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The girls all hit turning points last night, from Chelsea pondering her relationship with Adam to Leah wondering whether marriage was in the cards right now. Let’s see how it all went down:


Last night, Kailyn seemed less stressed for once. She didn’t have to keep her relationship with Jordan covert, she and her mom were actually getting along, and Jo was acting like an adult. His parents were concerned about all the drama, and explained that in order to keep Isaac in his life, he needed to keep his relationship with Kail civil. And so Jo told her that he wanted no more drama in his life; she could pick up Isaac the following day, and when she had his $600, she could pick up her belongings, too. But there was also the issue of sharing Isaac. Who would keep him for how long? Yeesh, heavy talk for people under the age of 20. Anyway, I was more than a little surprised that Jo was content to keep the baby Friday through Sunday while Kailyn took weekdays. Why surprised, you ask? Well, as despicably as Jo talks to Kailyn, he seems to actually enjoy spending time with his baby. Unlike Adam, he’s actually responsible.

Later that week, Kailyn got her paycheck, which meant she finally had the $600 for Jo. Easy, right? Well, of course not. Jo made a snide comment that Kailyn should just get her things without going through the bags. Now, Kailyn probably wouldn’t have even bothered to rifle through her things, but the fact that Jo basically forbade her to do so added fuel to the fire. First, she said she could go through the bags if she wanted to, then he said no, then she didn’t sign the $600 check because he was rude, then he didn’t want to give her her things (again with the keeping of her things?), and then he demanded $30 for a babysitter. Finally, Kailyn’s mom intervened, and persuaded Kailyn to sign the check and Jo to give Kailyn her things. Oh, but Jo wouldn’t let Kail leave without calling her a b—- and slamming the door on her.


Now that Adam was gone, Chelsea was pretty lonely in the house. But as far as taking care of Aubree by herself? That was no different, because Adam never pitched in anyway. She had had time to think about everything that went down, and with that time for reflection came an epiphany: “If he really was with other girls, then I was right the whole time,” she told her dad, who gave the best “duh!” expression we’ve seen all season. He had said it before and he said it again last night: Chelsea had hoped for a fairy tale and wasn’t getting the storybook ending she so badly wanted. She wasn’t getting child support, either. Adam was about $2,000 behind in payment.

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And while Chelsea was using this time to reflect, Adam rode ATV-like bikes through the suburbs of South Dakota—as one does. He admitted he missed Aubree, but dang, he needed to get back his toolbox…and blazer! The important things in life. That being said, he was pretty happy overall. The greatest perk of the breakup was the fact that he didn’t have to be home every night. Score?

But Chelsea kept her emotions in check just in time for her birthday. And knowing her dad’s penchant for spoiling her and Chelsea’s whiny ways, we all figured a shiny toy would keep her occupied. She met her dad for dessert and used it as an opportunity to hit him up for a birthday gift. Specifically, she wanted to go to a Lady Gaga concert in Minnesota with Megan (they’ve since rekindled their relationship as BFFs) and another friend. “I know damn well I need a girls weekend,” she explained. Lest I sound like a finger-wagging adult, there is a different between want and need, and Chelsea, you live rent-free with your dad’s financial and emotional support. You do not need a Lady Gaga concert. My rants fell on deaf ears, of course, because Randy (“Randalicious,” as Chelsea disturbingly calls him) bought not only three tickets but a hotel room for the girls as well. It all made her streaky highlights and giant sunglasses that much more irritating last night.

While she was on the road, her commitment to girls weekend was tested when she saw that Adam had written on her Facebook wall that he missed her, loved her, and was sorry for “everything.” She immediately called Randalicious to give him the lowdown. Her dad suggested deleting it from Facebook and telling Adam to get his things (the toolbox and blazer!) out of the garage. Shockingly, Chelsea didn’t let the whole incident bother her (for now), and off the girls went to Gaga, sparkly tops and all.


Jenelle and Kieffer finally made it to the Holy Grail, otherwise known as New Jersey, to see Kieffer’s brother, who, whaddyaknow, was a whole lot like Kieffer. During a sushi dinner, Jenelle’s mom called and reamed her out for stealing her credit cards. Kieffer and Jenelle have no money—remember? So they thought it would be a smart idea to take Barbara’s credit cards because they’d pay her back immediately. Considering how tough it is for these two to make ends meet, their definition of “immediately” must be relative. But it didn’t matter to Jenelle’s mom. This was the last straw, and she told Jenelle she wouldn’t be allowed back into the house. “You gotta steal credit cards to make this guy happy?” she screamed. “You’re no longer a daughter of mine! You’ll never see your baby again!”

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When they were back in North Carolina, Jenelle and Kieffer were homeless but managed to score a roof over their heads by crashing at friend Mike’s beach house. (Who is Mike? Why is he open to having these two stay at his house on a moment’s notice?) But the next day, bullheaded Jenelle waltzed right back into her mom’s house. She didn’t have the credit cards and didn’t even explain why. Barbara, in her own form of retaliation, had mailed back Jenelle’s financial-aid form, which would now prevent Jenelle from receiving any loan money. And there they were: a daughter so deep in mistakes and emotional wreckage that she couldn’t see what she was doing, and a mother so distraught that she could no longer watch her daughter’s life go down the drain. “You ruin everything!” Barbara said. “Your life! Your kid!” Well, to Jenelle, her mom was ruining her life because all she wanted was to see her son. Fair enough, but we are so beyond the simplicity of that notion. God, Dr. Drew is going to eat.this.up on the reunion special.


The wedding was two weeks away, but Leah and Corey were massively behind schedule. Delaying everything, including the mailing of the invitations, were Ali’s looming health problems. Her appointment with a second doctor was a little more than a week away. That, paired with the wedding planning, was starting to overwhelm Leah. She didn’t have much time to dwell, though, because it was time for the bachelor and bachelorette parties! Corey and his friends drank, built a fire, and spit (of course), while Leah hosted a soiree at her mom’s house…with her mom there. I guess putting a condom on a banana in front of your mom was no big deal?

But things got a tad serious when Leah admitted that she had cold feet. “Marriages are like jobs,” one friend said. “You have to work at them constantly.” Helpful! “What if you miss out on something?” another asked. Not helpful. For Leah — the girl who had said that it was inevitable for things to move quickly when you get pregnant with twins at 16 — things were moving too quickly. She told Corey that they should’ve waited until Ali’s situation was under control before taking on such a big commitment, especially since they’ve been together for only three months. Corey was clearly not on the same page. He corrected her, saying that they had actually been together for two years, except for five months in between. Leah tried not to hurt Corey, but he was hurt and believed that if they didn’t get married now, he would feel awkward and unloved. Way to guilt someone into holy matrimony.

Did you guys like this episode? Whose story are you following most? And do you think Leah will follow through with the wedding?

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