Leah and Corey take a big step, Chelsea's dad finds out about Adam, and Jenelle gets a boyfriend.
Chelsea And Aubree
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Most of the girls on 16 & Pregnant and the original Teen Mom just wanted normalcy — the ability to go out with friends, attend school, and live for themselves. But it seems that this season’s batch of moms just wants one happy family, and last night we saw their dreams get even more idealistic with a new house (Leah), a relationship reunion (Chelsea), and the hope to take things back to happier times (Kailyn). Let’s see how it all went down:


It was a day at the beach, quite literally and figuratively, for Leah and Corey. The couple started things off with a trip to the shore, where Corey temporarily used the girls’ bikini top as a face mask, and Ali threw up and still managed to melt our hearts. (Is it me, or does Ali seem like the happiest child EVER?) “I’m so glad that the girls brought us back together,” Leah beamed, putting on that baby-girl voice she often does with Corey. But she wasn’t alone, because the family outing gave Corey some perspective. He liked their situation and he wanted more of it, so he suggested that they live together with the babies in a new home, another part of that “fresh start” he kicked off with last week’s July 4th boat ride. Corey was as happy as his blank face could show us, while Leah was giddy like the little girl she actually is. She wasn’t going to let anyone rain on her parade, not even her mother, who wasn’t a fan of them shacking up so quickly. Mom said it was too fast, which was fairly accurate for a couple who spent one day house-hunting and signed a lease on the spot. But, as Leah said, it was almost a moot point with twin babies involved. And with that, their ever-supportive friends and family came over to paint the walls, cement the driveway, and load the furniture into their home. “Yay!” Leah cooed. “Yaaaa!” Ali warbled back.


As expected, Adam was quickly reverting to the bad influence he always has been, but under the guise of the “good dad.” Chelsea had less than a month to complete her high school credits so she could start beauty school, and there was Adam, who wasn’t encouraging her to finish or picking up the parenting slack so she could concentrate. Still, blinded by the fact that she finally had the family she’d always dreamed of, Chelsea went to the zoo with Adam and Aubree. “One time I went to the zoo and saw ostriches doing it,” she said. Oh, Chelsea, you just reminded me how young you are. But she wasn’t letting this new life slide past her dad, who apparently had ears within the community telling him that Adam was back in the picture. “Why on God’s green earth would you get back with him?” he asked Chelsea. Our thoughts exactly. “It makes me sick… There’s no way in hell you could love him… You know it’s wrong… It’s just a bad decision,” Dad continued. But Chelsea gave the dumb, obvious response — she just wasn’t “over” him yet. Pops was now wise to her act and dropped by a few times unexpectedly, and on one such occasion, Adam happened to be in the house. All members of the party — Chelsea, Adam, Dad, and even Megan — did a little dance to avoid each other. Shuffle to the left and Dad was in the basement. Shuffle to the right and Adam was out the door. It was quite impressive, actually. Even more impressive was how calm her dad seemed about it all. I wonder how he’ll take the news that Adam wants to move into the home he’s paying for — that is, if Chelsea tells him.

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For Kailyn, it seems like when one part of her life is up, the other is inevitably down. Like when her relationship with Jordan was blossoming, things with her mother, Jo, and surrogate parents were circling the drain. Now that things with Jordan were off, her relationship with Jo was amicable (an upgrade from caustic), but her education and finances were taking a sudden tip. Between shopping for school supplies and getting the breakdown of her tuition costs (five monthly payments of $320), Kailyn could barely come up for air from the weight on her shoulders. She got an extra shift at work and babysitting help from her usually unhelpful mom, but in the end, Jo was the only person she could turn to for a loan of $600. I thought Jo had turned over a new leaf when he wanted their relationship to be right again. But then, when Kailyn asked for the money, he responded, “Are you going to pay me back? Double?” That is so like Jo; give him an inch of a chance to show kindness and he gives you a mile of snide and nasty.


Jenelle seemed to really turn her life around. She had a job, went home on Friday nights (!), and took care of Jace by herself (!!) on Saturdays. And then she messed everything up. Last night, she swapped her usual at-home Friday for a night out with friends. There, she met Kieffer, a high school dropout who was even more obnoxious and audacious than the previews had teased. She stayed out until the morning and waltzed in tired, with a headache and feeling nauseated. She wasn’t hungover, she swore. Oh, and did I mention her neck was also dotted with hickeys? This Kieffer kid is super classy. “Your mother is a bad girl,” Jenelle’s mom sang to Jace. “Bad bad bad.” So bad, in fact, that her mother took away her Saturday babysitting privileges, forcing Jenelle to realize just how much she had messed up. Instead of cleaning up her act and apologizing to her mother, Jenelle decided to hang out with Kieffer again, and the two licked their ice cream cones while talking about alligators. “There’s something about this guy I really like,” confessed Jenelle, who hadn’t even introduced him to Jace yet. Hmm, could it be his slacker wardrobe? His vagabond mentality? His ability to do “so many things”? I’m not sure.

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Jenelle’s mother was equally unimpressed, frowning with sadness at the sight of the hickey-producing machine her daughter had brought home. To be fair, I can’t imagine Barbara liking anyone, but either way, now wasn’t really the time for Jenelle to be starting up a relationship. She had school on the horizon, and considering how good a student she apparently is — anyone else surprised? — it could very well mess up her chance to get her life (and her son) back.

What did you guys think about last night’s episode? How do you think Kailyn will solve her money issues? Thoughts on Kieffer? And which mom’s story is shaping up to be your favorite?

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