From money woes to house evictions, the girls struggle with getting their education on track
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Coincidentally or not, it seems like each episode of Teen Mom 2 now follows a specific theme. Last week, we saw the girls fight to keep their broken families intact. This week, it was all about the fight for their education. I’d like to think it’s by chance that the episodes are starting to feel like real-life after-school specials, but I do miss how the original Teen Mom portrayed each girl’s individual struggles, whether it was money (Farrah), family (Amber), or ex-boyfriends (Maci). It seems less compelling now that I can lump their problems into one category per week. Of course, all the moms have different avenues for approaching their shared problem, so let’s see where their paths took them:


I can’t remember the last time I saw Jo and Kailyn speak to each other in anything that wasn’t shouting, let alone kissing, but things between them were clearly better than before at the beginning of last night’s episode. That quasi-relationship would be tested, though, now that Kailyn had started school. They couldn’t afford a babysitter, despite Jo’s full-time job, but they managed to get Kailyn’s friend’s mother to watch the baby. That’s right, not Kailyn’s mom, but her friend’s mom. While Kailyn attended classes, Jo was being uncharacteristically helpful with baby duty (a.k.a. being a father). But his parents were less than pleased with the constant bickering between Kailyn and Jo. “We all have a long day at work,” Jo’s mom told a complaining Kailyn. Amen, sister. It’s more than a miracle that they were willing to take in two tempestuous, aimless teens for as long as they did. Well, that is, until Jo’s dad kicked him out for spouting some unfilmed, undoubtedly disrespectful argument. But it wasn’t just Jo who was out. By default, that meant Kailyn was out. And Isaac too, because we all know Jo is too bullheaded to let his baby have a safe home. While he stayed with his aunt in Newark, Kailyn crashed at her friend’s place until she and Jo met up the following day. Jo reiterated in his signature unromantic way that he wanted to go back to the three of them being a family. But while he was gone, Kailyn told Isaac the truth: She wanted her own place.


Summer was over, and surprise, surprise, Jenelle hadn’t saved enough money to pay for school. Even if her mom had the money, I highly doubt she’d cough up any for her daughter’s tuition. So Jenelle went the last place she could — and the one place Kailyn didn’t turn to — the financial aid office. But her mother had temporary custody of Jace; Jenelle was still considered a dependent and would have to ask her mother for paperwork. Knowing her mom, it’d probably be easier to get that paperwork if it were dangling in a lion’s mouth. But Barbara agreed — and gave Jenelle the wrong form. All hell broke loose soon after, when Jenelle gave Barbara all of a few minutes — or so it seemed — to get the correct papers.

NEXT: Jenelle finally opens up.

I have my opinions about Jenelle, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She said that she wasn’t asking for much, just a form for school. She explained to Kieffer that she makes her painful relationship with her mom sound funny because it helps her cope. I felt bad…but not for long. Soon she was back to her delinquent ways, missing her 10 a.m. babysitting call time. Instead she was wrapped in Kieffer’s arms (gross) at her friend’s place. When she finally did come home, Jenelle got the verbal whipping of a lifetime. And that’s when she finally gave us something for us to connect to. “I’m sick of being yelled at…I feel like I have no one. No one loves me. My mom never even tells me she loves me. No one tells me they love me. No one hugs me,” she cried to Kieffer, who kind of ruined her moment by mouthing off that “the past is history and the future is a mystery and now’s a gift. That’s why they call it the present.” I can admire his attempt to comfort, but I just can’t get behind this guy. But for now, Kieffer was the only person. Jenelle vowed to prove to her mom that she could be a better mother than she ever was.


Things were supposed to be peachy keen now that Leah had her family together in one place, but of course, they weren’t. She was an hour away from her friends and family, and with Corey away at work all day, Leah was relegated to their house. She spent her time taking care of the twins and doing…well, nothing else, really. She dreamed of nursing school and pursuing a life outside her home, but that was proving difficult with Corey’s lack of support. It all came to a head during dinner with Leah’s mom and stepdad, who warned Corey that without his help, Leah’s aspirations would never come to fruition. “Don’t go into stuff blind,” her stepdad said. Hmm, he does know that she got pregnant with her boyfriend of three months, right? Her mom wasn’t mum on the subject either, telling Leah that she had to deal with being at home if Corey was the one working. True to some extent, but was it too much to ask Corey to be able to handle the twins on the rare occasion that Leah was out? If last night’s example of his babysitting skills was a litmus test, then I’m sorry, Leah, but you might have to put those dreams of nursing school on hold for now.


We had already previewed the checklist Chelsea made for Adam, and it was filled with all sorts of gems like “He can’t cheat on me anymore” and “He needs to pick me and Aubree over vehicles.” And if those weren’t red flags already, Chelsea freely acknowledged that Adam was “an a–” to Megan and that her dad would be none too happy about their living situation.

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Cheater, car-lover over Aubree-lover, friend- and father-hater — Jenelle’s Kieffer looks so promising right now. Chelsea warned Adam not to make her regret the move-in, which was an empty threat if I ever saw one. But in he went, with his T-shirts on hangers in tow. Adam, Aubree, and Chelsea seemed genuinely happy, even considering the war zone that is their bedroom.

But while home life was swell (for the time being), Chelsea’s schoolwork was taking a tumble. I have to apologize (virtually) to Adam for making him out to be the roadblock in Chelsea’s education. She took a trip to the nail salon instead of studying, so clearly, Chelsea is her own worst enemy. I suppose her dad is the bad guy too. He popped over to Chelsea’s house whilst she got her nails done and spied Adam’s clothes. He was “kind of” living there, Chelsea said, trying to pass it off as if it were no biggie. Because he is the softy that he is (and the too-supportive dad that he is), all her dad had to say was that Adam has to start chipping in. Really? That’s all you got, Dad? But, thank the MTV gods, it looks like next week Adam’s true colors come (back) out.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode? Do you think Kailyn and Jo will get back together? Did you feel sorry for Jenelle at all? And does anybody agree with me about the slightly too coincidental thematic overtones in this season of Teen Mom?

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