are evil also say that kitsunes are evil. (To be fair, though, aren’t you in this desert because Kira’s fox spirit is evil?)

Sitting in an overheating Jeep, Scott’s doing a bit of research when he discovers that “damnatio memoriae” was a Roman practice in which the government decreed to destroy the images of the damned — names were scratched off inscriptions, faces were chiseled off statues. As the Romans believed, being forgotten was a punishment worse than death. It was a practice that was later used on a serial killer in 1598. Known as the “demon tailor,” the killer would boil the flesh off of children’s bones to eat.

And if that weren’t bad enough, the name of the serial killer is still TBD considering that the courts destroyed all documents about him. That killer? Well, it seems he became a werewolf…named The Beast.

NEXT: Theo offers Malia his body help

But believe it or not, that isn’t the only issue Scott and Stiles have to discuss. Driving down the road, Scott updates Stiles on his latest visit to see Malia. Not only was Braeden there, but based on the level of aggression Scott sensed from Malia, he thinks she’s planning to kill her mother.

Speaking of Malia, she’s currently back at the school. While Liam and Mason team up with their love interests to work on an AP Biology assignment — someone has to go to class — Malia makes eye contact with Theo before heading to the animal clinic. Not able to find Deaton, she’s more than frustrated when Theo shows up with an offer. He claims that he can help her find Deaton and the Desert Wolf. How? Because he knows how the Dread Doctors found everyone else.

Elsewhere at school, Liam is doing his best to do nothing, which apparently translates to “making out with Hayden,” but I’m pretty sure that’s better than killing Theo, so Scott would probably approve. But Liam isn’t the only one getting some action. In the locker room, Mason refuses to go out on another date with Corey because, as he sees it, Corey’s siding with the bad guys. Corey tries to explain that there is only alive and dead, not good and bad, but the way Mason sees it, “You don’t get a name like the Dread Doctors and not get classified as the bad guys.”

It’s a good point, but it’s one Mason only sort of believes. As soon as Corey kisses him, he pretty much forgets all about good versus evil. And the best part? Mason must be a great kisser because Corey quickly tells him something useful: He tells him Theo’s been calling the last chimera “The Beast.”

But before we go any further, let’s check in on Lydia. First and foremost, let’s agree to something.

Lydia 1: This is the actual Lydia, who’s currently lying in her bed in a catatonic state.

Lydia 2: This is “in her head” Lydia, who’s learning from Meredith.

Cool? Okay, so first, Meredith shows Lydia 2 just how Valack used her voice to shatter the glass around his cell. Not only did he amplify her voice by using a cup, but he also gave her voice a focus.

From there, Lydia 2’s lesson continues at the school library, where she notices that all of their initials have been erased from the book shelves. Get it? Because everyone’s going to die if Lydia doesn’t save them. Meredith manages to tell her “don’t be afraid” before Theo kills Meredith. (But this isn’t actually happening, right? I’m so confused about how Theo fits into all of this.)

The upside is that when Lydia 2 screams, apparently it’s loud enough to connect to Lydia 1 because not only does she bust a light in her room at Eichen, but the nurses also claim they heard it.

NEXT: Kira wins…or does she?

Shifting our focus back to Scott and Stiles, they’re forced to walk to find gas after Stiles forgot to mention that he didn’t fix Roscoe’s gas gauge just yet. Stumbling upon an old station, Stiles takes the alone time with his best friend as his chance to explain what happened with Donovan. He tells Scott that he was scared to tell him because of the way Scott looked at him that night, as if Stiles has broken Scott’s sacred rule and there was no going back. But as Scott tells him, “I know the difference. I know what self-defense is.”

So with a storm looming up ahead — which is actually Kira’s trial — Scott and Stiles get back in the car. And yet, if you thought the lightning might make them want to hurry up and help Kira, you thought wrong. They still find the time to pull over and talk out the rest of their issues. Scott can’t get over the fact that he and Stiles should’ve kept talking that night. If they’d talked for five more minutes, they would’ve realized what Theo was doing. And now, it’s Stiles who had blood on his hands.

As Scott puts it, he always knew the day would come when one of them would get too much blood on their hands, but he always thought it’d be Malia (which it might still be). But he never wanted it to be Stiles. “It should’ve been me,” he tells Stiles. It’s a sweet moment, though an ill-timed one. Seriously guys, Kira is literally fighting for her life right now!

Transitioning to Kira, she’s currently in the middle of the desert, where she’s taking on the Oni. And in case you aren’t haunted by the creepy noise they make when they appear or the even creepier masks they wear when they kill beloved characters, they’re baaaacccckkk. But just when it seems like Kira can’t possibly beat them — every time she cuts them, she’s cutting herself — she fully foxes out and essentially envelops the Oni.

Next time we see her, it’s light out — it could not have taken that long, right? Scott’s STILL not there — she returns to her mother with an Oni mask in hand and the news of her victory. But the skinwalkers aren’t so fast to congratulate the young kitsune. As they put it, she didn’t pass the test. The fox did. “You wield the sword, but the fox wields you.” It’s harsh but true. Claiming that Kira has no control, the skinwalkers want her to stay and become one of them.

Finally panicking over the thought of losing her daughter, Noshiko herself picks up the sword and puts her 900 years of badassery to good use. Combine that with the arrival of Scott, Stiles, and Roscoe, and Kira gets away safely. Not only that, but she and Scott waste literally no time before making out in the back seat! I guess that ship is still going strong!

But Kira won’t have much time to celebrate her homecoming. Next we see, she’s waking Scott up from a nap so that Liam and Mason can update him on Theo’s plan: Mason’s very helpful relationship with Corey has taught them that Theo is looking for a blind alpha. Yep, that idiot’s looking for Deucalion.


  • Who is The Beast? We can eliminate people who’ve seen it, right? So it’s not Theo, Liam, Hayden, and now Tracy. Anyone else? Well, let’s go ahead and say it’s not Parrish. WHAT IF IT’S LYDIA.
  • I know The Beast killed 500 people, but in how much time? Is it weird/horrible that I’m not THAT impressed?
  • Whose severed head was The Beast holding? And do the mirror images of The Beast holding a head and Kira holding an Oni mask hint that she is The Beast?
  • What’s with the skinwalkers’ voice? Can someone please get them ALL the cough drops.
  • How fixed is Roscoe, and should I still be worried?
  • I’d just like to remind everyone that Kira is not fixed. I repeat, Kira is not fixed.

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