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Gabby realized what I have preached all season — perception is reality. And the perception was that Christian was making all the moves and she was just along for the ride. So she needed to do something about it. And the biggest way to ensure that she was seen as a player in this game was to do the biggest move imaginable and take out the biggest threat… and her biggest partner.

“I want respect in this game. So what better way than to slay my number one ally,” reasoned Gabby. And therein lies the biggest question: Is it more important to have the respect if you get to the end, or the ally to help get you there? Christian would probably use some fancy-schmancy mathematical term to describe the calculus needed to determine the proper move here, but I drank too much King Cobra in my life to possibly understand all that mumbo-jumbo. Instead, I can only rely on my gut, and my gut tells me this was the right move for Gabby. It was aggressive, and perhaps a little too early because it would put a target right on her, but in a season in which everybody is making moves, you have to start resume building, and Gabby’s resume (whether justifiably so or not) was seen as a little thin compared to the others.

She needed to change this narrative and had she pulled it off, it would have done exactly that. No longer would Gabby be seen as a naïve, emotional mess pulled along by Christian. She would make the move so many others (Angelina, Mike, and several of the jurors) wanted to execute and couldn’t in getting Christian out. But she also couldn’t. Because of Davie. Davie wanted Christian to remain in as his shield so he wasn’t targeted next, so he blabbed about the plan, even though it screwed over what we at least assume to be his biggest ally in Nick.

Because of that tip-off, Christian played the idol. (He made a big show of studying people’s faces before playing it, but that could have been just that — a show.) And because Mike then came out with the deliciously dastardly plan to put votes on Gabby in case Christian played his idol, Gabby ended up going home.

On one hand, that sucks for her. On the other, can you think of a better way to go? She did not sit back and wait to be betrayed by others, which no doubt would have led to more tears. Instead, she did the betraying. Rather than be a passenger, she became the driver. Now, make no mistake, she drove the car off the road, causing it to explode, become engulfed in flames, and fly off a cliff where it exploded again upon impact below. BUT AT LEAST SHE WAS DRIVING THE DAMN CAR! You have to feel much better going out while trying to make a big move than just sitting back wishing you had done the striking before you got stuck. So good for Gabby.

Also interesting to note is that after turning the tide and getting the numbers advantage from the Goliaths, the Davids have now handed it right back. That might not seem like such a big deal, but I am not convinced the Goliaths won’t use that 4-3 numbers advantage at the next vote. After all, you could make the point that the biggest threats to win are all Davids: Christian, Nick, and Davie. The Goliaths could unite over that to send one of them home.

I would throw another name in there as a big threat to win: Mike. He has played a super-stealthy game — the kind that doesn’t leap off the screen at first, but will be respected should he make it to the end. And don’t forget, the guy is a professional writer and actor. Would you want to sit next to that at the final Tribal Council? This dude crafts great stories for a living. And then acts them out. No way I’m sitting next to Ned Freakin’ Schneebly. (Plus, did you see how hot his boyfriend is? This guy wins at everything!)

Anyway, food for thought. Food that could even be washed down with a 40 dog of King Cobra, should you desire. Or you could wash it down with our exclusive deleted scene. We also have our weekly Q&A with Hostmaster General Jeff Probst. And you can now read our exit interview with the ousted Gabby, who addresses those who say she voted out Christian because she was jealous of his girlfriend. Plus, you can always follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. (Or on Instagram, for that matter, @thedaltonross.)

But now it’s your turn. Did Gabby make the right move trying to take out Christian? Did you cry during the Loved Ones visit? And who was your Loved One MVP? Hit the message boards to weigh in, and I’ll be back next week with a scoop of the penultimate crispy, complete with updated Survivor season rankings!

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