Chelsea reunites with her ex, Jenelle faces a looming custody battle, and Leah gets devastating news about one of her twins
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On last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, everyone had something to hide, for reasons of embarrassment (Chelsea, who invited that awful boyfriend to her house), sadness (Leah, who learned about Ali’s potentially life-changing condition) or pride (Jenelle, who asked to be taken back in). Let’s see how the girls fared.


Isn’t it just grand when you live with your friends and can drink soda straight out of the bottle? Such is life for Chelsea except for, er, the whole baby thing. As expected, she was finding it hard to live with an untethered roommate who had the freedom to go out. That, coupled with the fact that she has been desperate to find a companion, led Chelsea to give in to her ex-boyfriend’s texts. But while Chelsea forgot about his profanity-laden text, Megan certainly did not. “I don’t think so,” she said after Chelsea said he might come to their house. I initially had doubts about Megan as a roommate. Would she actually be okay with a baby in the house? Would she be able to handle it? That remains to be seen, but what was clear was, that unlike the other Teen Mom friends, Megan actually speaks up. She doesn’t just listen when her friend makes a bad decision; she gives her opinion, which just so happens to coincide with my own.

But there was little Megan could do when Chelsea gave her, oh, a five-minute warning that Adam was on his way over. Once there, it was no surprise that he claimed he had changed — but it was of course in that teenage way where nothing has changed at all. “I started missing you,” he said. “I think it’s time to change. It’s time to grow up a lot.” Even if the promos hadn’t already shown us otherwise, it wasn’t hard to predict that Adam’s confession wasn’t true. Chelsea attempted to sound dubious about his transformation — probably because she knew Megan would grill her about it — but it was all for naught. By the end of the episode, they weren’t back together, but were certainly headed down that treacherous road. “What the f— just happened?” Megan asked after Adam left. Oh, Megan, I’d like to know myself. I’d also like to know why Chelsea’s father can spring for a nice house but not a crib for Aubree. Get that baby off the sleeping bag!


The custody battle raged on between Jenelle and her mother, and in the interim Jenelle had flown the coop, crashing at her friend Amber’s house, where the two sat on a couch outside, which reminded me of another teen pregnancy. With a court hearing looming, Jenelle knew she’d be better off with her own lawyer, as opposed to the court-appointed one, but what she didn’t know was just how expensive her own attorney would be (a $5,000 retainer fee plus $200 per hour, to be exact). That was when she realized just how serious her mom was, and just how easily Jace could be taken away — especially since she admitted to dabbling in marijuana.

NEXT: Jenelle asks for forgiveness.

It all became too much for Jenelle to handle, and with that, she pushed her tail between her legs and called her mom to ask if she could come back home. Barbara did let her back in, but not without telling her daughter that the custody case was still in action and that she’d be out for good if she screwed up again.


Tensions between Kailyn and Jo were mounting, and frankly, it’s getting harder and harder to watch them on screen together. Even an innocent trip to the pool with Isaac turns into a bitter, terse conversation. Faced with Jo’s insults (“I don’t hate you yet; I just dislike you” and “When are you moving out?”), Kailyn decided to take her co-worker Jordan up on his offer of a date. (Besides, “dumb” people like Jordan can be fun, Kailyn’s friend told her.) Playing it a little too cool a little too quickly, Jordan told her that he was more than ready to hang out with both her and Isaac: “It’s like buy one, get one free.” I like your gung ho attitude, Jordan, but let’s face it, dates and casual boyfriends don’t have a great track record on Teen Mom.

And although dating Jordan provided a nice reprieve, Kailyn was still nervous about not telling Jo about her new relationship. The easy fix? Put it on Facebook, natch! And so her status went from “Single” to “In a Relationship” with the click of a smartphone button. Since we all know how quickly Facebook news flies — who even reads real news these days? — not only did Jo find out, but his parents were in on the gossip too. But while Jo just seemed angry that he didn’t find his own relationship first, his parents were more upset that she was moving too fast. And though I didn’t expect it, they even said, backhandedly, that it wasn’t right for her to date other people and live in their house. Remember how Kailyn said last week how awkward it was to be living in the house post-break? Methinks things are going to get a lot more awkward.


The biggest worry in Leah’s life has seemed to revolve around her disintegrating relationship with Corey, but all that came to a halt last night when Leah noticed an abnormality with baby Ali’s feet and hands. Her mother, a nurse, told her bluntly that it definitely wasn’t normal and that a doctor’s appointment was in order. Now, of course Corey would come with her, right? Sadly, no. He used the excuse that he couldn’t get out of work, but it seemed more like he couldn’t get out of the bitter barn. Fortunately, his dad and stepmom stepped in to take Leah to the appointment, where the doctor gave them the disconcerting prognosis that there was clearly a deficit and that an MRI needed to be done on Ali’s entire spine. I couldn’t decide which was more heartbreaking: Leah, crying and saying “My baby shouldn’t have to deal with this,” or Ali, smiling while sprawled on the bed in the clinic. But if anything, it gave both Leah and Corey some much-needed perspective. They made a promise to end their drama because — and here’s the tearjerker — that’s the last thing their baby needs. Are they seriously teenagers? Their maturity levels are currently flying off the charts!

What did you guys think of the episode? How do you think Jenelle’s custody battle will end? And is it wrong for Kailyn to stay with Jo’s family while dating someone else?

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