Chelsea tries to see the good in Adam, Jenelle cleans up her act and Kailyn faces a weighty decision
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As 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom have shown us, one of the biggest problems facing these girls is the difficulty in acknowledging their new lives. Partying? Friends? The luxury of doing whatever, whenever? Those things are sacrificed when they bring a child into this world at their age. I’m used to screaming at the TV whenever they make selfish decisions, but last night, we saw all four girls do what was best for their child, not just what was best for them. Kudos, girls! (Well, maybe not you, Chelsea.) Let’s see how they fared.


Last week we saw Chelsea reconnect with Adam, and considering how googly-eyed she got at the mere notion of “one big, happy family,” it was no surprise that she was more than OK with him back again this week. Somehow evading the voice of reason, a.k.a. Megan, he was hanging around the house more, helping teach Aubree to crawl and talk. (I find it so sad that Aubree can say “dada” and not “mama.”) Sigh. Still, since Chelsea was in the midst of finishing her high school degree, it was good that Adam had come back into the picture. She would need help with the baby in order to finish on time and start beauty school in a few months. But even though she talked about dropping Adam if he so much as spouted one negative thing about her or their baby, Chelsea was in her happy place. She noticed that Aubree was happier when they were all together, although I find it hard to believe that Adam’s few appearances had bolstered Aubree’s spirits. (Aubree seemed like a pretty happy baby anyway, right?) The piece de la resistance for Chelsea was seeing Adam feeding Aubree on the porch. Swoon! He fed their baby! And he changed her diaper — eight times! Um, Adam, you’re a parent. That’s what you’re supposed to do. No prizes will be doled out for this one. But sadly for Chelsea, it put her back in googly-eyed territory — seemingly for good.


The shock of Ali’s potentially life-changing medical condition was still burning in Leah’s mind, but there was little she could do for the time being. Since Ali was so young, an MRI would have to wait two months, but the waiting game proved all the more crushing for Leah, who began to think that her petite frame had affected Ali. [Tissues, please.] Both her mom and Corey tried to dissuade Leah from thinking that way, to say nothing of the possibility that Ali might never walk. Like Chelsea, Leah wanted to get back together with her baby’s father. But unlike Chelsea’s relationship with Adam, Leah and Corey’s relationship was grounded in a deep caring for each other.

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It was during a bowling date with Leah that Corey realized he wanted to take things (back) to the next level, which Leah coyly made sure meant “boyfriend-girlfriend.” But there were certainly things to think about. What I couldn’t understand was why Leah made such a big deal about Corey dating other girls a few weeks ago. Not to get all Ross Gellar, but they were on a break! In fact, they were broken up. And Leah was the one who cheated; Corey just utilized his single-man free rein. But because these two are such adults, the conversation about Corey’s recent dalliances was a dialogue, not a fight, and pretty soon they were off to a family cookout before getting time to themselves for some July 4th fireworks. As a surprise, Corey arranged for them to go on a boat ride during the show, saying the surprise was their fresh start. Leah, for one, was stunned with happiness. They kissed, they hugged, and for a second, Leah was finally able to forget about the medical drama plaguing the rest of her life.


My, my, Jenelle has come a long way from the profanity-spouting, mother-shoving girl she was in the season premiere, hasn’t she? Last night, she looked for jobs to prove to her mom that she could take care of herself. When she had no luck finding jobs, she realized that maybe her baby would be better off in Barbara’s custody. Shockingly, she signed over temporary custody to her mom. She explained that she didn’t want to be like her dad, who left her after so many cherished memories of playtime. To be fair, there was lots of pressure to do the right thing — she didn’t look very good in the eyes of the courthouse. She eventually got a job at a local pub, and used her earnings to buy toys for Jace and, more importantly, clothes for herself. I imagine it took Jenelle all the strength in the world not to talk back to her mom, who criticized her for spending too much money and wouldn’t allow her to take Jace to the fireworks. At the same time, knowing Jenelle, I know this can’t last. I’m thinking World War III is not too far off.


The scent of eau de awkward continued to reek in Jo’s house until Kailyn decided to have a sit-down with her surrogate parents. I really do side with the parents on this one. Besides the fact that it was too much, too soon for Kailyn to jump into another relationship, it seemed disrespectful to do so while living under their roof. Sure, it wasn’t Kailyn’s fault that her own mother was completely MIA, but as every Teen Mom has realized, it always comes back to: What’s best for the baby? A new boyfriend probably wasn’t. Kailyn tried to make them see that she wasn’t trying to go behind their backs, but Jo’s mom is no fool. “I wish you would’ve thought about that before you blathered it all over Facebook,” she said. “It’s your life, but don’t take my grandson down with you.”

Like Jenelle and Chelsea, Kailyn was beginning to wonder just how she was going to juggle everything. For starters, how would she go to school and take care of Isaac? How would she date Jordan and find a new place to live? And how would she even get around without Jo’s car? Well, at least her mom helped her with the last bit by offering up her old car. Wheels are great, but some emotional support would probably serve Kailyn better right now. Still, even without support, Kailyn managed to see that in order to provide a safe environment for Isaac, she would need to break up with Jordan. Considering his lack of emotional tone at any given time, it was hard to gauge whether Jordan was upset or just flipping through a magazine. Kailyn, however, was upset and tried to mask it as best she could by keeping the call short. And as we did with all of the other Teen Moms last night, we ended with Kailyn watching fireworks. Not with her baby, unfortunately. Not with Jo, either, and not with his parents. Nope, she was watching fireworks with … Jo’s cousin? Oh man, this girl is all sorts of lonely.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode? How do you feel about Chelsea and Adam reuniting? And do you believe that Jenelle has turned over a new leaf?

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