Leah gets the MRI results, Kailyn is kicked out, and Jenelle tries (and fails) to please her mom
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Things got kind of crazy on Teen Mom last night — even by Teen Mom standards. Cops were called, an impromptu road trip to New Jersey was made, and Aubree’s first carnival experience was tarnished. Let’s relive the madness.


I know Leah and Corey had looked for venues, but I had no idea their wedding was planned so quickly after the engagement. It was less than a month away, and there was still a big list of wedding todo’s (i.e., find a dress), not to mention a baby to take care of. On the wedding front, Leah tried on dress after dress, and the more expensive they got, the more her sister cooed over how perfect they were. But both Leah and Corey’s moms were less than thrilled, reminding her that there would be more costs on top of a dress she’d wear once in her life. But with a 30 percent discount — which I’m sure the shop was happy to offer in the name of publicity — and Leah’s pretty-pretty-please face, she got the dress of her dreams for a cool $1,000.

Back in reality, Ali received her adorable glasses, and even though they looked like a Happy Meal prize, they worked. She was finally high-fiving Corey, which was all sorts of adorable. The good news kept rolling in when Leah and Corey got word that Ali’s MRI came up normal. The caveat was that she may have a syndrome, which meant a visit to a geneticist. Less than enthused about the doctor’s wait-and-see approach, Leah booked an appointment with a different doctor for two days before the wedding. Sometimes Leah can seem so young, like when she fawns over Corey or reverts to her childish ways with her mom, but in that moment, she was all grown up. The wedding was small beans compared to the health of her daughter, she said. To give her some hope, Corey bet Leah that Ali could, in fact, roll over from her back to her belly — something she struggled with in the past. And she did it! Virtual high five, Ali!


Jenelle impressed me last night. Much like Leah, her priorities were in check. Now that she was living at home, she worked, went to school, and tried to mend the broken relationship with her mother. On top of that, she actually coherently expressed to her mother what was bothering her. Admittedly, when they agreed to respect each other more, Jenelle opted for a handshake over a hug. But there were no slammed doors or raised voices. Progress!

But then, of course, everything got messed up. Jenelle made a quick trip to the store with Jace in tow, which was against Barbara’s rules of not taking the baby outside. When Barb returned and found Jace’s seat in the car, that handshake seemed like a distant memory. She was furious that Jenelle hadn’t asked permission, and said that this was essentially the last straw; the next step would be calling the police. Had Jenelle taken better care of her baby from the beginning, she said, she wouldn’t have all these stringent rules to follow. I understand where Barb was coming from, but she should know by now that forcing a girl like Jenelle to follow so many rules will only drive her away.

And that’s quite literally what Jenelle did: She drove to Jersey. Between missing her man (she hadn’t seen him in two days!) and the most recent argument with her mom, Jenelle decided to ask Kieffer, “Why not drive to New Jersey and just leave everything?” Hmm…well, I can think of a few reasons why not. But under the influence of Kieffer, she thought this was some great idea. So she packed her backpack under the guise of a trip to a Myrtle Beach concert and blindly went out, not noticing (caring?) that Jace was running after her. She then went to go pick up her other baby, Kieffer, who was randomly waiting on the side of a road for her. I’m all for adventurous road trips, but this had bad idea written all over it.

NEXT: A “fun” trip to the carnivalChelsea

Things with Adam were spiraling downward — and quickly. He was late on child support, played Call of Duty instead of watching Aubree, and was living in Chelsea’s home rent-free. This would’ve been the perfect opportunity to vent to Megan, but seeing as how Chelsea screwed over her best friend, that wasn’t really an option. So she called over her other friend Tiffany, who also has a baby. Um, why have we not seen more of Tiffany? They clearly have something in common. During their playdate, Tiffany’s baby and Aubree got frisky on the couch, which was at least more amusing than watching Adam and Chelsea’s relationship collapse. Also, during the date, Tiffany suggested that Chelsea, Adam, and Aubree triple-date to the carnival with her, her boyfriend and their baby. A carnival! What could be more fun and therapeutic for a failing relationship, right?

Suffice it to say, things went badly. Adam didn’t want to hold Chelsea’s hand. He waved to a girl he had hooked up with. Finally, he admitted that he hadn’t even wanted to come the carnival. What a buzz kill. Things continued to unravel at home. Adam called Chelsea a “f—— b—–” for no reason and hung out with this friends until 4 in the morning. Chelsea, fearful that he might be cheating again, decided that she had enough. “Everybody cheats,” Adam assured her. Apparently the five times he had cheated weren’t actually that much. And let’s add more salt to the wound, shall we? He told Chelsea that if she had been nicer, he probably wouldn’t have cheated. Their relationship pretty much ended right there, though the vague breakup gives me worry that they’ll get back together.


It was a beautiful, sunny day, and when Jo met up with Kailyn, he had this to say: “You don’t deserve to be outside enjoying the sun. You should be in a cave.” Kailyn realized it was now or never, so she told Jo about Jordan. And so he kicked her out of his house. “Oh, yeah, and you’re a whore,” he added.

Homeless yet again, Kailyn mustered up the courage to ask her mom for shelter. I say “courage” because Kailyn and her mom have a sordid history. If you remember, she didn’t offer Kailyn shelter when she really needed it in the past. So naturally, my jaw practically dropped when her mom said to come on over, that she could stay as long as she needed. I’m not sure what the change was, but I’m guessing maybe Kailyn’s mom and that boyfriend of hers broke up.

They worked out basic house rules and a babysitting schedule for Isaac, which miraculously included Jo’s brother, Junior, who was willing to babysit. But then there was the matter of Kailyn’s belongings, which were still nestled inside Jo’s house. Jo had no problem getting them back to her — but he wanted his $600 first. To be honest, that sounded pretty fair. How long was it going to take her to pay that money back? And she did pretty much go behind his back to date someone else. “She played him pretty dirty,” Janet, Jo’s mom, told Kailyn’s mom, who attempted to pick up Kailyn’s things. She also demanded that money first. Kailyn’s mom called the cops. But as you’d expect, there was little they could do. The cops made it clear that they don’t have to force Jo to do anything. But the one piece of advice they did offer to both Jo and Kailyn was to file for child custody because until they went to court, Jo could keep Isaac indefinitely.

What did you guys think of the episode? What do you think is next for Chelsea and Adam? And how do you think Jenelle’s road trip will pan out?

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