Leah gets hitched, Chelsea celebrates Aubree's birthday, Kailyn finalizes her joint custody, and Jenelle has a run-in with the law
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On last night’s season finale, we saw some of the girls make leaps and bounds (Leah), while others seemed to fall deeper and deeper into bad decisions (Jenelle). In between the two extremes were Chelsea and Kailyn, who continued to deal with their baby-daddy issues and whose stories encapsulated the difficulty of single parenthood. I laughed, I cried, I squealed when I saw Ali. Here’s what went down:


It was Aubree’s first birthday, so Chelsea was busy getting all her ducks in a row for the party. The theme? Leopard. The color scheme? Hot pink. My sympathy for the single mom? Waning. But there were bigger fish to fry than a house party. Adam hadn’t contacted Chelsea, not even to see Aubree, and still hadn’t removed his car from the driveway or his belongings from her house. Of course Chelsea didn’t have the guts to do anything about it, so her dad had to step in to get Adam’s truck towed. Since physical violence against Adam would be less than kosher, this car towing must’ve been a nice piece of vengeance for Randy. But I thought the timing was a little off. A ploy to squash Adam right before little Aubree’s big birthday? Isn’t that just asking for an inappropriate fight during the leopard party? Well, actually no. Adam didn’t call, drive over, or send a scathing text. Party time!

Aubree loved the celebration, though I think Chelsea was more excited because it gave her an opportunity to rock an all-leopard look. (Note: It’s not a good look, Chelsea…on anyone.) As the party died down and her parents went home, Adam finally showed up, looking for his car and motor. Did he not see the text? Aren’t teens glued to their phones and text-messaging plans these days? (I’m 25 going on 65, apparently.) Either way, he didn’t know and he was mad. But after an earlier chat with her sister, who’d called Chelsea out for constantly running back to Adam, Chelsea stood her ground. It probably helped that her friends were by her side so she couldn’t give in, but I’ll let her have it. She gave him very terse answers, and so Adam stormed off, calling Chelsea a “f—ing b—-.” Chelsea immediately dialed Rand-a-licious, who suggested that if Adam came again, she should call the police.

So as expected, what was supposed to be a happy, momentous birthday party devolved into more Adam drama. The most troubling part of it all was that Adam was concerned more with his motor than Aubree. Her friends tried to lift her spirits, telling her that he didn’t deserve Aubree and that they were proud of her for not calling him. Their support paired with the overall emotion surrounding the birthday started to get to Chelsea. She’d essentially raised Aubree by herself, and it finally hit her — she’d proved everyone wrong. She could raise a baby — a happy, giggly, beautiful baby.

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I suppose Leah and Corey’s wedding was supposed to be a highlight of the season, but it seemed pretty darn boring. She was nervous, they rehearsed, and then they were both nervous. But oh, the babies were cute! And Corey stood at the altar with a memento from his father – a knife he had carried in the Persian Gulf War – which seemed to be one of the sweeter moments of the whole shebang. Leah walked down the aisle in a shiny dress, big hair, and sparkly jewels. It’s probably cruel to knock a girl on her wedding day, but I have to say, Leah looked like she was playing dress-up in that outfit. Sartorial commentary aside, it was a sweet affair, with Leah flubbing her lines, which led to a case of the giggles, and the couple dancing with their twin girls on the dance floor. It was an optimistic note to end on, but given how the majority of their story focused on Ali’s health problems, I didn’t feel satisfied. Dr. Drew, help a recapper out!


Kailyn filed a joint custody agreement, and since then, she hadn’t heard a peep from Jo. To him, it was just a document stating what they had already agreed on verbally. He seemed so civil that Kailyn wondered whether a legal document was really necessary to dictate their relationship. But her mom wisely told Kailyn that the custody agreement was just a means of setting ground rules.

Kailyn also met up with Jordan that week. With that hairstyle change and beard, he was a dead ringer for Chris Pratt’s Andy from Parks and Recreation. But their conversation pretty much went like this:

Jordan: So what’s up this week?

Kailyn: Oh, not much, I just filed for joint custody of my son with my ex.

The life of a teen mom! By Friday, it was time for Kailyn and Jo’s mediation, where Jo brought up the point that he would like Friday mornings until Monday mornings – as opposed to Friday mornings to Sunday night – with Isaac once he starts preschool. Kailyn didn’t like the sound of this, but also wondered what the point of talking about it now was. Isaac’s schooling was still a few years away. That counterpoint turned into a signature Jo-Kailyn argument, during which he called her “mentally ill” and commented that he was surprised to see her in clothes given how poor she was. In the other corner, Kailyn affirmed that yes, she was better than Jo because she was going to college and would eventually get a better job. I can’t imagine their relationship has improved much given Jo’s anger issues, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see for sure. Any guesses?


Oh, Jenelle. We’ve seen so many lows from you this season, from not coming home at night and missing babysitting appointments to stealing credit cards and getting arrested. That last gem was the latest incident. Jenelle had wanted to see Kieffer despite their recent rift, so she met him at Mike’s family beach house. The problem was that Kieffer had actually been forbidden from the beach house. (The family finally caught on, I guess.)

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But of course, Kieffer and Jenelle are above any rules, so they went anyway. While Jenelle slept, Kieffer moved her car to a more discreet location, and by “move her car,” I mean “to snort cocaine.” The police came to the house at 2 a.m. and found and arrested Jenelle. Jenelle didn’t know where Kieffer had gone, but he wasn’t far; the police found him down the road and arrested him, too. She was charged with breaking and entering, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia. He was arrested for possession of cocaine. I’m not sure the writers could have scripted this even if they’d tried.

Jenelle called her mom that morning, tearfully explaining that she had been arrested. Wise enough to know not to ask her mom to bail her out, Jenelle had already asked her friend Amber for help. When Barbara got the news, she didn’t scream or give Jenelle a lecture. Instead, she seemed unfazed. This was just another hatch mark in Jenelle’s laundry list of life mistakes. Barbara said she would be allowed back in the house, but if she got back together with Kieffer, it would be over. Nice try, Barb. We know how empty your threats are.

While Kieffer was in jail, he used his phone call to ring Jenelle, not to say he was sorry or that he was upset, but to ask, “Are you gonna get me out?” Seriously? Not even Adam has ever made me this mad. Jenelle refused, telling Kieffer that he needed to think about what he had done to her, i.e., deserting her for cocaine.

In the meantime, Jenelle decided to make peace with her mother. She said she would pay the $790 balance on Barbara’s credit card and go to school. It was then that her mother broke down, admitting that she had been “totally stressed” from all of Jenelle’s shenanigans. It was nice to see Barbara in this vulnerable state only because our usual view of her is with mouth agape and screaming at her daughter. This was sad, of course, but it also seemed like a tipping point for their relationship. For what seemed like the first time, Jenelle apologized, told Barbara she loved her, and hugged her. It definitely seemed like the most genuine affection between the two, but I still didn’t believe Jenelle. I think she just felt it was the right thing to do on her path to recovery. Jenelle had hit a low, and this was the next course of action: Make up with Mom.

But that path to recovery is oh so short. Kieffer called once again, asking to be bailed out. Jenelle put up a fight and told him that he would need to change. Kieffer rationalized that he would need to get out of jail to change. Touché. The pangs of distance nagged at Jenelle, and pretty soon she bailed Kieffer out with $2,000 and her friend Ben, who was the age-appropriate 21 to cosign the bond. “I love you, but I’m still mad at you,” Jenelle said while hugging Kieffer. “I’m really mad at you.” So mad that you would do this to another person, all, reportedly, because of Kieffer? Hokay.

What did you guys think of the finale? And how about this season in general? How did it stack up against the original Teen Mom? What do you think about Jenelle’s story given the recent news of her newest arrest? Sound off below!

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