Kailyn and Jenelle try to find their own places, Chelsea misses her beauty school deadline, and Leah gets a mixed bag of news
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Last night’s episode showed us the growing divide between the independent and dependent moms. In one corner, we had Kailyn and Jenelle, who are struggling to break out on their own with new homes and a solid education. And in the other corner were Chelsea, who constantly looks to her dad, best friend, or boyfriend; and Leah, who seems about as ready for marriage as she is for another baby.


After announcing to Jo and his parents last week that she was planning to move out on her own and take Isaac with her, Kailyn is making some headway. Jo’s mom was supportive, which was surprising at first since her moving out meant breaking up their family, but then I realized that she was probably just happy to end the constant fighting at home. Off Kay went to look at apartments. Unfortunately, there was nothing in her $400-a-month budget. Well, nothing that would accommodate her and Isaac. It wasn’t just about getting a decent place for a baby. There were other questions to consider: Would she be able to fit a bed and a crib? Could she afford to give Isaac a bath? And so she decided that she’d need a second job to cover the costs. Jo tried his darnedest — which meant barely — to get them all to move out together. Call me cynical, but I think it’s more about a bruised ego to Jo. Kailyn dumped him, and he just didn’t like not having the last word.

Oh, but then he got his last word — and he added in some choice four-letter words along with it. Kailyn had texted him that she’d found a hostess gig and was ready to move out with Isaac. Jo replied with a horrific message filled with hateful words, in which he also spitefully proclaimed that he regretted having a child with her. Would Kailyn cry, especially after he reiterated the message – as if she didn’t catch it the first time – when they came face-to-face? Surprisingly, she didn’t. In fact, the text only made her even more determined to keep her priorities — herself, her baby, and her education — in check. You go, Kay!


Is Chelsea driving anyone else insane? I’d just about had it right from the beginning of the episode, when she reunited with ex-roommate Megan. Things (obviously) haven’t been great at home, with Adam constantly out working on his cars, so when Megan came to reclaim the last of her things, it wasn’t that surprising to hear Chelsea whine about missing her “BFFF” (Best F—— Friend Forever). This girl always needs someone as her security blanket, no? It was actually Megan who first put it out there that she still wants to be friends. (Nooooo! Did you not learn your lesson, Megan?) Once she knew where Megan stood, Chelsea needed some reassurance, asking, “You’re not mad at me?” Megan told her that technically yes, they could be friends, but it wasn’t going to be easy with Adam in the picture. Well, who cared about the actual problem, Adam. So long as she’s not mad at you, right, Chelsea?

NEXT: Chelsea asks for Adam’s help, and Jenelle goes house hunting

Sometimes Adam is busy working on cars (what does that actually mean?), while other times he’s sleeping, but at no point have we seen him help with Aubree so Chelsea could study. Surprise, surprise, Chelsea didn’t finish her high school courses in time to start beauty school, so she pondered whether a GED, known to Adam as a “Good Enough Diploma,” would suffice. The admissions director at her beauty school said it would, but the real question now was whether she could even get that done. She asked Adam for help, and he replied with a non-answer. So: Will he or won’t he? I’m putting a good billion dollars on “No.” When Chelsea filled her dad in on everything, he gave her a hefty dose of tough love (finally!). “If there was a pause button, I’d probably push it right now,” Chelsea said. “If there was a rewind button,” her dad said, “I would’ve pushed it a long time ago.” Burn.


Jenelle and Kieffer had worn out their welcome as semipermanent houseguests, but the only place they could go was his friend’s grandmother’s home. (Jenelle had been choosing beau over best friends lately, so her friends didn’t want to play host.) My question is: Was this grandmother a saint? Did she know what she was getting herself into? Anyway, apparently the joke was on us, because Jenelle and Kieffer had big plans to find a place in Wilmington, where Jenelle attends college. It’d be funded by Jenelle’s college loan, so naturally, Kieffer was on board. But they also schemed about each getting jobs, bringing Jace to live with them, and getting on with their happy, hemp-wearing lives. When Jenelle told her mom about the plans, it was the closest we’d seen her and her mother physically without any combat.

The apartments they saw were good enough, but definitely required more money than the cash-strapped couple had. The two went on a job hunt, and while Jenelle secured a waitress job at a local restaurant, Kieffer came back empty-handed. But I have to wonder just how much he tried; I don’t really see “motivation” plastered on his face. I mean, the guy had trouble understanding Jenelle’s course load (i.e., math)! If he doesn’t find a job, he’ll have to move back to New Jersey. Judging by next week’s pot-smoking incident, I’d say his chances of staying aren’t looking so good.


As we previewed exclusively, Corey proposed to Leah with a ring that very well could’ve fallen to the bottom of the lake, where he popped the question. “Only a redneck like Corey would’ve done something like [propose in the middle of a lake],” Leah’s mom said. I’m starting to like her mom more and more. She wasn’t totally on board with the engagement and neither was Leah’s friend, who thought it was too fast. “How long did I wait for this?!” Leah posed rhetorically. Well, she is a teenager…so I’m guessing five years?

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The reality of it all came only when she and Corey met with her family pastor, who, after agreeing to marry them, brought up the fact that Ali’s medical conditions could complicate their relationship down the line. This point was driven home when Leah noticed that Ali’s eyes were now crossing. A doctor explained that Ali has trouble focusing, a problem possibly linked to her premature birth. Even worse, the bigger issue at hand might be some sort of brain defect.

For now, prescription glasses were the answer. Ali got an adorable pair, which will undoubtedly chafe and itch. It’s hard watching those scenes, considering how generally happy and wide-eyed Ali is at all times. Leah could barely get a word out when telling her mom about the situation. “I just want her to be okay,” Leah said tearfully.

How do you guys feel about these Leah-Ali scenes? And what did you think of the episode? Do you think Kailyn will succeed in her mission for independence? And will Chelsea and Adam ever get it together?

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